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The Pros And Cons Of Breast Augmentation: Is It Right For You?

In order to improve the size, shape, and contour of the breasts, silicone or saline breast implants are inserted during breast augmentation surgery. This kind of plastic surgery is frequently carried out by plastic surgeons and is well-liked by individuals who want their bodies to look better.  

Depending on the patient’s individual needs and preferences, the doctor will decide what type of implant will be the best for you. During the surgery, the surgeon will make small incisions either under the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit area. These incisions will be almost invincible. Once they are placed the implants will be filled with either silicone or saline depending on the type of implant that the surgeon decides for you. 

The recovery time after the procedure will vary from patient to patient. However, some level of discomfort, swelling, and soreness in the treated area will be present during the first weeks. The scarring after the surgery will be minimal and it will be all worth it once you see the results of breast augmentation surgery.  

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

The procedure will be performed by a specialized cosmetic surgeon. During the procedure either silicone or saline implants will be placed and this will be based on the preferences and the needs of each patient. The main benefits of the breast augmentation procedure are that it will improve the contours of your body and your self-confidence will increase. Your silhouette will experience an overall improvement and you will have a more youthful look. 

Increased Self-Confidence

Because breast augmentation results in a more attractive figure, it might boost an individual’s self-confidence. By enlarging and enhancing the breasts’ general form, the operation can help create a more youthful appearance and balance out the body’s proportions. 

The patient’s breasts will seem more natural as a result of the breast tissue addition. The patient may feel more confident about their appearance and wardrobe choices as a result of their enhanced size and shape. Greater acceptance of oneself and reduced self-consciousness about appearance are associated with elevated self-confidence, and these factors can contribute to an improvement in mental health in general. 

Improved Quality Of Life

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures because it has helped a lot of women worldwide achieve fuller more shaped breasts. As we mentioned before you and your surgeon will choose between saline or silicone implants, whatever fits your best and you will both choose the appropriate size you want to achieve. We recommend you choose a size that fits your body proportions and gives your body a natural look. Sometimes this procedure can also be done together with a breast lift procedure if the patient wants to give a lift to their saggy breasts. 

Patients should be aware of what will happen to their natural breast tissue and chest muscles after breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon will not move or modify the muscles in the upper body during the procedure. In order to properly position the implant, the surgeon could, nonetheless, momentarily move the natural breast tissue. This will vary depending on the circumstances of each case, and you should consult with your surgeon before starting medical treatment.

Additionally, breast augmentation can assist in contouring breasts after pregnancy or weight loss, as well as enhance the look of irregularly proportioned breasts. this treatment will also Improve the balance of body proportions—having narrower hips contrasting with bigger breasts, and vice versa—and improve your overall silhouette. With fat transfer, patients can choose a more natural-looking result by using their pre-existing fat cells, depending on the degree of volume increase they want. 

Positive Impact On Body Image Perception

The degree to which breast augmentation improves a patient’s perception of their body image depends mainly on the patient and the size and form of the implant they choose. Plastic Surgeons in Albania especially those in the Medical Tourism Clinic, are experts in esthetical surgeries and they will provide their patients with the best results that will fit their body properly.

A licensed plastic surgeon may help patients feel more secure about their decision to have breast augmentation or other forms of breast reconstruction surgery by going over expectations and goals with them. Since breasts can change your whole body, if you feel comfortable with the size, or shape you have chosen, you will have a more positive outlook on your appearance. 

Enhanced Physical Appearance

A patient’s physical appearance can be improved with breast augmentation by having a more symmetrical and better silhouette. Patients might achieve a more proportional appearance by augmenting the size and form of their breasts with silicone or saline implants. In order to create a more natural-looking and feeling breast augmentation, patients can also go for natural breast augmentation, in which the surgeon employs the patient’s own fat cells.  

Additionally, since the pectoral muscle and surrounding breast tissue are spared during surgery, breast augmentation won’t harm them. Because there is no discomfort involved in the operation, patients may feel confident in their choice while still achieving an improved physical look with these other options. 

Improved Structural Balance To The Body

By increasing breast size and volume, breast augmentation may help in restoring the body’s structural balance. This can lead to a more aesthetically attractive appearance and better overall body proportions. Because breast augmentation can assist in contouring breasts after pregnancy or weight loss, or fix unequal breast-sized breasts, many women choose to have it done. The patient’s breasts might become bigger and more symmetrical with this cosmetic procedure, which will enhance the balance of the body.  

Additionally, patients may get the ideal implant size and form for the best cosmetic appeal with the help of a qualified plastic surgeon in Albania. In the end, breast augmentation has helped a lot of women feel better about their bodies by giving them a more balanced physique and a better-looking body. 

Risks Of Breast Augmentation

It’s important that you understand the risks that are involved in breast augmentation surgery before deciding whether to go ahead or choose another procedure. It is recommended that you speak with a plastic surgeon with board certification in Albania who has performed the treatment before taking any chances.

Implant leakage or rupture, infection, capsular contracture, asymmetric outcomes, nipple loss, and anesthesia-related problems are among the common risks associated with breast augmentation procedures. Before deciding to proceed with a surgical plan, each patient thinking about this procedure should assess all possible advantages and disadvantages, that it offers. This way you will know if it is worth the risk or not. 

Complications During Surgery

Patients in Tirana, Albania who are seeking breast augmentation must choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for the surgical procedure. Patients should ask the surgeon about their technique for implant placement and their expertise in conducting breast surgery at the initial appointment. the size and form of the implant should be chosen according to your body type and we do not recommend you choose a big size that will look out of your body. 

However, your surgeon will help you make the right choice. You may also look at before and after pictures, especially of patients who have the same body type as yours. This way you will have an idea of how the results will show up in the end. 

It is important to know that complications can occur just like with any other surgery. Some of the most common side effects are incorrect placement of the implants, damage to the surrounding tissue, side effects of anesthesia, etc. The only way to avoid any potential issues during and after the procedure is to find a qualified plastic surgeon who knows what he is doing and who will provide the right care before and after the procedure is done.

Side Effects Of Anesthesia

Patients should be aware of the potential negative consequences of anesthesia since it can be one of the more costly aspects of breast augmentation treatment. Following surgery, common side effects include nausea and tiredness. It’s also possible to have itching, sore throats, or changes in the voice as a result of the breathing tube used during the process. 

After receiving anesthetic medication, individuals may also have headaches and muscular pains. Before having surgery, patients should discuss these possible side effects with their medical team so they can take the necessary precautions to minimize them if needed. 

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Will Breast Augmentation Increase My Risk Of Breast Cancer?

When considering this procedure, one of the most common questions from women is whether this surgery will give them cancer or not. Numerous studies have demonstrated that women who get implants do not have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Furthermore, implants don’t stop breast cancer from being discovered later.

Several studies demonstrate that having implants does not prevent a patient or their doctor from detecting breast tumors. Lastly, women with implants have the same likelihood of achieving a 5-year cancer-free survival or remission as those without implants if they do get breast cancer. 

Am I Too Old For The Surgery?

Many women in their 40s and 50s have successfully undergone breast augmentation surgery. Patients in their 30s with two children who have been considering this surgery for years make up the majority of this procedure’s patient base. We recommend you set up a consultation with your chosen surgeon to determine the best course for achieving your cosmetic objectives, regardless of where you are in life.

Should I Wait Until I Am Done Having Children To Have Augmentation?

Whether or not a woman gets implants, pregnancy will alter the size and form of her breasts. Any enhanced breast’s aesthetic appeal might be negatively impacted by these alterations. Pregnancy should often be delayed for six months following surgery. It has been demonstrated that breastfeeding a newborn with implants is safe for both the mother and the child.

Will Augmentation Work For Me If I Feel My Breasts Are Sagging?

Breast implants can also be given to women who have “ptosis,” or drooping breasts. The extent of the breast sag will determine if further surgery is required. A breast lift procedure, or mastopexy, is frequently necessary for breasts with nipples that fall beyond the bottom crease of the breast.

Unlike other breast augmentation procedures, this one will leave scars around the nipple-areola as well. The location of the implant might not be sufficient to reverse the sagging without this additional operation to remove extra skin. 

How Do I Choose My New Size?

This is frequently one of the hardest choices to make for a variety of reasons. Your plastic surgeon will collaborate with you to determine the desired size of breast augmentation during your consultation. Bra size is a very variable indicator of “breast size” and is frequently not a reliable indicator of ultimate size. Generally speaking, an increase in one cup size corresponds to every 125–150cc increase in implant capacity.

Every patient’s body is unique, though. Together, you and your surgeon’s clinical team can establish reasonable and well-balanced expectations. To assist in selecting the appropriate implant size for you, it would be beneficial if you could bring in a bra that you would want to wear. 

Will My Nipple Sensation Or Feeling Change?

After breast augmentation surgery, the majority of women will have some degree of feeling or sensation loss. Usually, this lasts for six to twelve months before things get back to normal. However, the feeling of their nipples is permanently altered in 15% of women. 

How Long Should I Wait Until I Can Exercise Again After Breast Augmentation?

Following surgery, it is advised that patients start walking right away. However, after the surgery, ladies shouldn’t engage in any intense physical activity for six weeks. Weightlifting, riding, running, and other strenuous physical activities might cause implants to move or cause issues with wound healing, which can change how the breasts look after surgery. 

When Can I Return Back To Work After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Returning back to work is dependent on your employment and its physical needs. Generally speaking, the first one to two weeks should be spent avoiding upper arm motions like reaching. It is advised to refrain from lifting anything heavier than five pounds for six weeks following the procedure. This lifting limitation could make it impossible for some women to go back to work. 

Will I Feel A Lot Of Pain After The Surgery Is Done?

In the first one to two weeks after the procedure, medication may usually be used to effectively manage the moderate to severe discomfort that follows breast augmentation surgery. It’s crucial to remember that excruciating or unmanageable post-operative pain may indicate an infection or other problem so do not neglect it but call a doctor right away. 

When Can I Drive Again After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You may start to drive your car one week after surgery but be careful if you take pain medications because they may affect your ability to do certain actions including driving. 

Will The New Implants Affect My Physical Functioning, Can I Lift Heavy Objects?

It’s not likely that your physical functioning will alter much over time. Most women have little problem doing most physical activities after surgery, depending on the size of the implant. Lifting heavy things or lifting weights won’t damage the implant when the wound has healed properly.

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