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How do you choose the right breast implants?

The breast augmentation procedure is a very personal decision that should be made carefully after taking every factor into consideration. It is very important to have basic knowledge about what happens during the surgery and educate yourself about the important factors. One of these factors is choosing the right breast implants, including the size and the materials available.

You can prevent postoperative disappointment and the need for follow-up surgery by doing so. Furthermore, we will explain eleven considerations that patients should consider before opting for breast implant surgery.

Consider Your Health

There are several other factors to consider before choosing the right implant size,  and one of them is considering your overall health. Determine whether you are medically fit for the operation before even choosing the size. The results of the operation and your recuperation may be impacted by conditions such as autoimmune disorders, silicone sensitivity, recurrent breast infections, psychological problems, or other medical conditions. 

In order to fully understand possible risks and the best options for your health, it is always advised to have an in-depth talk with medical professionals, ideally at a reputable facility like the Medical Tourism Clinic in Albania. 

Don’t Think About Bra Size

During a breast augmentation consultation, the most frequent request we hear is, “I’d like to be a ‘C’ cup.” Furthermore, even if my interpretation of this is now “I’d like my breasts to look like they fit my body,” you might not end up with a “C” as a result. 

Since every bra maker has a different size range, bras made by various companies will fit differently. In one bra, you could be a 36 C, while in another, a 34 D. Thus, don’t stress over your bra size. Your satisfaction with your physical appearance and your eventual “D” cup status make the bra size unnecessary. Collaborate with your doctor to identify the implants that best suit your ideal appearance.

Know Your Body

Before choosing the implant size it is very important to consider other factors like height, weight, body frame, and the width of the shoulders, hips, and buttocks. These factors will determine which size any type of implant fits better for you and what will look as natural as possible. In general, as all of these body areas grow in size (except for initial breast volume), the larger the implant required to maintain symmetry.

Women with a tiny frame (1.60 cm, 50 kg) will usually require a much smaller implant than a woman with a large frame (1.77 cm, 65,7 kg). Standing in front of a mirror and giving your body a critical examination is not simple. However, by doing this, you will have a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of your body, which will improve your ability to select the right implant.

Personality And Social Perception

Regardless of your personality type—quiet, shy, or outgoing – an implant can improve your appearance without changing who you are. It’s critical that you communicate to your surgeon your desired public image. big or even disproportionately enormous breasts could be ideal for women in some careers. However, proportional breast implants will make clothes fit you nicely and enhance your appearance in a swimwear or cocktail dress without making you seem less professional at work.

Exercise And Sports

You must weigh the trade-off between having larger breasts and engaging in your hobbies at your present comfort level if you’re the kind of person who enjoys working out hard, riding a lot, or running. That being said, having breast augmentation won’t prevent you from doing other things. 

Larger breasts, however, may feel different, require more support, and, if they are too big, it may be uncomfortable to wear certain clothes while working out. This is something you should address freely with your surgeon. To reach your objectives, you could need a smaller or lower profile implant.

Implant Style

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are one of the most used implants for breast augmentation procedures. They are very safe since there is no risk of harming the body even if there is a shell leak. They will only collapse and the body will absorb it naturally. A saline implant will look and feel amazing imitating your natural breasts perfectly. They will be perfect for women in the age 18 or older.

Structured Saline Breast Implants

Sterilized salt water is used to fill structured implants, which also have an interior structure designed to give the implant a more natural feel. 

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants are implants filled with silicones and in some, they provide a natural and safe filling. Unlike saline implants, if silicone leaks, the gel may flow into the breast implant pocket or stay inside the shell. The gel won’t crumble so it means it has to be removed by a surgeon. This is the reason why it is important to schedule routine check-ups with the surgeon to ensure that everything is going according to the plan. This most likely will include an MRI or ultrasound. 

If the silicone implant ruptures the silicone will leak slowly and the body won’t be able to absorb it. The first signs you will notice are changes in the shape and size of the breast, pain, firmness, and also swelling in a period of short weeks. However, they are very durable, and most likely you will not experience any issues. These types of implants can be used on people 22 and older.

Don’t Get What Everyone Has

When it comes to choosing the right implant size it is important to not compare yourself with others. Even though one size will look amazing on someone it doesnt mean they will look the same to you. Your surgeon will help you decide which one fits you best after doing a thorough examination of your body including your body size. 

Bring A Friend To Your Consultation

During the initial consultation, we at Medical Tourism in Albania spend a lot of time trying to explain the information and aspects of breast augmentation surgery. This can be a lot to take in since there is a lot of information and questions from the patient. If you want you can bring a friend with you during this time. This will help you remember the information and even use your companion as someone who can give you an additional opinion on what implant size would suit you the best. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Visit Your Surgeon More Than Once

During the initial consultation with our surgeons here at Medical Tourism in Albania, we will try to decide on the right implant size for you. However, if you are having any doubts we welcome you to the clinic at any time. You are free to come and look at other sizes if you are thinking of choosing another size. 

 We know that this is a big chance so it is very common to feel unsure. There can be several reasons why you can change your mind, but as long as it is not too late, you can come and look at other options. We want to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible in their new look so that is why we encourage them to visit the clinic as much as they feel like it.

Don’t Let Your Surgeon Tell You What Size You Should Have

Your surgeon will be your closest buddy during this process, and his advice is important in determining the ideal implant size, but you should also have a say in the matter. We caution you to carefully select your physician since we have heard of cases when they have persuaded patients that the implant size they believe would suit them best, even in spite of the patient’s request for a different size. This decision should be made in collaboration with each other. His knowledge and critical eye will help you find what suits you the best. 

The Downside Of Opting For Excessively Large Breast Implants

It’s important to choose the correct size for breast implants. Although many want a fuller chest look, it’s important to understand the difficulties and potential downsides of selecting a size that may be too big for one’s body type. Here is an in-depth analysis of the problems that may arise if you go for bigger implants:

Unnatural Appearance

If you choose implants that are way too big for your body, most likely they will give you a disproportional look. If you want to look as natural as possible this is not the right thing to do. If they are too big they will stand out oddly and look very artificial. 

Lifestyle Restrictions

Breast implants add some type of weight to the chest, and if you decide to go for big ones you can face difficulties during day-to-day activities especially gym or other simpler actions like bending and stretching. This will make you feel uncomfortable and in some cases even cause pain. To reduce the likelihood of these issues we recommend you choose smaller implant sizes that will suit better with your lifestyle. 

Clothing Challenges

If you opt for a big breast implant size, you will have more difficulty finding clothes to fit you. There may be occasions when a dress fits flawlessly across the chest but is too baggy around the hips or waist. It may also be necessary to use special bras, which can be costly and difficult to get, to support and fit the larger size.

Perceived Increase In Body Weight

If you want to look skinny going for a bigger implant size will not be in your favor as they will make you seem bulkier. This is more than simply an aesthetic effect—the weight of the implants itself may increase a person’s total body weight.

Potential For Tissue Damage

Big implants can put stress on the breast tissue underneath them due to their extra weight and pressure. The tissue may thin as a result of this over time, requiring earlier implant replacements than usual.

Risk Of Sagging

Premature drooping or sagging of the breasts may result from the gravitational pull of the additional weight. Because of this, people who have large implants frequently find themselves thinking about getting additional operations done, such as breast lift, in order to keep their breasts looking young and lifted.

Skin Stretching And Aging

Every skin type has a maximum elasticity. Oversized implants have the potential to overextend the skin, resulting in problems such as sagging, wrinkles, and stretch marks. This stretching can cause the skin to seem prematurely aged over time.

Guide To Determining Your Ideal Breast Implant Size

Selecting the right size for your breast implants is a complicated procedure that requires considerable thought and cooperation from both you and your surgeon. Since each person’s physique and preferences are different, it’s critical to approach your decision with a plan specific to your requirements. Furthermore, we have included some steps that can help you make the right choice:

Test With Breast Implant Sizers

Hands-On Experience

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will hand you some breast implants in different sizes and materials. This will help you have the right understanding of what they feel like and how they change. 

Realistic Expectations

Before undergoing any surgery it is important to set realistic expectations. Considering different materials and sizes is not only about appearance, you should also consider their functionality and comfort. 

Personalized Visualisation

With the help of modern technology, you may project possible results that are specific to your body. With 3D imaging tools like Crisalix or Vectra, you can virtually see how you will look after surgery.

Open Dialogue With Your Surgeon

Rely On Expertise

Choosing the right surgeon is the most crucial step of the procedure. You should carefully check for their expertise since this will greatly impact the results. In order to avoid any misunderstanding try to discuss your goals and every worry you might have. If the surgeon has enough expertise they will be able to find the right size that fits you the best. 

Consider Long-Term Impact

After the surgery is done, the results will take some time to settle down so try not to be discouraged when you see the immediate results. Also, you should consider how they will look as you age and consider any risk that bigger sizes can cause. 

Your Simple Guide To Understanding Breast Implants In Albania

Furthermore, we have answered some common questions that will help you choose the right implant size if you are considering having your breast augmentation surgery in Albania. 

How Can I Find Out The Best Breast Implant Size That Will Suit Me?

Consult one of our surgeons here at Medical Tourism in Albania to determine the ideal implant size. They’ll take into account your goals, your body characteristics, and your daily routine. To help you visualize how you could appear following the procedure, they will also show you some amazing 3D images.

Which Breast Implant Size Do Most People Get?

Many people in Albania choose implants ranging between 300 and 400 ccs. This appears to be a C-cup bra size. But always keep in mind that everyone’s body is unique and that what matters most is your comfort level.

Can I Get Bigger Implants After My First Surgery?

You may choose to go even larger when your initial surgery has healed and your new implants have settled. Just make sure it’s safe by consulting your surgeon first. 

What Size Implant Is Most Commonly Used In Albania?

The most common implant size range for women in Albania is 350–400 cc since it is enough to provide noticeable results while maintaining a natural and proportional appearance. 300–400cc implant volumes are equivalent to a size C cup bra for women of average size.

Which Size Of The Implant Is Considered Too Big?

Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters (CCs). Typically, implant sizes fall between 80 to 800 CCs. Without the breast tissue to support the size, a patient choosing greater than 400 CC may have unsightly implants that show through the skin.

Do Implants Change The Appearance Of The Nipples?

The areolar complex and the nipple are not greatly impacted by a breast augmentation, and you might not notice any noticeable changes in size or form. Some women, however, believe that their areas are asymmetrical or excessively huge. In these situations, the problem may be resolved by including a breast lift in the treatment.

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