7. November 2023

10 Gründe, warum der Medizintourismus in Albanien so beliebt wird 

Medical tourism is defined as the process of traveling to another country to have a medical procedure done. Usually, individuals choose to travel to another country either because the treatment is unavailable in their home town or it costs a lot more. During the last few years, medical tourism has become increasingly popular due to the many benefits that it provides. People all over the world are looking to have their medical needs fulfilled in other countries and factors like cost savings, shorter waiting times, and quality care have something to do with this. In this blog post, we will mention 10 top reasons that have made Medizintourismus in Albanien so highly requested. 

Image illustrating a patient who has chosen to get treatments at a medical tourism clinic in Albania

What is medical tourism and why is it so popular?

As we said before, medical tourism is the process of traveling to another country for the intention of receiving medical care. You may wonder why people choose to travel outside their country and not have these procedures done in their hometown. The right answer is that the popularity of medical tourism has grown over the last few years due to the advantages and many benefits that it provides. Previously the term referred to patients who traveled to countries that were less developed and were looking for medical treatments that were not available in their hometowns. 

Patient mobility is changing both qualitatively and quantitatively now as more individuals migrate from industrialized to developing nations to receive medical care. The availability of affordable flights, the comparatively low cost of medical procedures in less developed countries, and more marketing and online consumer information about the availability of medical services are the main factors driving this movement.

The fact that patients frequently remain in another nation following a medical operation is what truly places the word “tourism” in the context of medical tourism. Thus, visitors may make the most of their stay by going on day trips, sightseeing, or engaging in any other customary tourist activity.


The expense of the medical treatments provided by medical tourism destinations is one of the primary factors contributing to its growing popularity. When compared to similar operations in underdeveloped nations, medical procedures in industrialized nations might be more costly. Traveling outside of their country of residence can sometimes result in medical expense savings of up to 80% for every patient. 

Image illustrating a patient who has chosen medical tourism in Albania

Shorter Waiting Times

In order to avoid long wait times, patients who require urgent medical attention frequently choose to go outside of their own country. Getting the attention you need much more quickly is possible with medical travel. For instance, it enables cardiac patients to receive high-quality medical treatment while having their operations performed more affordably and with reduced wait periods. In several other instances, patients might begin receiving treatment a few days after moving to a new nation, which is a far quicker turnaround time than the protracted wait times found in the majority of affluent nations.

Quality Healthcare

Whether or not they will obtain high-quality treatment is one of the main worries that patients have while thinking about medical tourism. Numerous medical tourism-focused hospitals and clinics hold international accreditations. People who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental, and surgical care while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in their own country, and because of affordability, better access to care, or a higher level of quality of care, is the definition of medical tourism.

Range of Procedures Available

The availability of various treatment categories has a significant role in the choice to participate in medical tourism. When traveling for medical tourism in Albania, people most frequently seek out operations in the areas of elective Schönheitschirurgie und dentistry. However, there are a lot of services that can be obtained by medical tourism and they offer a variety of them starting from traditional ones to alternative treatments. 

Access to Specialists

Medical tourism may provide patients the greatest access to some of the world’s top physicians if they are seeking care from very qualified specialists. This implies that people who are traveling from abroad won’t have to wait months or even years for an appointment to receive the care they need.

Image illustrating qualified doctors at a medical clinic in Albania

Availability of alternate treatments

When a patient is unhappy with their current therapy or procedure or it is not offered in their country, they may need to travel overseas to receive an alternative treatment that offers better quality. 

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Medical tourism-focused hospitals and clinics are frequently at the forefront of emerging medical technologies. This implies that you have access to the most recent medical procedures and treatments accessible worldwide. Medical tourism in Albania might be a terrific alternative if you want to obtain the best care available from top-notch medical specialists using standardized processes.

Opportunity to Explore New Destinations

Moreover, medical tourism offers the chance to go to different places worldwide. Furthermore, a lot of medical tourism clinics include excursions and other activities so you may make the most of your time away from home.

Freedom of movement from one country to another

Medical equipment, medical experts, and tourists seeking medical care are more mobile internationally thanks to the freedom of movement of commodities and services between countries. The ease of obtaining a visa has contributed to the growth of medical tourism as a sizable economic sector.

Bild zur Illustration des Medizintourismus in Albanien

Enjoy a Vacation

Medical tourism is a combination of pleasure and medicine. The climate of some states will make it possible for some patients to recover better and quickly. Visiting a new country and enjoying the vacation along with the treatment is one of the main reasons why people go for medical tourism. 

Medical Tourism Can Be Risky

The location, the institution where the treatment is being done, and the traveler’s state of health at the time of the procedure all affect the chance of developing risks. The following are other factors that may raise a traveler’s risk of complications:

Infectious Diseases

There is a chance of infection during every medical operation. Wound infections, bloodstream infections, donor-derived infections in the event of transplants or transfusions, and illnesses including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV are among the complications resulting from operations carried out in other nations.

Antimicrobial resistance

Medical tourists have been the target of illness outbreaks produced by highly drug-resistant germs and fungi. When bacteria have the capacity to resist medications like antibiotics, which are used to treat illnesses, this is known as antimicrobial resistance. The issue of antimicrobial resistance is widespread. Medical tourists may be in danger of contracting a drug-resistant illness from healthcare institutions in another nation that lack proper infection control procedures.

Quality of Care

There may be fewer standards in certain nations than in other states for retaining accreditation, credentialing, and licensure. Certain nations may employ inferior medical equipment and fake medications.

Communication challenges 

It might be difficult to communicate with personnel at the healthcare center and the destination. If you get care at a facility where you are not proficient in the language, there may be miscommunications regarding your treatment.

Air Travel 

Following surgery, air travel can increase the likelihood of blood clots, encompassing deep vein thrombosis. Postponing air travel for a period of 10-14 days after major procedures, especially those affecting the chest, might reduce the risks related to variations in atmospheric pressure.

Image illustrating a consultation between two doctors and a woman who has chosen medical tourism in Albania

How You Can Minimize Medical Tourism Risks

Research the clinician and facility

Verify the credentials of the facility where the operation will be performed as well as the credentials of the doctor doing it. Please be aware that there is always a chance of problems following surgery, and certification does not ensure success. Plan your communication with your clinician and other carers in advance if you are traveling to a foreign nation where you do not know the language.

Before you travel

Konsultieren Sie einen Berater vor der Reise. Wenden Sie sich mindestens 4-6 Wochen vor der Abreise an Ihren Arzt oder einen Spezialisten für Reisemedizin, um allgemeine Reisehinweise zu besprechen und sich über besondere Bedenken in Bezug auf Ihren Gesundheitszustand, das Verfahren und die An- und Abreise zum und vom Ort der Behandlung zu informieren. Schließen Sie eine Auslandskrankenversicherung ab, die eine medizinische Evakuierung zurück ins Zielland einschließt. Erkundigen Sie sich, welche Aktivitäten, wie Schwimmen oder Wandern, in der Zeit der medizinischen Behandlung nicht empfohlen werden, und treffen Sie entsprechende Vorkehrungen.

Führen Sie Ihre Gesundheits- und Krankenakten

Nehmen Sie bitte Kopien aller medizinischen Unterlagen zu Ihrer Krankheit und Behandlung mit, einschließlich der Ergebnisse von Laboruntersuchungen und anderen Tests. Informieren Sie das medizinische Personal vor Ihrer Ankunft über etwaige Allergien, die Sie haben. Packen Sie Ihre rezeptfreien und verschreibungspflichtigen Medikamente in die Originalverpackung und bewahren Sie sie in einer Reiseapotheke auf. Packen Sie genügend Medikamente für die Dauer Ihrer Reise und einen zusätzlichen Vorrat für den Fall von Verspätungen ein. Nehmen Sie eine Liste der Medikamente mit, die Sie einnehmen, einschließlich der Markennamen, Generika, Hersteller und Dosierungen, sowie Kopien aller Ihrer Rezepte. Vergewissern Sie sich vor Ihrer Abreise, dass Sie von dem Krankenhaus, in dem Sie untergebracht sind, Kopien aller Ihrer medizinischen Unterlagen erhalten. Vielleicht sollten Sie sie ins Englische übersetzen lassen.



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