E-max crowns in Albania

E-max Crowns in Albania is the perfect choice for a better smile. Dental Clinics in Albania offer a lot of facilities for international patients that join their team. They are always ready to be faced with the most challenging cases and promise to figure out the best option of treatments, in order to accomplish their duty and make the patient’s dreams come true.

E-Max Crowns in Albania.


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Choosing a perfect smile with E-Max crowns in Albania.

Let’s have a look why Albania is such a preferable place for dental services from different international patients who choose it yearly, not just because of the high quality treatments and extremely competitive prices but also because it is an amazing place to visit. Do not let yourself be just a patient that has come to do his treatments. Take it to your advantage! Play smart being a tourist too!

Demonstration of emax crown procedure in Albania dental clinics.

What is an E-Max tooth Crown?

E-Max Crowns are made of lithium disilicate, which is one of the most popular materials used for dental crowns because of its ability to be durable and resistant. They are built by a single block of lithium disilicate and contain no material inside the crown. It is well-known as a translucent and natural material that can match easily with other natural teeth. E-Max Crowns are more preferable compared to other types of dental crowns, since they are enduring and surdy.

Albania dental clinics offer you professional recommendations and consultings from the best doctors that help in understanding which is the correct dental treatment for you.

Advantages of emax crowns.

Some advantages of E-Max Crown

It matches really good with the shade of your natural teeth

E-max crowns are translucent in color. This leads them to be very close to the appearance of the natural teeth. This color avoids the plain-looking metal band that is around the gum line, which characterizes the ceramic metal mix crowns. It is also very suitable for all of you that have little room between your teeth.

Best smile restoration method emax crowns.

Keeps the natural structure of your teeth

There is a process which consists in removing some of  your tooth’s natural structure. E-Max Crowns make possible for this removal to be very slight, in order to keep your teeth stronger and to permit you to have greater oral health.

Very high durability

Since E-Max crowns are made of lithium disilicate material, it means that they have a very big strength.This reduces the possibility of being fractured or cracked.

Prosthesis are completely ceramic

There is no possibility of having a gray line of the underlying metal parts that are visible, because E-Max crowns are completely ceramic.

 Why choose Albania for the E-Max Crown?

The most competitive prices

If you are still searching for the clinic of your E- Max treatment, it means that none of them seems to be right for you. Generally it is very hard to find a place where you can pay less for your services. Albanian dental clinics offer you the same quality of dental service and provide you extremely affordable prices compared to other countries where these kinds of treatments are really expensive.

Emax crown placement in Tooth.

But how is it possible for the price to be lower? Does the low price depend on the quality of the treatment? The answer is a big NO. There are other factors that contribute to lower prices compared to other countries. The first one consists of the exchange currency of the countries. For example, the euro is more valued than the albanian leke. So, when you come to Albania you will pay less.

Another reason is the fact that dental clinics in Albania give you the opportunity to avoid the extra payments. You will have to pay for things related to your treatments but nothing else. Also, what makes it special is that if your treatments require you to stay for a long time, clinics provide free transportation with private drivers and cars.

You may think there are also a lot of other things to pay. Yes, you are right. You have to pay for your accommodation, your food and travel, but we also provide you the best prices for them. You can find a very cheap hotel in the center of Tirana, the capital. Also you can eat tasteful and cheap food in the beautiful restaurants of Albania. 

Albanian dentist working on emax crowns.

Albanian dentists are bilingual

Most Albanian dentists have finished their studies and specializations in other countries. It means that they have been in touch with a lot of foreign languages. Thanks to their natural talent of dealing with a lot of different languages at the same time, they are capable of speaking most of them.

If you decide to be an international patient in Albania, you will probably find a dentist that will speak your own language. They may speak Italian, Greek, French, German and so on. In cases when the both sides do not have a common language to communicate, dental clinics in Albania provide translators for more than  8 languages, who can make the communication to be easier, in order for the dentist to be clear for the situation the patients is faced and try to find the best alternative of the treatment.

The use of the latest technologies

Since Albanian dentists studied and specialized abroad, they seem to be very focused and bring the latest technologies in their country. All dental clinics are built according to the medical standards and they operate with the most innovative systems. They make it possible to offer treatments with the highest quality of equipment and make possible that the patent has taken the best service.

Choose to be part of the dental clinics in Albania and you will find out the place that offers solutions for every kind of dental issue you may have. It is time to choose smart.

Dental crown E-Max placement.

A perfect destination for your vocations

While considering Albania as a place where you can come and have your dental treatments, it is impossible to not write about considering it as the perfect place to visit, not just during the summer or in the winter, but in every season of the year.

It may be a small place, but you will see that you have uncountable choices for things to do. Yes, it is kind of difficult to decide. You can choose to make a tour, from the white mountains of the north to the transparent blue seas of the south. Try to climb a mountain to experience the best views from above. Go and swim in the Adriatic or Ioanian sea and watch the most incredible sunsets.You can travel so cheap inside the country without having to spend that much. Build unforgettable moments with us. 

The best well-trained staff

Albanian dentists, as it was mentioned, studied and specialized abroad. This means they have been in touch with the latest technologies that also other countries use. Being a dentist needs a lot of work to do. It needs focus and a lot of practice. They still continue to have different specializations and conferences which helps them to be always ready to welcome the most innovative systems, in order to give the best options and solutions for their patients.  

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

Zirconia and E-Max crowns can be both used for teeth that may have been damaged, decayed, missing, discolored or even crooked. The small difference between them, lets say, is that E-Max material is more translucent. This is the reason why in general patients that have problems with their front teeth and want to restore them choose E-Max for its translucency.

It is not easy to choose between his two types of crowns because they have proven to have the best results related to the time that a crown lasts. However, if you can not decide which option to choose, dental clinics in Albania can orient you for the best alternative for you.

One of the most important factors that should be seen carefully when choosing crown material is the strength of it. Since they are made from extremely strong lithium disilicate material, they have a long lifespan around 10 years.

No, they can not be whitened, because the traditional whitening procedures do not work on materials such as porcelain or most bonding materials. This is the fact that makes it impossible to whiten crowns, dentures, veneers or implants that are inside your mouth.


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