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Liposuction Albania – Fat Removal Surgery in Tirana

Liposuction in Albania is a highly popular cosmetic surgery treatment which is used to remove unwanted fat in the body. Usually people who cannot get rid of this excess fat while eating healthy and performing physical exercise opt for this fat removal surgery as a highly efficient way to create a more defined and proportionate body.

Liposuction Albania fat removal procedure.


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Why do people have liposuction?

Many people can feel insecure and unhappy with the size or shape of their body due to excess and stubborn fat. If trying to lose the excess fat through physical activity and healthy eating proves to be unsuccessful, they consider liposuction in Albania as a great alternative for fat reduction.

Liposuction surgery is a very effective and easy way to achieve your desired results, improving your physical state, as well as your emotional and psychological health.

Who is suitable for fat removal surgery?

Patients who are suitable candidates for a liposuction surgery should agree to the following:

  • They are mentally and physically healthy.
  • They wish to change the shape and size of their bodies.
  • They have set realistic goals regarding their liposuction results.

The cost of Liposuction in Albania

In Albania, liposuction cost in Albania is extremely affordable compared to other countries. If you choose to get your  liposuction treatment at our clinic, you will receive excellent service by highly qualified and specialized surgeons. 

Liposuction in Albania for beautiful body.

The prices for cosmetic surgery treatments in Albania are much lower compared to other countries thanks to the low tax regime. However you will receive free consultation, 24/7 assistance by our staff of qualified doctors and nurses, and the best expertise in cosmetic surgery thanks to our well-known and certified surgeons. 

With the latest equipment and a modern and sterile environment, you are guaranteed to find quality work and professionalism. For a specific quote for your liposuction treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and we will answer any questions you have in detail.

What are the options?

Traditional liposuction

Traditional liposuction involves sucking out the fat cells using a tube which will be inserted into  the patient’s body. This procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia and it is popular for treating excess fat in the neck or chin areas. This procedure is highly efficient, simple and it has a low risk of complications.


Microliposuction is a minimally invasive surgery. The recovery time for microliposuction is low compared to other techniques as it is performed under local anesthesia. Very small cannulas are used to extract the fat with this method. The cannulas range from 0.9 mm to 2.3 mm. This technique works great for reducing fat on the underarms, jawline and chin.

Smart liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction

Smart lipo is a technique which uses heat extracted from lasers in order to reduce fat in the body of the patient. The heat from the laser will soften the fat excess, making it easier to be extracted through liposuction. This laser-assisted liposuction technique can also deliver better skin tightening results as it promotes the production of collagen. 

Power assisted liposuction

This method is a mechanically assisted technique of liposuction. It is less intensive for the surgeons and it can deliver fascinating results. Basically, automatic cannulas move in all directions while removing fat. The vibration of this machine can also be helpful in removing stubborn and fat more easily. For patients who have had liposuction done recently, power-assisted liposuction is a great option.

Water liposuction

Water liposuction is a very effective method of removing highly stubborn fat, especially in areas such as the breasts. Simultaneously, the doctor can insert the local anesthetic and perform the liposuction procedure.


This form of laser liposuction is quite advanced as it can target the cellulite under the fat. Delivering amazing skin tightening results, cellulaze is a popular laser fat removal treatment for many.

Liposuction for women in Albania.

Liposuction for Women

Many women prefer getting a liposuction treatment to improve their appearance. This fat removal surgery delivers amazing results in these parts of a woman’s body:


Your doctor can treat the upper abdomen or the lower abdomen in separate procedures. Whether you want to remove your muffin top or the fat closer to your ribs, belly liposuction is a highly effective surgery which can drastically change the appearance of your abdomen.


Face liposuction can be used to treat excess fat on the chin, neck or cheeks creating elegant and sharp facial features.

Hips and waist

If you’re trying to achieve the famous hourglass shape, liposuction can help contour your hips and waist in the way that you want them to look. Excess fat on the hips, otherwise known as “love handles” can be easily removed through this lipo surgery.


In order to remove stubborn fat on the outer part of the thighs, this liposuction technique can shape your legs giving them more definition .


Excess fat accumulated on the inner part of your knees can be removed through liposuction as well. This procedure is often combined with thigh liposuction to deliver amazing results.


Patients who wish to remove the excess fat on their back can easily fix this problem through a liposuction treatment.


One of the most popular treatments is liposuction on the buttocks. Many women choose to remove excess fat from their buttocks in order to achieve a more proportionate body shape.


Arm liposuction is a highly effective method of removing excess fat in the upper arms. Commonly known as “bingo wings” , this extra fat can also be found in women who are not overweight. Arm liposuction can successfully remove the unwanted fat and tighten the skin creating a youthful look.

Liposuction for men in Albania

Liposuction for Men

So many people think that liposuction is more popular with women, liposuction for men is a highly requested treatment as well.

However, men face different problems when it comes to extra deposits of fat compared to women. Some of the most popular fat removal surgeries for men include:


Many men wish to get rid of extra fat in their chin or neck. This can easily be done through a face liposuction procedure as the skin on these areas is usually thinner.


Extra fat deposits in the abdomen is a common issue for many men which can effectively be fixed through a belly liposuction procedure.


Liposuction can be used to treat the loins or flanks which for some men can hold a lot of excess fat. This treatment is especially effective on younger men as their skin is tighter and more elastic.

Breast reduction

One of the most popular liposuction surgeries is breast reduction for men. Through this procedure excess fat can be removed from the chest area creating a firm body shape which many men desire.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

Sometimes your surgeon can perform a liposuction surgery and a tummy tuck at the same time to deliver optimal results. In cases where extra skin is left behind after a liposuction treatment, abdominoplasty may be performed to create a firm and flat stomach. Abdominoplasty can be used to effectively get rid of other issues such as stretch marks, uneven fat distribution, etc.

Our clinic is a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery in Albania. In cooperation with the best experts and surgeons in the area, we offer many years of experience and a specialized expertise in the most advanced techniques available for fat removal surgeries. With thousands of satisfied patients, we guarantee quality services, exceptional care for our patients and amazing results.

Our doctors will carefully examine your medical history, anatomy and overall health to provide the most effective and safest liposuction treatments. With a variety of liposuctions options available, you are sure to get your dream body at our clinic.

The recovery time after liposuction surgery is shorter than most other treatments. The procedure is not complicated and the effects of the anesthetic will wear off in no time. However, it is recommended that you take at least a week off work and avoid physical activity and the bruising and swelling goes away. You will feel a slight discomfort during your recovery however the pain will be minimal. You may be recommended to wear a garment for 6 weeks.

You will notice immediate results in 6 weeks. However, the full and optimal look of your treated area will be fully visible in 6 to 12 months.


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