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Replacement of implants is done through a type of surgery which focuses on removing an old breast implant for a new one. A breast implant replacement is done in cases where there have been complications with other procedures. Sometimes this surgery is combined with other treatments such as a breast lift, otherwise known as a mastopexy.

Breast Implant Replacement in Albania.


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Reasons why people have breast implant replacements.

Someone can choose to have a breast implant replacement surgery if they have changed their mind about the size or shape of their breasts overtime. 

Some of the most common reasons why people choose to replace their breast implants include:

  • Cosmetic purposes such as changing the size and shape of their breasts or improving their symmetry;
  • Correcting complications such as rupture or capsular contracture;
  • Removing and replacing old implants;
  • Removing PIP implants;
  • Combining replacement of implants with a breast lift or mastopexy.

replacing the old implants on breasts.

What does replacement of implants involve?

Implant removal and replacement usually lasts for 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia by a skilled surgeon. The duration of this procedure can depend on the size and shape of the implants that are being replaced. If a breast implant replacement and another surgery are being simultaneously performed the whole procedure may last longer.

Your doctor will first make some incisions on your breast area in order to remove the original implants. For this he will make these incisions on the original scar from your previous treatment.

If you’ve chosen to replace the implant with another one which is similar in size and shape, the original capsule will be enough and the whole procedure will be finished quickly.

If the implants are different – for example, if you are replacing breast implants with smaller ones – the surgery will be a bit more intricate and the capsule will need to be adjusted so that it fits the new implant.

After the new implant is properly placed your doctor will suture your breast along the original scar in order to minimize additional scarring.

Old breast implants removal to put new clean ones Albania.

Who is suitable for implant removal and replacement?

Patients who are considered to be suitable for replacement of implants must share the following:

  • They are not content with the shape, size or position of their breast implants.
  • Their implants have hardened or become misshapen due to capsular contracture.
  • Their implants have moved or rotated ruining the breast symmetry.
  • A gap has formed between their breasts due to the implants moving.
  • They want to combine another procedure with a breast implant replacement.
  • They want to replace their PIP implants with high quality ones.

Breast Replacement Cost 

If you’re looking for a breast implant replacement surgery at an affordable price, consider Albania as your safest best. Due to the low taxes, Albania offers some of the best cosmetic surgery treatments at competitive prices compared to other countries. If you choose to have your replacement of implants done at our clinic in Albania, you will receive specialized treatment by our team of highly qualified and certified doctors and surgeons. 

We provide free consultation during which a specialized doctor will address all your questions and concerns regarding your breast implant replacement surgery. 24/7 assistance is guaranteed and thorough post-surgery care is ensured for all our patients. Our surgeons perform a comprehensive pre-surgery medical assessment in order to choose the best implants for your anatomy, delivering optimal and natural-looking results.

The cost for your breast implant replacement may vary according to the size of the implants, or if the surgery is being combined with another cosmetic procedure. To receive a specific quote for your case don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and we will provide detailed answers for any questions you may have.

Breast implant replacement Albania.

PIP Breast Implants

Regarding recent concerns around low quality breast implants many people have turned their attention to implant replacement. We understand the rightful concern of the people following the PIP implant controversy. It is unfortunate that these providers offered poor quality implants in order to reduce their costs. 

At our clinic we make sure to only use certified products which adhere to the highest standards of quality and strict protocols of safety. We have built our work on experience, integrity and transparency and we value the trust of our patients. Doing so we are committed to providing high quality cosmetic treatments for everyone. If you are experiencing any complications, side effects, irritation or inflammation in your chest and you suspect you have been a victim of unreliable surgery work using PIP implants in the past, contact us as soon as possible. Our skilled surgeons will perform a breast implant replacement to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to your problem.

What to expect during a breast implant replacement surgery?

The consultation

Before proceeding with your breast implant replacement surgery or clinic provides a thorough consultation with our surgeons. During the consultation you will be able to discuss your questions and concerns with your doctor as well as what you are hoping to achieve from the surgery. 

Then, your doctor will carefully examine your medical history as well as your body anatomy in order to identify the potential results of your procedure. Your surgeon will discuss all the available options as well as what can work best for your given anatomy. Afterwards, your doctor will take all the standard measurements as well as the clinical photography needed as preparation for the surgery.

A few questions you can make during your consultation with your surgeon include:

  • Am I a suitable candidate for a breast implant replacement surgery?
  • What should I do in order to optimize my results and recovery?
  • Which technique is best for my procedure?
  • How long will the recovery period be?
  • What kind of assistance will I need while I recover from my surgery?
  • Can you provide me with a few before-and-after breast implant replacement pictures?

Lastly, your doctor will go through all the potential risks or side effects that can happen, while giving you detailed information on what can be done to avoid such complications. He will provide a comprehensive guide to help you properly recover doing your post-surgery phase. 

Changing breast implants affordable.

After carefully evaluating your medical history,previous surgeries, any medications you are taking, existing allergies, etc., your doctor will decide whether you’re a good fit for a breast implant replacement surgery.

Usually, your doctor will give you a 2-week period to carefully think about your decision on whether you want to proceed with your surgery. Don’t hesitate to visit your clinic during this time to discuss any additional questions or concerns that you may have, so that you can continue forward confidently. 

Leading up to procedure

If you decide to continue with your breast implant replacement surgery you should visit your clinic so they can give you the instructions you should follow before your procedure.

Generally, your surgeon will give you the following recommendations:

  • Avoid smoking for 6 weeks before your breast implant replacement surgery as it can increase your risk of complications and it can hinder your healing process.
  • Avoid using any medications that contain aspirin for at least 1 week before your surgery.
  • Stop consuming food and drinks for 6 hours before your implant replacement surgery. You can consume clear liquids such as water or black coffee until 2 hours before the procedure.

On the day of your surgery

On the day of your surgery you should arrive at your clinic at least 1 hour before your procedure. During this time our medical staff will check your vitals, take your blood pressure and your surgeon will make the last mark-ups on your chest area. 

Afterwards, you will be put under general anesthesia by a specialized anesthetist. The breast implant replacement surgery can take up to 2 hours. Usually your surgeon will make an incision on your original scar to avoid any additional scarring. Depending on the size of your original implant your doctor may need to adjust the size of a capsule. After inserting the new implant your surgeon will suture your incision and the surgery will be successfully complete.

Recovery stage

The surgery itself will not cause any pain and afterwards you are expected to feel a bit of discomfort around your chest area. Your doctor will prescribe medications and painkillers if they are necessary. 

After your surgery you will find yourself in a recovery room where you will stay for 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of your procedure. After our medical staff is certain that your initial recovery is successfully completed, you will be able to return home accompanied by a family member or friend. 

After you arrive home our nurses will provide 24/7 assistance if you need help with your recovery. Our staff is committed to delivering ongoing support and extra care for our patients, so don’t hesitate to contact us for anything you may need during your post-surgery stage.

It is recommended to visit your clinic after 1 week so that your doctor can check the recovery of your incisions. Our aestheticians will be available to discuss your healing process as well. After 6 to 8 weeks you can visit the clinic again for a final examination.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

After the effects of the anesthetic go away you will find yourself in a recovery room at our clinic where our nurses will take special care of you during your initial recovery. You may feel a bit drowsy or light-headed as your anesthetic wears off, but this will only last for a few hours. You will be able to eat and have water after a few hours and then our medical staff will help you leave the clinic. Typically, you should have contacted somebody to accompany you home. 


Immediately after the surgery it is completely normal to feel a bit of pain or discomfort which will wear off as you properly recover. Remember, our staff is always available to help you 24/7 in case you have any questions, concerns or other issues.

We always advise our patients to arrange that somebody accompanies them home immediately after the surgery. After these kinds of treatments where anesthetics are involved it is not recommended that you drive or walk by yourself. Moreover, you should contact a family member or a friend who can take care of you for the first 24 hours after your breast implant replacement surgery.

Recovery after a breast implant replacement surgery is usually quick and not problematic. At our clinic we use anesthetics which can wear off easily allowing you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. However, it is advised that you take some time off work after a cosmetic surgery and avoid strenuous physical activity. Usually your doctor will recommend that you take one or two weeks off work and that you avoid exercising for at least four to six weeks.


During your recovery stage it is best that you stick to low intensity physical activities such as walking or cycling. Afterwards, as your breasts fully recover you can start weight lifting or doing aerobic activities after consulting your doctor. Keep in mind that our clinic is always open and our surgeons are more than happy to answer any of your questions during your recovery stage, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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