Dental Veneers in Albania

Do you know that Albania offers high-quality dental services with incredible prices? If you do not know yet, have a look below. Dental Veneers in Albania are the best investment you can do to your smile. That is not all! You can have the best experience visiting the amazing places that Albania offers. Do not choose to be just a patient. You can also be a tourist as well.

Dental Veneers in Albania.


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Dental Veneers in Tirana, Albania

Dental veneers procedure is a cosmetic solution that can be treated for many disorders of the tooth, which can affect your appearance. It consists of attaching a thin sheet of porcelain in the front surface of the tooth, in order to give a natural aesthetic result. The good thing about veneers is that they fit perfectly and give a natural idea of a tooth. They are made of ultra-fine material, but this does not stop them from being incredibly strong and having a very high durability.

Man before and after dental veneers in Albania

If you are not comfortable with the shade of your teeth, if their color concerns you and they are chipped or broken, dental veneers are the right solution for you. Have you ever heard about Cad and Cam? Well, they are computer designing equipment that will design your such desired smile. Depending on the patient’s preferences, Albanian dental clinics staff can produce a Hollywood Smile or you can even choose the tone you want. They offer you the opportunity to select your dream color in a color chart. What you need to do is to think once more about your dreamed smile, show it to the dentist and the next time you think about it you will have it already.

What are the types of dental veneers?

Porcelain Veneers

First of all it is important to understand how a porcelain veneer works. It is a thin shell that is made to cover directly the front surface of your teeth. They are a perfect choice for the patients that want a very natural appearance of their teeth. They make it possible to change the color, the size, the length and the shape of the teeth. They have high resistance and mimic the light-reflecting properties very well, giving the idea of natural  teeth.

Resin Veneers

Composite resin veneers give the patient the opportunity to have a beautiful and attractive appearance. They do not damage the tooth and it is a solution for a really long time. Resin veneer procedure consists of filling material on the teeth. This kind of material matches the color of the natural teeth improving your smile but keeping a very natural appearance. How does it work? The material is placed in layers on the surface of your teeth and it is applied as a straight line in the teeth to offer you the best results. They are usually used when the patient is faced with discoloration of the teeth or may have a fracture. They are a good choice for all of those who want an attractive smile.

Emax Veneers

Emax veneers are thin pieces of porcelain which can be put on top of your real teeth to improve their appearance, shape and size. One of the most popular dental treatments, Emax veneers can significantly improve your smile, giving your teeth a natural shine and translucence. Thanks to the properties of the porcelain used, Emax veneers can skillfully imitate the structure of your natural teeth so that any adjustments are completely unnoticeable.

What are the benefits of Emax Veneers?

Emax veneers can perfectly match the color of your natural teeth providing seamless improvements and adjustments. They can be used to correct one or more stained teeth creating a uniform and harmonious smile. In order to place Emax veneers, only a minimal amount of the teeth needs to be removed. Therefore, they provide more strength and support for your existing teeth. Emax veneers can help preserve the structure of your teeth, guaranteeing a healthier and beautiful smile. Since they are thinner and harder than traditional porcelain veneers, they offer more durability and sustainability. 

Zirconia Veneers

Zirconia veneers are one of the most popular treatments for correcting the color and form of your natural teeth. These veneers are made of zirconia oxide, a ceramic material known for its durability and strength. They are placed on the teeth by a dentist guaranteeing a more beautiful smile. Zirconia veneers make a great option for people who are looking for a long-lasting solution to stained or crooked teeth.

Zirconium Crowns in Albania

What are the benefits of Zirconia Veneers?

Zirconia Veneers are made of one of the strongest ceramic materials available, therefore they guarantee outstanding durability and optimal strength for your teeth. They are a perfect solution for people who are looking for long-lasting veneers which can provide great fatigue and stain resistance. Due to their material, zirconia veneers offer extreme biocompatibility. This means that they will not cause any allergies, bleeding, swelling or other side effects, making them one of the safest dental treatments available.


Lumineers are a type of dental veneers designed to make your teeth appear whiter and straighter. They are typically used to correct stained, discolored or chipped teeth. Lumineers are made of a very thin porcelain material and are usually faster to apply compared to traditional veneers. One of the most popular dental treatments, Lumineers provide a faster and durable alternative for straightening or whitening your teeth.

Lumineers in Albania.

What are the benefits of Lumineers?

Lumineers provide a variety of benefits which makes them a popular dental treatment for many. They guarantee a long-lasting solution, great durability, as well as high stain and chip resistance. They don’t require that your dentist grinds or shapes your existing teeth, making them one of the safest veneer options for people who are prone to teeth sensitivity. Lumineers are easily removable by your dentist, which minimizes any effects or possible damage to your natural teeth. A non-invasive dental treatment, Lumineers don’t require any recovery time, making them one of the quickest ways of guaranteeing a beautiful smile.

Who is a good candidate for Dental Veneers procedures?

Dental Veneers procedures are suggested for some cases, as below:

  • For patients that want permanent and unchanging white smile
  • Patients that require attractive and natural appearance of their smile
  • Patients that have teeth with many fillings which may be discolored or to be replaced
  • Patients that are faced with discolored teeth
  • Patients that need to change the shape of their teeth

How does a dental veneer procedure work?

It is very important that if you are going to have a dental treatment to get to know the steps and understand how it works. First of all it is necessary to have a consultation with the dentist and then he will make and apply the veneers. It is normal for one or more teeth to undergo the veneering process in the same period of time.

Zirconium Crowns in Albania

Diagnosis and the plan of treatment

Firstly you need to tell the dentists your requirements about what results you want to achieve. Then he is going to examine your teeth, in order to find out if dental veneers are a good option for you. He will explain and discuss the process about how it works and which are its limits. It is possible for them to take some X-rays. 

Preparation process

In order to prepare the tooth for a veneer, first of all the dentist has to reshape its surface. The amount has to be almost the same to the thickness of the veneer that will be added on the surface of the teeth. Then, your dentist should work on a model of your tooth to give you an impression if it is near what you prefer for your smile. He sends the model to a dental laboratory where it is worked to make your veneer. It may take  2 to 4 weeks to be ready. During that period of time you can use temporary dental veneers.

Teeth Dental Veneers cost in Albania

It is true that Dental Veneers are really expensive services, but dental clinics in Albania have proven to be one of the cheapest places in the world for dental treatments. If we compare it with other countries, we offer half of their prices for the same dental treatment that you can do everywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of resin veneers? 

Composite resin veneers procedure is a free-pain procedure that offers you an economical solution. They give the patient a straighter and more attractive smile. They improve your teeth’s appearance making them brighter but keeping them looking natural. Also they work in the structure of your tooth making it stronger which prevents other risks and damages. If you are asking yourself if they can damage your teeth, the answer is a big NO. Your teeth will be healthy as long as you take care of your veneers and have good oral health. 

What are the benefits of porcelain veneers?

What is really satisfying about porcelain dental veneers is that they can contribute to covering the discoloration of the tooth, even when they are cracked. They can also cover chips. It is important to mention that this kind of veneer is very suitable for patients that want to look and feel natural with their new designed smiles. They can also contribute in avoiding the discoloration of the teeth. Porcelain dental veneers are low maintenance and  can increase your confidence with your smile.

Why choose Albania for Dental Veneers?

Low cost

Dental clinics in Albania welcome every patient to have the best dental treatments with the best prices. It is true that most places all over the world have extremely expensive prices, but this does not happen in Albania. You can have the same treatments that are available everywhere in the world but at least half of the price compared with places such as the USA, for example. Moreover, you do not need to pay extra charges as most clinics in other countries require.

Also dental clinics in Albania always try to help their patients, especially international ones who have extra payments such as tickets, hotels and so on.. For this reason, if your treatment lasts a little bit, they provide you transportation with their private cars and drivers. It is also worth it to mention the low cost of living. For example, in Tirana you can find very cheap hotels to stay at. You can eat cheap and travel cheap everywhere in Albania.

Modern dental clinic in Albania.

Innovative medical structure

Dental clinics in Albania are built using the latest technologies according to the medical standards. They operate with innovative systems that offer the patients the best solutions for their smile. They invested hard in their business to make patients try and keep choosing their services.

Well-trained staff

Since Albanian dentists studied and specialized abroad they have been in touch with innovative technologies which guarantee to the patient the best results. They need 5 years to be prepared for this profession and they did a lot of practice to build trust with the patient and to make them not hesitate in choosing them yearly. There are a large number of international patients that visit Albania to have their dental treatments and it is not just because of the low prices, but also because they found safe hands to trust their oral health.

Dentists are bilingual

Dentists in Albania can speak a lot of languages. It is not rare to have a consultation with them in your own language. They can speak Greek, Italian, German, French  and so on. They use this ability to build a familiar atmosphere with the patients. But what if they do not know how to communicate with you? There is nothing to worry about. They thought about everything. They provide translators who can assist at least 8 foreign languages. In every case, you will have the chance to have a clear communication with them.

A perfect destination to visit

Have you ever searched for Albania as a tourist destination? If you did, you are already a regular tourist. If not, you are our future one that can not wait to package his things and explore this  beautiful nature. Take it to your advantage! Transform your visit to the dentist in the most unique experience. You can explore our nature beginning with our incredible transparent blue seas and climb our mountains that offer you the most unforgettable views.

You can also choose to visit the capital city. You can see the Skanderbeg Square, the Pyramid of Tirana, the National Museum, the Dajti Mountain National Park, the Artificial Lake and so on. Albania gives you so many options to enjoy your stay. You need just to book your appointment, then we will take care for you to have an amazing experience with the perfect smile.

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

To improve your diet

It is really important to be aware that you have to take care daily for your oral health. Even permanent veneers are quite strong, you should not forget that they are not invincible. There is a chance for them to be damaged in different kinds of ways. For example they may be damaged from eating strong foods such as ice or candies. They can be fractured or even create chips. So, if you want your veneers to last longer, it would be a great job if you avoid eating these foods.

Avoiding unhealthy habits

Some people have a tendency to bite their nails and other objects. This is something that you need to change if you are part of that kind of people, as soon as possible. It happens the same as with strong food. These habits put pressure on your teeth and can cause cracks or any other kind of damage. Another phenomenon that should be avoided is teeth grinding, or as it is called bruxism. This happens while you’re sleeping. It can cause your veneers to be fractured and this can lead them to wear down. In this case, probably the dentist will advise you to wear a mouth guard that protects your teeth.

Regular dental visits

Normally, after the procedure is completed, you should have a consultation with a prosthodontist one or twice a year the minimum. Regular cleanings are a great way to keep your veneers healthy and your smile to be as good as directly after the procedure. Also, regular consultations help the dentist to be in touch with your oral health situation and examine your dentition for early signs of gum or tooth complications. Veneers should be replaced eventually. The dentist will be able to identify the signs to understand when it needs to be done. These are the most important laminate veneers aftercare tips that you should always keep in mind.

  • Discolored teeth from root canal treatments, stains from tetracycline, large fillings with resin, excessive fluoride and other factors.
  • Broken teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Teeth with gaps between them
  • Worn down teeth
  • Misaligned, uneven teeth
  • Teeth with irregular shape

Dental Veneer can cover only the visible parts of the tooth, when crowns can cover the whole tooth. Dental Crowns have more material than Veneers. They both have different structures and capabilities.

If you take care of your oral health and follow the dentist’s recommendations your dental veneers can last from 10 to 30 years.


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