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Dental Bridges in Albania

Dental bridges in Albania can help you give life to your mouth and smile appearance. But it does not end here. It is also about improving your teeth function. Book your appointment. Grant to yourself that such desired perfect smile and a healthy mouth.

Dental Bridges in Albania.


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Visiting Albania for Dental Bridges Treatment

Visit an amazing place during your stay. In Albania you get healthier and have the best opportunity to be in touch with a new different culture and lifestyle. People in Albania are well-known for their generosity. They will give you your perfect smile and their hearts.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge consists of filling the gap of one or more missing teeth with one or more artificial teeth connecting the healthy ones. Usually, a dental crown is located on the healthy teeth on each side of the created gap, in the way that helps in supporting the bridge placed in the middle of them.

Before after dental bridges in Albania.

Which are the types of dental bridges?

Traditional fixed bridges

This is the most popular bridge used. It may have two or more crowns and a filler tooth or teeth all connected. It is the crown that keeps the bridge in its place. They are found in different materials, such as metal, porcelain fused to metal, or even ceramics.

Cantilever bridge

In this kind of bridge the pontic is connected with just only one abutment tooth. Usually this happens with those people who have teeth on just one side of the gap. 

Maryland dental bridge (resin-bonded bridge)

This type of the bridge is used in case if the patient has missing front teeth. The Maryland dental bridge is made of porcelain fused to metal or even ceramic teeth. It is supported by a framework and there are wings on each side of it that connect to your existing teeth.

Implant supported bridge

This kind of bridge has similarities with the traditional fixed bridge. The difference stays in the fact that it is not being cemented in place to teeth but it is held in place by implants.

Dental Bridges in Albania results.

How long do dental bridges last?

A dental bridge can last the minimum from five to seven years. Of course there are several factors that affect the lifespan of a dental bridge, such as good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings. If these factors work together, the bridge can last more than 10 years.

Which are the benefits of dental bridges in Albania?

Low cost

Even though the dental service has a high quality, you can do your dental treatments with a very low cost compared with other countries such as the USA etc. Usually they are at least half of their prices. In Tirana dental bridges clinics, which means they are in the capital and are expected to be expensive , you can also find affordable prices.

It has to be mentioned that in Albania you can easily avoid the payment of extra charges. You can book an appointment very quickly without having to wait for a long period. Depending how long the treatment can take, dental bridge clinics in Albania give the opportunity of transportation with private car and driver. Also, a very good reason why international patients choose dental bridges in Albania are the other facilities, such as, cheap cost of living. You can eat cheap, travel cheap and choose very good hotels to stay at with competitive prices. 

Patient before placing dental bridges.

Well-trained team 

Since most Albanian dentists studied and speialized abroad, dental bridges Albania clinics offer you the latest technologies with innovative systems. They all work according to medical and professional standards in order to promise you the best performance.

Dentists are bilingual in Albania

In general, Albanian dentists are very talented in speaking different languages. They can speak English, Italian, Greek, German and so many other foreign languages which help them create a very friendly relationship between them and international patients. The possibility of finding a dentist that speaks your mother tongue is very high in Albania. You may be asking yourself now. What if the dentist can not understand me? Well, nothing  to worry about. They have thought about everything. They offer translators for more than 9 languages to make every international patient feel like home and of course, the most important to understand clearly the patient’s dental problem.

Albania, a destination for your holidays

Albania is a small country, but it is well-known for its pure nature. Do not let yourself be just a patient having dental treatments. Take everything to your advantage. Since the prices are really low, logically you save a lot of money. Choose to invest them in your mental health too. Take a tour in Albania to see the most magical views in your life.

Tooth replacement in Albania with dental bridges.

Why does an individual need a dental bridge?

You may think that missing teeth are a concern just for your appearance, but it is not true. Dental bdridges affect you in different ways. 

  • Gives life to you smile
  • Recreates the ability to properly chew
  • Restores your speaking, also your pronunciation
  • Maintain your face shape
  • Resets your bite to dispense the force during chewing 
  • Helps your remaining teeth to not move out of the right position.

Do dental bridges show any risk or complication?

You may wonder if this procedure has any complications or risks that may affect your health. The only thing that can happen is for the bridge to fail. But it is nothing to worry about, because usually they can last many years without complications. It can happen for the teeth around to decay or the cement to deteriorate. In this case the bridge may fail. When the bridge is being released but the supporting teeth are still healthy and strong, there is the possibility of being able to re-attach it with another new cement.

Patient from Europe in Albania results with dental bridges.

How can I take care of my dental bridge?

If you want your dental bridge to last as long as possible, you have to invest daily.  The good performance of the dental bridge is connected with the fact that the remaining teeth are healthy and strong as well. If you are having a dental bridge it is very important to take care and prevent phenomena such as tooth decay or gum disease because the probability to lead to tooth loss is so much bigger. Here are some advices that help you to have success:

Keep eating according to a balanced diet
Try to eat fruits, vegetables, fiber. Try to avoid meat and chewy.

Brush your teeth two times per day and floss daily
It is common for us to brush our teeth very fast because we may be late for school or work. Sometimes we do not  brush them correctly.  But there are so many ways to find out the right way to keep them clean. A dentist can show you the right way to brush and floss. It may be necessary for you to use a special kind of floss that lets you slide it between your dental bridge and the gum.

Try to get professional cleanings regularly:
Having professional regular cleanings can help to find out different problems or complications that may appear. If you look after them early the treatment can have more success.

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

Do you have one or more missing teeth that have fallen or been extracted? Well, then you are a candidate for a dental bridge. You must also have two healthy teeth in the mouth on each side of the missing teeth and then you are ready to invest in your smile with dental bridges.

It can be a little bit hard to keep speaking clearly in case the patient is missing the front teeth. This is the reason why dental bridges help. They do not just help your appearance to be good but it can also improve your speech.

It is always advised to contact your dentist, because he will help in figuring out which is the best alternative for you. Some people choose to have dentures that are nothing else than false teeth which can be removed. You can take them out and clean them. Sometimes it may be necessary to have a dental implant, where the implant will be placed in your jaw.


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