Manual FUE Hair Transplant in Albania

The manual FUE method is more reliable than the machine with this technique and allows you to perform it without sacrificing quality. The manual FUE hair transplant in Albania is a technique used by our professional hair transplant surgeons to extract and implant the grafts. We guarantee the highest standards of safety, outstanding precision and long-lasting results! Read on to find out more about the manual FUE procedure.

Manual FUE hair transplant in Albania.


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What is Manual Fue Hair Transplant

Manual FUE hair transplant is a technique used by our hair transplant surgeons to extract and implant the grafts by hand. Differently from the extraction performed with a motorized micro-punch, the manual transplantation is performed with a manual punch. Manually using a micro-punch means making an alternating rotation around the follicle, then extracting it with a micro-clamp. The surgeon thus has better control over his intervention and can better adapt it to the specific conditions of the scalp. This technique limits the risks of damage, friction and heating of the follicles and causes less damage to the neighboring grafts than when using a motorized punch. 

Moreover, the manual extraction is performed in lateral slit, unlike the motorized micropunch which must be placed vertically to the scalp for the extraction of the graft.mThe most important thing about manual FUE is that it requires experience on the part of the surgeon because every patient has different characteristics regarding their own head shape, which could affect how much time it takes for the doctor to perform the surgery properly.

Manual Fue Hair Transplant in Albania while doctor is working.

Manual FUE Advantages

Manual FUE is a technique used by our hair transplant surgeons to extract and implant the grafts. The use of a machine with the FUE method may potentially lead to some surgical problems, such as transection, where the hair follicle gets damaged because of the high pressure when it is extracted from the scalp. 

Manual FUE offers more precision and security when performed by an experienced and professional surgeon. Also, manual FUE is superior in that it causes less damage to the graft and donor area. Because less graft is transplanted, the manual FUE method provides faster recovery of the donor area, which means you can fully enjoy your new locks of hair in a shorter amount of time!

Manual FUE Hair Transplant Albania.

Manual FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania

The advantage of using Manual FUE over other methods is that you can choose the angle for the transplantation best suited for the patient’s needs. This allows you direct control over how much tissue each donor site receives during surgery; which means less scarring overall on both sides!

At our clinic, we carry out a special plan before the treatment for each person who wishes to have a hair transplant. Data obtained during surgery are processed and monitored in the patient’s file to ensure that the surgery proceeds as planned.

Before and After Manual FUE hair treatment.

Your vital signs are monitored regularly by our team who have advanced life support training to ensure your safety. We conform to the highest standards of sterilization in our operating room to minimize the risk of infection.

Our team of experts and surgeons will support you throughout the whole manual FUE hair transplant process to ensure that everything goes well.

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Manual FUE is a more precise method than the traditional FUT because it requires less tissue to be removed from the scalp. This means that there is less risk of losing too much hair during surgery or damaging other parts of your head by mistake. Moreover, the results are more natural-looking, as the doctor will take their time inserting each strand of hair where it best fits the patient’s overall head structure.

The success rate of manual FUE hair transplant is high, and it’s not just because the doctor is doing the work by hand. The fact that they can see each follicular unit very clearly means that there’s less chance of making a mistake when transplanting the hair into your scalp.

In addition to being able to see all the individual hairs, the doctor will also be able to choose where exactly they go in order to achieve the best results possible with each individual patient. This allows them to place individual follicular units directly on top of each other so that no gaps are left between them (which could lead to further weakening of the hair).

Manual FUE results are better than machine-based hair transplantation. They are more natural and less invasive, which means patients can expect a faster recovery from the surgery and fewer complications.

Before and After Manual FUE hair treatment results.

Manual FUE is also a more efficient technique that reduces scarring because it requires less scalp tissue to be removed in order to create new follicles (hair producing tubes). This means there’s less need for scars on your head after your procedure, making it easier for you to hide them if you choose not to show off any visible scars during your time off work or school!

In order to ensure fast healing after your manual FUE Procedure try to:

  • Avoid alcohol for at least three days after your procedure.
  • Avoid spicy foods for at least a week.
  • Do not jog, cycle or lift weights within three days of surgery. 
  • Wait at least 24 hours after your procedure before washing your hair.
  • Avoid brushing your hair for as long as possible, and don’t use any hot styling tools for at least a week.


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