Earlobe Repair Surgery in Albania – Earlobe surgery fix

People can choose to undergo an earlobe reduction surgery for many reasons in order to fix any abnormalities regarding the size or shape of their earlobes. These abnormalities can be the result of external factors as well, such as heavy jewelry or aging.


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Earlobe Repair in Tirana, Albania

What is Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe repair, otherwise known as an earlobe reduction surgery, refers to a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures which aim to correct the size or shape of the earlobes.

These procedures can include: 

  • earlobe reduction, 
  • earlobe repair surgery, 
  • stretched earlobe surgery, 
  • keloid ear surgery,
  • ear fold surgery, etc.

Why do people have it?

The size or shape of the earlobes can become a cause of insecurity or distress for many.  Although your genetic makeup plays an important part when it comes to the way your earlobes are shaped, other factors such as heavy jewelry or old age can have an impact on the appearance of your earlobes. Sometimes, these factors become a cause for asymmetry or a disproportionate appearance.

An ear plastic surgery can be an effective and permanent solution to these issues. That’s why many people choose to have an earlobe reduction surgery with the aim of improving not only their physical appearance, but also their confidence and self-esteem.

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Who is suitable for ear repair surgery?

We consider patients to be fit for an ear repair surgery if they share the characteristics below:

  • They are in good physical and psychological health.
  • The size or shape of their earlobes have become a cause of distress.
  • They have set realistic and logical goals regarding their earlobe reduction surgery results.

The cost of Earlobe Repair in Albania

Here, you can find some of the most affordable prices for earlobe reduction in the region. Because of the country’s low taxes we can deliver the best quality earlobe repair treatments at competitive prices. If you choose to undergo your earlobe reduction surgery in Albania, our clinic offers comprehensive consultation with leading doctors and estheticians who are experts in the field of cosmetic surgery. 

24/7 assistance is always available by our trained staff of qualified nurses. You will get ongoing support from our medical team during your whole recovery process. Your earlobe reduction procedure will include a pre-treatment medical assessment by our certified surgeons and post-surgery aftercare is always provided for optimal and natural-looking results. 

Our doctors will be there to address any of your questions or concerns at any time. They will carefully discuss all the steps of your ear surgery and prepare an estimated cost for your  treatment. If you wish to get a specific quote for your earlobe reduction in Albania don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and we will answer you in more detail.

How does earlobe repair work?

Split earlobes, whether fully or partially, is quite common especially for women. The good thing is that torn, stretched or split earlobes can be easily corrected through an ear repair surgery. 

Prior to the surgery your doctor will have a comprehensive discussion on the procedure during your initial consultation.  He will explain in detail all the risks involved with the intervention, while giving you proper instructions to optimize your recovery process.

After evaluating your physical health and medical history, and deciding you are a good fit for an earlobe reduction surgery, you will be allowed to proceed with the treatment.

Before your surgeon starts your earlobe repair or reduction procedure, he will administer a local anesthetic on the treated area. During an earlobe repair surgery your doctor can correct one or both ears.

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During the procedure, your surgeon will first make an incision on your earlobe so that he can start reshaping it. Your surgeon will then cut the excess skin before stitching the earlobe back together. Our surgeons utilize a zig zag stitching technique which successfully prevents notching while you’re recovering.

According to the kind of sutures that your surgeon will use, you will be instructed whether to show up for another appointment in the future. If your surgeon uses stitches which can dissolve on their own, there will be no need for another appointment. Sutures designed for an earlobe reduction are extremely fine and won’t be that noticeable after the procedure.

Regarding stretched earlobes, the repair procedure may be a bit more complex. The smaller the split, the easier it is to repair the earlobe, successfully restoring its normal appearance. If the hole in the earlobe is bigger, your surgeon will need to first remove any excess skin in order to restore the skin flaps, creating a lifted look. This course of action will ensure you get the best possible results.

Our earlobe repair surgeons are experts in the field of cosmetic surgery and have extensive experience in performing this procedure. Our highly qualified and certified experts will ensure that you walk out of the clinic satisfied and with the most natural-looking results possible.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

The aim of an earlobe plastic surgery is to restore the natural appearance of a torn, stretched or split earlobe. After your earlobe repair surgery all signs of trauma or damage will have been eliminated, leaving you with aesthetically pleasing ears. An earlobe reduction surgery causes minimal scars, which means that you can easily pierce your ears again in the future.

Sometimes, patients choose to combine an earlobe reduction or repair procedure with another cosmetic surgery to provide the most natural-looking and optimal results given their anatomy.

For patients who are facing the effects of aging, a face lift combined with an earlobe reduction surgery can deliver amazing results, rejuvenating their facial features and creating a lifted and youthful appearance. 

Our surgeons will advise you on the best treatment according to your needs, goals and anatomy during your initial consultation. 

An earlobe reduction or earlobe repair surgery is not painful as everything is performed under local anesthesia. Although you will be conscious during your surgery, you won’t feel anything in the treated area.

After the surgery some minimal discomfort or pain is completely normal and can easily be managed with painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Some swelling or light bruising can also happen immediately after your ear repair surgery, however, everything should in a few weeks after your surgery. 

Afterwards, the healing phase is generally painless and fairly straightforward. Keep in mind to follow your surgeon’s instructions for easy and fast recovery.

After your earlobe reduction surgery you can expect some minimal scarring where the incisions are made. The scars will appear red right after the procedure, however, they will fade away and become paler in time, turning almost invisible to the eye. No evident scarring will be left after an ear repair surgery after your healing process is completely done.

In some cases, such as when performing a surgery to repair damage due to tribal jewelry, the scars left may be a bit more noticeable. That’s because the procedure itself is a bit more complicated compared to a simple earlobe tear repair.

Sometimes, laser treatments or LED lights are used to eliminate the risk of visible scars as much as possible. Keep in mind that you should avoid exposing the treated ears to direct sunlight as this can become a case for hyperpigmentation of the incision scars. Make sure to carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding your post-surgery healing stage in order to achieve optimal and natural-looking results.


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