Thigh Lift Surgery Albania – Thigh Reduction

A thigh lift surgery in Albania is a procedure which can help tighten and lift the thighs. By the end of a thigh lift procedure the patients will have successfully gotten rid of the excess skin in the inner thigh area. Usually, this type of surgery is preferred by people who have experienced a dramatic loss in their weight which has then caused the tissue in their thighs to stretch down and loosen.

Thigh lift Surgery Albania.


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Why do people have thighplasty?

As we get older we tend to lose the elasticity of our skin. In cases where someone loses a significant amount of weight, the skin on their body can sag due to it being stretched multiple times. 

Even though some people may try to shrink their stretched skin with exercise or diet that is typically impossible to do. To reduce thigh size and get rid of excess skin a surgical procedure is the best and only way to achieve optimal results.

Many people feel self-conscious due to the sagging skin on their thighs and that’s why they avoid wearing specific types of clothes, sportswear or swimwear. In order to restore the usual shape and size of your thighs and regain your confidence, a thigh lift surgery is the perfect solution for you.

Thigh lift procedure in Albania.

Who is suitable for a thigh lift surgery?

Thigh lift Albania is suitable for individuals who share the following:

  • They are physically and mentally healthy.
  • They have reached their optimal body weight.
  • They have set realistic goals and expectations regarding their thigh lift results.
  • They are looking to remove excess skin and fat deposits in their thighs.
  • They want to improve the shape, size and overall look of their thighs.
  • They want to achieve long lasting results.

The cost of Thigh Lift Albania

Albania provides some of the most affordable thigh lift surgeries in the region. The cost for a thigh lift surgery is extremely affordable compared to other countries. If you choose to get your  thigh lift treatment at our clinic, you will receive excellent service by highly qualified and specialized surgeons. 

The reason behind the prices for cosmetic surgery treatments in Albania being much lower compared to other countries is the low tax regime. However, you will receive free consultation, 24/7 assistance by our staff of qualified doctors and nurses, and the best expertise in cosmetic surgery thanks to our well-known and certified surgeons. 

With the latest equipment and a modern and sterile environment, you are guaranteed to find quality work and professionalism. For a specific quote for your thigh lift surgery treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and we will answer any questions you have in detail.

Thigh lift in Albania before and after results.

What does thigh lift surgery involve?

A thigh surgery involves two procedures in order to reduce the fat on the thighs and remove the excess skin. Basically, this treatment combines skin excision and a thigh lift procedure.

Skin excision is meant to fix the loose or stretched skin on the thighs. A surgeon will make discreet incisions to reshape and remodel the thighs while removing the excess skin. Not only will they get rid of the loose skin, but they will also resculpt the area creating a fit and contoured body shape.

This procedure can be carried out  on a single isolated area of the thighs or on the whole region. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and any scars will be left in hidden areas of the body such as on the groin or under the buttocks.

Showing beautiful legs after thigh lift surgery.

Your surgeon will decide on how to proceed with a thigh lift surgery based on the amount of excess fat and skin, the state of the skin and its laxity, as well as the patient’s expectations regarding the results. 

Generally speaking, the thigh lift surgery lasts for approximately 2 hours. Dissolvable stitches are used as well as surgical tape and bandages to ensure optimal compression.

What are some of the main aesthetic considerations for your surgeon?


Our expert surgeons will make sure to deliver optimal and symmetrical results. Thorough planning and preparation is required to calculate the exact amount of excess skin and fat that must be removed for a natural-looking and symmetrical result. Our doctors will make sure to take all the right measurements and carefully consider the anatomy of your body for a successful thigh lift surgery. 


To achieve optimal satisfaction for the patient our surgeons make sure to minimize any scars left behind. By making the incisions on strategic places on the body any scarring from a thigh lift surgery will be hidden. Usually, our surgeons will try to confine the scars on areas such as the groin or the buttock fold so that they are invisible to the eye.

Marking up thigh area before thigh surgery.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

During your thigh lift consultation you should make sure to address all your questions and concerns so that you understand the procedure, what it includes, the possible results, any preparations you should make, etc. Our doctors will make sure to thoroughly inform you on everything you should know, however, a few questions you can ask include:


  • Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift surgery?
  • Are my goals and expectations regarding my thigh lift results realistic?
  • Will I need multiple surgeries or a single procedure to achieve my desired results?
  • Can I get a look at some thigh lift surgery before and after pictures from your previous patients?
  • How long will I need to recover from my thigh lift surgery?
  • Do you provide 24/7 assistance in case of any emergencies?
  • What should I expect regarding any swelling or scarring after the surgery?
  • What should I do to prepare for my thigh lift surgery?

There is no specific preparation required from our patients, however, you can take the following steps before your thigh lift surgery:


  • Smoking decreases your blood flow and it may hinder your healing process. That’s why your doctor will probably recommend that you avoid smoking before and after your thigh surgery.
  • Stop using any medication which may increase bleeding such as aspirin.
  • Contact somebody who is willing to accompany you home after the procedure and help you with your recovery at home at least for the first night after the surgery.

A thigh lift surgery can take approximately 2 hours, however, the exact time for the procedure depends on the complexity of each case.

In the following days after your thigh lift surgery you will be able to see results. After 6-weeks your results will be more evident, however, recovery and improvements will be ongoing for the first 12 months. 

If you make sure to maintain your normal body weight the results from a thigh lift surgery will be completely permanent. Keep in mind that the laxity of your skin will still change with age. However, this time the aging process will begin at a stage where your thighs are lifted, so it will be a very long time before you notice the effects of aging again.


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