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Nipple reduction in Albania is a cosmetic surgery which is used to reduce the size and appearance of your nipples or areola. The two most common issues that nipple reduction aims to solve are what people call puffy nipples or inverted nipples.

Nipple reduction in Albania


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Nipple & Areola size reduction surgery in Tirana, Albania.

Through a nipple reduction surgery the doctor can change the height and width of the nipple while reshaping it into the form that the patient desires. Doing so the surgeon can fix any asymmetry in the areola as well while creating a more proportionate look. After a nipple reduction surgery sensation will be preserved and a more balanced appearance will be achieved.

Sometimes nipple reduction can be performed combined with other procedures such as breast reductions, breast augmentation or breast lifts. In any case nipple reduction is performed under local anesthesia.

At our clinic you will find the best surgeons for nipple reduction in Albania who will deliver the most advanced techniques, achieving natural-looking results for an improved breast aesthetic.

Why do people have nipple reduction?

Many people choose to have a nipple reduction surgery in order to improve their appearance and their psychological health. The benefits of nipple reduction in Albania include:

  • Quick and highly effective method to reduce nipple size
  • Short surgery performed by expert surgeons
  • Permanent results
  • Better shaped nipples and recontoured areolas
  • Restored proportions and improved look
  • Improved self-image and confidence especially when wearing tight clothes or swimwear.
  • A better emotional and psychological state.

Who is suitable for nipple reduction in Albania?

We recommend a nipple reduction surgery for people who fit the following criteria:

  • They are in a good mental and physical state.
  • They are at a normal body weight.
  • They have set realistic goals regarding the results of their nipple reduction surgery.
  • They want to reduce the size of their nipples.
  • They want to improve the proportions of their areolas.
  • They want better shaped nipples and areolas.
  • They are looking for a highly effective solution which will guarantee permanent results.

Nipple Reduction surgery cost

The cost for a nipple reduction surgery in Albania is extremely affordable compared to other countries. Thanks to the low tax regime, Albania provides some of the most cost-effective solutions for reducing nipple size. If you choose to have your nipple reduction in Albania you will get free consultation, 24/7 assistance, guidance throughout the whole recovery process and careful examination of your specific case for optimal results. The specific cost for a nipple reduction surgery may change depending on the individual, however in order to get an estimated quote for your case feel free to contact our clinic at any time. Our surgeons will be happy to address any questions you may have and provide a guide for the whole procedure.

Nipple Reduction in women

Many women suffer from nipple abnormalities. In cases where their nipples are different in shape or size, many women feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially when their nipples show through their clothing. Sometimes weight gain or weight loss can influence the appearance of your nipples as well. Moreover, pregnancy may affect the size of your nipples, stretching the areola and enlarging the nipples. Breastfeeding can cause additional changes as well. For this reason many women opt for a nipple reduction surgery to improve their nipple’s appearance.

Nipple Reduction in men

A condition commonly known as the puffer nipple can affect many men. Caused by gynecomastia puffy nipples are the result of extra breast tissue under the area of the nipple. In turn this causes the nipple to push outwards creating a puffy look. This condition may cause stress, worry and loss of confidence in men, especially if they wear tight-fitting clothes or swimwear. That’s why nowadays, a lot of men choose to undergo nipple reduction surgery as well. Nipple reduction in men can significantly improve their self-image and psychological state.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

Nipple surgery can be used to treat three kinds of nipple and areola conditions:

Nipple Reduction 

A nipple reduction surgery can be used to reduce the width, height and overall size of your nipples. Its advantage is that it can preserve the nipple sensations while getting rid of any negative feelings associated with larger nipples. Nipple reduction surgery can be performed under local anesthetic which means that the whole treatment will be pain free. 

Areola Reduction 

Areola reduction surgery involves making the darker area around the nipple smaller by removing part of it. After the surgery very small, barely visible scars will be left at the base of the nipple. In case of large reductions of excess skin a more noticeable scar may be left. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Nipple Inversion

Instead of protruding outwards as per usual, an inverted nipple lies flat or goes towards the body. People can be born with this condition or develop it later on. A nipple inversion procedure is performed under local anesthetic and is pretty quick and efficient. In case of complex cases there might be another time needed to complete the surgery.

A change in the size or shape of your nipples may be caused Due to pregnancy weight loss or weight gain as well as any changes in your hormone levels. Gynaecomastia may also cause your nipples to seem bigger and out of proportion with the rest of your body. For these conditions people usually opt for a nipple reduction surgery in Albania as an effective and permanent solution.

Your surgeon will ask you if you have any medical conditions and go over your medical history during your consultation. They will ask if you are taking any medication currently and give you suggestions on what medication to avoid. 

Afterward your doctor will ask you about the changes you want to make in your nipples and what concerns you regarding their appearance. Your doctor will examine your breast structure and give you an idea of the potential results of your nipple reduction surgery.

Leading up to the surgery your doctor will give you a list of ips and suggestions that you should follow. For example your surgeon may recommend that you stop smoking up until the day of the procedure to improve your chances of healing and recovering more quickly.

Since the procedure will be performed under anesthesia you will be asked to take somebody who will accompany you home after surgery, since it is not advised to drive yourself after such treatments.

For 4 hours before the surgery you will be asked to stop consuming food. Drinks should also be avoided, but you can have water up until 2 hours before the surgery. It is also recommended that you don’t use any makeup on the day of the procedure and avoid wearing jewelry and tight clothes.

Results will be immediately visible after the procedure. However, the appearance of your nipples will improve over time, as you properly recover and the stitches are removed. 

Within 2 to 3 months after the surgery you will be able to enjoy the final results of the procedure and the new shape of your areola and nipples, as everything will have settled in place.

The results of a nipple reduction surgery are completely permanent. This is why many people prefer to undergo a nipple reduction surgery in Albania, as they know it will be a life-changing improvement for them.

Nipple reduction surgery itself is completely pain-free as it is performed under local anesthesia. You can expect some discomfort after the surgery, however, the pain can be easily managed through painkillers which will be recommended and prescribed by your doctor.


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