Arm Lift Surgery in Albania – Brachioplasty Albania

You are not comfortable with your arms because they make you feel fat and older? Arm Lifting Surgery in Albania is the best and most affordable alternative there is. Take back your naturality and feel confident one more time. Albanian arm lifting surgery clinics will make you fall in love again with yourself. The clinics have European standarts and the surgeons are specialized in Europe

Arm lift in Albania image that shows what the surgery of brachioplasty does.


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Choosing Albania for a professional Arm Lifting surgery.

An Arm Lift, or Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is used to improve the look of the under portion of the upper arm. The procedure consists in removing fat and the excess skin between the armpit and elbow. The skin that remains is replaced over the repositioned contours, in order to have a more toned appearance.

Before and after brachioplasty in Albania.

Who is a good candidate for undergoing an Arm Lift?

Individs that can be good candidates for the procedure of the Arm Lift meet the criteria below:

  • The patient has a stable and relatively healthy weight
  • The patient has a considerable amount of the loose upper arm skin
  • The patient has not a complicated medical conditions
  • The patients has realistic expectations about the procedure
  • The patient has to be in good physical and psychological medical health
  • The patient has to be sure that wants long lasting results
  • The patient wants to improve the shape and the contours of his arm
  • The patient is in his ideal body weight

Woman brachioplasty in Albania.

What happens during an Arm Lift?

If you meet the criteria of being a good candidate of an arm lift procedure, then here is what to expect:

  • You will take some medication, in order to avoid discomfort. Usually it is used with general anesthesia, which has the effect of putting you to sleep and makes it possible to block sensation. Sometimes, maybe you will receive a local anesthetic, which affects the surgical area, numbs it in order to eliminate pain and give you the feeling of relaxation.
  • The surgeon makes an incision inside or in the back of your arm. The incision’s size depends on the extensivity of the procedure.
  • He cuts the excess skin and removes it. It is possible to excess fat by using liposuction.
  • The surgeon uses sutures to clench supportive tissue
  • He uses stitches to close the incision before completing the procedure. They surround your arm with sterile gauze, in order to reduce the possibility of infections.

Man that needs arm lifting posing before the surgry.

Why choose Albania for Arm Lifting?

Affordable prices

Cosmetic surgerys are cheaper in Albania compared to the prices you can find in other places around the world. It is about exactly the same treatments but Albania offers it at lower prices. You may have doubts about the quality. It is normal. It is not easy to find a place that offers a high quality of treatment but you have to pay less than half of the price that other countries have for example USA, UK etc. 

Doctor marking the arm before brachioplasty procedure.

This is not all. Albania offers several facilities for international clients. One of the best things is that you do not need to wait too long for your consultation. You can have it within 3 days. Since, euro is more valued than the Albanian leke, it means that when you visit Albania you have to pay less. During your stay it may be necessary to find accomodation, but we confirm that you can book very good hotels with incredible prices. What is really special is the fact that there are some clinics that offer accommodation and transport for their international clients.

Before and after arm lift in Albana.

A beautiful destination

Albania is a very beautiful place. It may be small but it is a real treasure. What is that special about Albania? Well, you just need to search on the internet a little bit about its nature and we promise you will be amazed. There are mountains with spectacular views. You can experience the most beautiful sunsets in your life just by climbing mountains in Albania, such as Tomorri Mountain and so on. The fields are covered by colorful flowers that look like a rainbow. Our rivers are crystal clear. The water is transparent as you can see the end.

Albania beautiful destination and affordable for medical tourism.

 Albanian people have been very focused on having their nature untouched and they succeed. Their nature is a diamond, clean,beautiful and priceless. Albania offers you too many things to do, because of its relief. You can choose to visit mountains, fields, seas, forests, rivers, cities and so on. Also the climate is very suitable in every season. What is really important to mention are the old and unique traditions. You will get to know a very different culture, try a different food and dance the most energetic songs ever.  Albanian people are known for their hospitality. They will make you feel like home. It is in your hand to decide if you want to be just a patient, or a glad tourist. Choose to play smart!

Amazing surgeons 

It is not about just the talent in their field. Yes, they are profesionistas. Their successful experience makes it really easy to trust your health in their hands. But the real fact that makes them special is their natural skills beyond their professional field. Since most of them studied abroad, they were capable of learning different foreign languages. They can speak Italian, Greek, German, French and so on. 

Best Arm Lift surgery in Albania.

If you are an international patient, there is a high probability to find a surgeon who speaks your mother tongue. Yes, it is rare and seems really strange, but these are Albanian surgeons. Always ready to help in the improvement of communication between them and patients. They take care to build trust in every kind of way. In case you do not know how to speak the same languages, they offer translators that provide you translation in the minimum 8 languages. 

Innovative systems

Since most surgeons studied abroad they have been in touch with the latest technology. They built their clinics according to medical and professional standards. Moreover they use the highest quality equipment. So in Albanian clinics you can have the same treatment for arm lifting but with an excellent price.

Well trained staff 

Albanian surgeons are really well prepared. Their studies were too long and also most of them went abroad for their specializations. This made them in touch with the most innovative clinics in other countries. They build their clinics operating with the most innovative systems to guarantee the patient the best options in order to have the best solutions. It takes  a very long time to be a surgeon. It is a job with a lot of responsibilities. This is what makes them stronger and real profesionistas.  

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

It is normal for your arm and your hand to feel weak, but they will be recovered when you are healing. During the recovery time process take care to limit the movement and the activity of the arm.

Your arms need to be elevated, so 72 hours after the procedure it would be very helpful if you sleep with a pillow under your arm. The extension of the full arm can happen in the first week.


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