Cellulite Treatment in Albania

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Cellulite Treatment in Albania.


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What is a Cellulite treatment?

Cellulite consists of a common, harmless skin condition which causes your skin to be lumpy on the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. This creates an uneven surface of the skin. It is found mostly in some special places such as:

Before and after cellulite treatment in Albania.

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Breasts

Recent surveys have shown that 80%-90% of the women are affected to different degrees. It affects  women more than men because of the different fat, muscle and the tissue distribution. But it has to be clear that cellulite is not harmful.

Cellulite treatment in Albania.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by a buildup of the fat inside the skin. Some women can be more affected than the others. The amount of cellulite and how noticeable it is depends on your genes, age or body fat percentage. Another factor that plays an important role in the appearance of cellulite is the thickness of the skin. Cellulite can affect people of all body types and weights.

Fat’s distribution in men is less visible than in women. The collagen fibers between the skin and muscles separate the fat into many pockets. It can be more visible over time , when you get older and your skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity.

There are some factors that cause cellulite:

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Accumulated toxins
  • Weight gain
  • Poor diet
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Inactivity

Amazing legs after cellulite treatment.

Which are the medical procedures used to reduce Cellulite?


It is an noninvasive procedure that consists of using the sound waves to identify and eliminate fat in the areas like thighs and abdomen. You need to wait for two to three months to get the results. It is suggested to mix this technique with other kinds of cellulite treatment. Ultrasound can be used also to find out how effective the cellulite treatment was.

Girls at the beach with beautiful body after cellulite removal therapy in Albania.

Acoustic wave therapy

This is a treatment created to reduce cellulite as much as possible. The process consists of vibrating the connective tissue in the body, in places that are more exposed to cellulite. In this way the treatment helps to stimulate the production of collagen. It improves the appearance, elasticity and the texture of the skin. In order to see the results, many treatments have to be done.


This procedure is nonsurgical. The procedure consists of using a needle in order to break up the tough bands which are under the skin to eliminate cellulite on the thighs and the buttocks areas. The patient can see the results after three days and they can last more than three years.


It is a non-surgical procedure. It consists of the movement of the cellulite by freezing the fat cells beneath the patient’s skin. This makes the fat cells rupture. It may need three to four months to see some reduction in cellulite. 

Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release

The procedure consists of breaking up the tough bands which are under the skin with equipment that has small blades.  When the bands have been cut, it allows the tissue to move up to fill in the skin. The results of this treatment can last more than three years.

Laser and radiofrequency treatments

These medical treatments consist of using tissue massage with radiofrequency technology at the same time, infrared light and diode laser energy in order to treat cellulite. They can also use heat and suctioning, as well.


This procedure consists in inserting some carbon dioxide beneath the skin from the technician.It is done in order to increase blood flow in the area. This can help to  improve the appearance of the cellulit. The results can be seen by the patient after seven to ten treatments.

Before and after cellulite treatment in Albania.

Cellulite- How to reduce it at home?

You can exercise

– It helps to reduce body fat, in order to make cellulite less noticeable. You can use an exercise program that contains aerobic exercises and training for strength. In this way you burn fat and can tone the muscles. Bodies that are more muscular will feel smoother than those which are less. It would be great if you follow an exercise routine which is more focused on the parts of the body that are more affected by cellulite. 

Coffee grounds

– It is used as an exfoliate to remove dead cells, in order to encourage new cells to grow, tightening the skin. They can be used alone or you can combine them with olive oil, coconut oil or sugar. You can leave the mixation on the skin for 10 minutes. This can reduce bumpiness, it can promote lymph flow and stimulate blood circulation. But there are no scientific facts to support this.

Dry brushing

– The technique consists of stimulating blood and lymph flow. It eliminates dead skin cells and supports new cell growth. It may stimulate the nervous system of the patient.

Apple cider vinegar

– This technique consists of consuming apple cider vinegar. This may help to lose some weight. You need to drink one tablespoon of diluted cider vinegar three times per day. However you can choose to use a solution of equal parts of the cider vinegar and water and then to apply it in your skin.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

Low cost

If you choose to have your cellulite treatments in Albania, things will be easier for you. You do not have to do extra payments in Albanian clinics. You will have to pay just for your treatment and the things related to it. Because of the currency value, you have to pay less in Albania. There are also a lot of facilities in the way of living. 

If you decide to be an international patient of course you will need accommodation to stay until the procedure ends. In Albania you can find great hotels with incredible prices. If your treatments last for a long time period, there are some clinics that offer accomodation so you do not need to search for it. They offer transportation with private cars and drivers. Also, it has to be mentioned that in Albania you can eat and travel really cheap.

Bilingual staff

Albanian surgeons have something that makes them unique. Most of them are able to speak different languages, since most of them studied and specialized abroad. They can speak many foreign languages such as Italian, French, Greek, German, Turkish and so on. So, the chances to find a surgeon to speak in your language are very high. In case they can not communicate with you, they provide translators that can assist in more than 8 languages.

Latest technologies used

Since Albanian surgeons have studied and specialized abroad, they had the opportunity to be in touch with the latest technology used. They built their clinics by following these kinds of models. All the clinics in Albania function according to the medical  standards. They use the most innovative systems to guarantee you the best results.

A great destination to visit

It may be a small country, but Albania has too many things to show. Beginning from its nature, that is really incredible. You can join the most beautiful views climbing the high mountains of Albania. There are certain amazing beaches where you can experience the best sunsets in your life. Do not let yourself be just an international patient. Choose to be a tourist. Play smart!

No, cellulite can not go away, but it is not harmful. Its appearance can be reduced by exercise, diet treatments etc. So knowing there are no possible ways to completely get rid of cellulite, our patients choose to rely on our modern cellulite treatments in Albania. 

  • Sauces and spreads
  • Sweets and treats
  • Processed meats and cheese
  • Carbonated, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages 
  • Fast and Fried Foods


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