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A breast lift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery through which the breasts are lifted and reshaped so that they hang higher on the chest. By creating a more voluminous base for the breasts the surgeons restore their youthful look, lifted look.

Breast Lift in Albania.


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What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Albania?

A breast lift procedure is perfect for patients who have always dreamt of having beautiful breasts. If their breasts have dropped or sagged due to age, dramatic changes in weight, pregnancy or breastfeeding, this procedure, commonly known as a boob lift, is an ideal permanent solution.

By removing the excess tissue and reshaping the breast mound and nipple, a breast lift surgery will restore the elasticity of the breast while preserving the blood flow.

After the swelling subsides the breast will naturally drop slightly, so the surgeon will make sure to perform a minor “over-correction” in order to anticipate this change. The end result will be a perky and youthful breast which is naturally proportionate with the rest of the body.

Your surgeon will evaluate your anatomy and he may suggest commanding your breast lift surgery with a breast enlargement or breast reduction procedure for optimal results. However, everything will be properly discussed during your consultation.

After breast lift in Albania.

Why do people have a mastopexy?

A mastopexy or breast lift surgery can significantly help in improving the patient’s confidence and self esteem. People with sagging breasts choose this treatment as an ideal way to correct their look and provide a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. A breast lift is an effective solution for people whose breasts have started sagging due to aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or as a result of their genetic predisposition. 

Who is suitable for a breast lift?

You are a good candidate for a breast lift surgery if you agree to the following:

  • You are in good physical and mental health and your breasts have developed fully.
  • You wish to resize, reshape or reposition one or both of your breasts.
  • You have set realistic goals and expectations regarding your breast lift results.

How breast lift is done to fix nipple position and saggy boobs.

The cost of a Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

In Albania you can find some of the most affordable breast lift surgeries in the area. Thanks to Albania’s low tax regime the prices for breast lift surgery are significantly lower than in many other countries. By choosing to get your breast lift surgery at our clinic you will receive the best cosmetic surgery services by highly qualified and experienced surgeons, which makes Albania a very cost-effective effective solution to your sagging breasts problem. 

Woman with beautiful breasts after chest lift mastopexy in Albania/

Our clinic provides a free consultation during which you can address your questions and concerns and talk to a qualified surgeon. We guarantee 24/7 assistance thanks to our helpful staff of nurses, providing excellent care for our patients. Pre-surgery medical assessment is always performed by our doctors to ensure optimal results and no complications during your procedure. Comprehensive after-care is provided by our specialists. 

The best expertise in cosmetic surgery can be found in Albania thanks to our well-known and certified surgeons. With the latest equipment and a modern and sterile environment, you are guaranteed to find quality work and professionalism. For a specific quote for your breast lift surgery, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic and we will answer any questions you have in detail.

Before and After breast lift in Albania.

What does a Breast Lift involve?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthetic with the aim of lifting sagging breasts. This surgical procedure usually takes 1 to 2 hours. By the end of the breast lift surgery the initial position of the breasts will have been restored creating a youthful appearance. The surgeon will make an incision around the breast and then remove any excess tissue and skin while lifting the breast mound and giving it shape. During a breast lift the surgeon will reposition the nipple if necessary.

Usually this surgery is combined with breast augmentation for optimal results and proper positioning of the breasts after the treatment. The blood supply is maintained at all times, making the breast fully functional after the surgery. The recovery period for a breast lift surgery lasts for 2 to 3 weeks during which the patients are recommended to take time off work and avoid strenuous physical activities until the swelling goes away. Typical physical activity and workout can be continued after approximately 6 weeks.

Computer guided cosmetic surgery in Albania.

What to expect during a breast lift surgery?

The consultation

The first step of a breast surgery treatment is the consultation with your surgeon. During the consultation you should address all your questions and concerns as well as what results you expect from your breast lift procedure. 

Your doctor will discuss with you about what you can potentially achieve with this surgery while evaluating your body anatomy, bone structure and the quality of your skin.

A discussion about possible complications will also take place, while your doctor examines your medical history as well as any kind of other health conditions you might have. Your surgeon will ask you about any previous treatments you’ve done, medications, allergies, etc., so they can decide whether you are a good fit for breast lift surgery.

Woman after boob lift procedure in Albania.

After carefully evaluating your case your surgeon will decide if you should proceed with your breast lift. He will usually let you think about your decision for another two weeks, which is commonly known as the “cooling off” period. During this time don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and discuss any other concerns you may have. Afterwards, you can proceed with your surgery.

Leading up to procedure

If you decide to proceed with your breast lift you should visit your clinic so that your surgeon can give you the instructions you should follow leading up to the procedure. Usually your doctor will recommend the following:

  • Stop smoking 6 weeks before your surgery as patients who smoke regularly are at a higher risk of experiencing complications during the breast lift surgery. Smoking can also be detrimental to their recovery. 
  • Stop taking aspirin or any other medications that contain it for at least one week before your breast lift surgery.
  • Stop consuming food and drinks for 6 hours prior to the surgery. You can consume small amounts of water, black coffee or tea until 2 hours before the procedure.

On the day of the surgery

On the day of your breast lift surgery you should arrive at your clinic one hour before the time of your procedure. During this time a nurse will take your blood pressure and check your vitals before you go to your anesthetist to continue with your surgery.

Your surgeon will make the last markups and measurements before you are placed under general anesthesia and the surgery begins.

Usually, the breast lift surgery lasts for one and a half to two hours. Your surgeon will make an incision underneath the breast and around the nipples. Then, he will reshape and reposition the breasts mound to give your breast lift, while removing any excess skin.

After the surgery is done you will recover for 2 to 3 hours  at the clinic. One of our nurses will carefully take care of you during your initial recovery. Afterwards, you will be allowed to leave the clinic accompanied by somebody you trust such as a family member or a friend. 

Boob view after breast lift surgery in Albania.

Recovery stage

Our medical staff will be on duty 24/7  in case you need assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our nurses or doctors will be there to help you with any issues that may arise, answer all your questions and provide post-surgery treatment.

A breast lift surgery is a fairly simple procedure. It can cause a bit of discomfort that can last for a few days. You should be able to go on with your usual routine after 1 to 2 weeks. The whole recovery stage can take from 6 to 8-weeks. 

Patients are advised to take a week off work until the swelling subsides. During your recovery stage you should be careful with your breast area and try to not put too much pressure onto it. You should also avoid UV light for two to four weeks after the surgery as it can hinder the scarring process.

It is best that you come to the clinic after 1 week so we can evaluate your incision sites. During this visit your doctor can also discuss how the treatment is going and give you any additional advice that you should follow during your healing process.

After 6 weeks evident results should be noticeable. A final check-up can also follow the 6-week

Recovery after breast lift. before and after comparison

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

A breast lift also known as a mastopexy is a surgical procedure which successfully lifts and gives a rejuvenated shape to low-hanging or saggy breasts. A breast lift can significantly increase the patient’s self-confidence, improving their body image and mental well-being. 

This cosmetic procedure is great for reshaping the breast while creating the look of a natural breast lift. In some cases a breast mastopexy is combined with other cosmetic surgeries to restore the volume of the breast. These procedures include lipofilling and breast augmentation. All in all this plastic surgery can permanently improve the appearance of the breasts.

You are considered a good candidate for a breast lift surgery if the following applies to you:

  • You would like to change your low hanging for sagging breasts and have a lifted and firmer appearance.
  • You are mentally and physically healthy and don’t have any diseases which may cause complications during or after the treatment.
  • You have set logical and reasonable expectations regarding the results of your breast lift surgery and are aware of the possible complications and risks, for example, slower healing or increased time for the scars to settle.
  • You are willing to follow the instructions of your doctor and to take care of yourself during the post surgery recovery stage.
  • You don’t smoke.

Most women do not have naturally perfectly symmetrical breasts. However, this can be a cause for worry and stress for some people, especially in cases where their asymmetry is very evident.

A breast lift surgery can be sometimes used to fix breast asymmetry. A skilful surgeon can customize the procedure according to the patient’s needs, performing mastopexy on one or both breasts to achieve a more symmetrical look. 

Usually, the patient has a preference on which breast they want to be altered so it matches the other. A tubular or conical breast is one of the most common breast abnormalities, which can be treated with a surgical procedure. Our surgeons will make sure to offer the best solution for asymmetrical breasts, after examining the patient’s body anatomy, skin texture, skin quality, etc.

There are several alternatives for a breast lift without implants.

A breast lift surgery or mastopexy without implants can restore the shape and look of your breast providing a lifted appearance. During this surgical procedure your surgeon will lift your nipple-areola complex while removing any excess skin and repositioning the nipple. 

Through a mastopexy your doctor can significantly improve the symmetry of your breasts helping you regain your confidence. Breast lift surgery without implants can be done for women who want to eliminate the consequences of aging or pregnancy and prefer a more natural lifted look. Although you may think that the breasts appear smaller at first, that is just an illusion as your surgeon will only remove a minimal amount of skin tissue. Breast lift surgery without implants will only cause a slight change in the breast volume, maintaining the fullness but providing more lift and support.

Another option would be lipofilling through which you can reshape and adjust the placement of the fat so that the breasts appear fuller and lifter. This alternative is especially beneficial for people who are looking to recreate that youthful look of fuller and beautiful breasts.

Doing a breast lift surgery your breast volume will not significantly change. Your surgeon will focus on reshaping your breasts and giving them a lifted appearance while removing minimal amounts of skin tissue. That’s why any changes in cup size or breast fullness will be minimal. The final result of a breast lift surgery is a youthful appearance, perkier breasts, more aesthetically pleasing cleavage and improved symmetry. 

In some cases your surgeon may combine a breast lift surgery with breast augmentation increasing the size of your breasts using implants. If you want to lift your breasts while also making them look fuller you can opt for this option. Consult your doctor so that they can give you proper advice regarding this treatment. Breast lift surgery with implants can enlarge your breasts significantly increasing your cup size. Your doctor can advise you on a suitable implant size according to your breasts anatomy for optimal natural-looking results.

After your breast lift surgery you will need to wear a garment during the day and night for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on the steps you should follow during your recovery stage, however, most doctors recommend wearing garments for a minimum of 3 weeks after a breast lift surgery.

Your surgeon can recommend special compression garments, such as lycra compression garments for people who have undergone breast surgery, or in some cases they may simply tell you to wear a comfortable sports bra.

In either case, these garments will help give your breast the support they need to properly recover and heal from the surgery. This will also protect the stitches and wounds. Make sure to wear compression garments if you must perform exercise during your healing process.

Your breasts can sag for a variety of reasons. Weight loss is a common cause attributed to sagging breasts. After a dramatic loss in weight the ligaments which support the breasts Lose their ability to properly retract. That’s because the fat element of the breasts will lose volume during your weight loss.

This will make the ligaments stretch more than they should as the skin envelope is significantly larger. The effect of weight loss in sagging breasts can also be combined with a genetic predisposition. Everything will vary according to your skin elasticity and the levels of your natural collagen. If you have larger breasts you are prone to suffering from sagging as there is more weight for your ligaments to support compared to people with flat chests.

Pregnancy can cause the same effect as your breasts are going to get larger during pregnancy.

The best solution for reshaping the breasts and creating a natural breast lift is mastopexy, sometimes combined with breast augmentation as well.


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