All on 8 implants in Albania

All on 8 is a modern implantology procedures that consist in replacing one or more missing teeth placing dental implants in the jawbone of the patient. From the name, it means a complete bridge which is connected to 8 implants. Now the procedure can avoid having implants for each missing tooth.

All on 8 in Albania dental implants


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Who is a candidate for all-on-8 implants in Tirana, Albania?

Candidates for all-on-eight treatments can be patients that have many missing teeth, they have broken ones or even are dealing with different gum diseases. Also they include patients who are eligible to have dental implants because they are suffering from diabetes, osteoporosis and other problems which threaten their health. Another category of patients that need all-on-8 is for those who have low density of bones and can not afford large numbers of dental implants.

Benefits of all-on-8 implants

  • There are 8 -14 dental implants in every row of the teeth.
  • The prompt installation of the prosthesis system is installed a few days after placing roots.
  •  It includes 3D modeling of a treatment procedure for great results
  • The process has no bone grafting.
  • The implantation is associated with tooth extraction.
  • The prostheses are fixed in cement-retained or screw-retained way on the implants.
  • Lateral implants are placed inclined
  • They appear like natural teeth
  • The patient can recover fast after the procedure
  • Avoids losing bones of edentulous jaws
  • It is a solution for all your life

8 implants teeth replacement solution

All-on-8 dental procedure – How does it work?

Of course, after you have the consultation with the dentists and decide for the best alternative for you, it is normal to wonder about the way the procedure works. You get to know more about the surgery and take the right measures before you undergo the surgery. There are three steps of dental implants procedure:

  • The consulting with the dentist

Firstly it is a must to have a consultation with  the dentist before the all-on-8 dental implant procedure. You will undergo diagnostic and X-rays scans. This leads to identifying if your jaw bone is in the right situation of affording the procedure. If it is not you probably have to deal with a dental bone graft.

  • The placement of the implants

Secondly, the dentist has to place the implants in your jawbone. It is a process that lasts 2 to 4 hours. Then the dentists will give the final touch attaching you to a provisional prosthesis.

  • The time of recovering

After the surgery the patient needs to recover. It takes approximately 3 months for a total healing of your oral health. It is important for you to know that during this period your bones and gums will try to suit the implant. This makes them change their shape. The last step consists in taking digital impressions for fabricating the prosthesis from your dentist.

Cost of all on 8 in Albania.

How much does an all-on-8 implant cost in Albania?

Generally, dental implants seem to be quite expensive. It is essential to know where to look for them. Since Albania has a cheap lifestyle, it means that the prices may be cheaper than other countries. And yes, it is true! Thanks to this Albania offers dental services with affordable prices. What is important to mention, is the fact that the low cost does not limit the quality of the services.You do not have to pay for extra charges. If your treatments are long, dental clinics in Albania offer you transportation with private cars and drivers, waiting you to the airport, driving to the clinics and also they bring you back to the airport with a new perfect smile. Dental implant’s cost depends on the conditions you are in and what kind of treatments you should have, but in general they begin from 300 euros.

All on 8 implants results Albania before and after.

Why choose all-on-8 implants in Albania?

Albania offers affordable prices

If you are struggling on finding the right clinic for your all- on -8 implants, we are going to give you some reasons why Albanian dental clinics are the proper ones for you. They welcome you with the most affordable prices. Since the living cost is low in Albania, you can book your appointment, have your treatments and stay also for your vocation at the price of one treatment in other countries. It is time to play smart. Search about all-on-all dental clinics in Tirana and take a look at those amazing prices. Also, you do not have to pay extra charges. In case if your treatments last a little, dental clinics in Albania can offer you transportation with their private cars and drivers. Most of them offer free consultations when you decide that your treatments will be in that clinic. What is more amazing about Albania are the incredible prices of the hotels, food, and transportation. In Albania you can booking,hotels with very low prices, you can eat cheap and also travel with the most competitive prices in the world.

Innovative technology

Most Albanian dentists have studied and specialized aborout, That means they have been in touch with the latest technologies. They built their clinics of course according to the medical standard with well-trained teams that are ready to give you the smile you always desired. Yearly, a large number of international patients  have chosen Albanian dental clinics, because they understood that they can have the same quality of treatments as everywhere in the world, but with incredibly low prices.

Patient smiling after all on 8 in Albania. .jpg

Dentists are bilingual

This may seem unusual, but it is not in Albania. Our dentists are not talented just in their field, but they have other personal skills that they use to be as close as they can to their international patients. They try to build good relationships with their patients in every kind of way it is possible. They may speak English, Italian, Greek, German, French and so on. In this way the possibility of finding a dentist speaking your mother tongue is very high. However, if it does not happen, there is nothing to worry about. They offer you translators in at least 8 languages, so there is no chance to have misunderstandings during your consultations. It is their priority to be in touch with the problems of their patients, as clearly as they can, in order to find the correct solutions and the best options for them.

A place for your perfect vacations

Find your best opportunities! Have a look at Albanian dental clinics prices and search about the beautiful activities that this place offers you during your stay for your treatments. Even Albania is a small place, it is unbelievable how so many places can hide into that small surface. There are so many places which seem to not be real. Albanian people have been taking care all these years to keep their nature pure. And yes, this is what they did. Our nature offers a great experience for everyone that is interested in exploring it. Beginning with the transparent blue seas, white mountains, green fields, beautiful old and modern cities and so on. You can experience one of the most unique traditions and create unforgettable moments.

Low prices all on 8 implants in Albania.

Low prices, bad quality?

This concept does not exist for dental treatments in Albania. As it was mentioned before, Albanian dental clinics are built according to medical standards. They have well-trained staff that is always ready to promise you the best dental service. The reason why the cost is that low, is the fact of the other facilities that the Albanian dental system offers. For example, avoiding the extra charges, having free transportation and so on. Sometimes people spend so much money because they do not choose smart. They believe that a low price is always a bad quality product indicator. Do not let these voices whisper in your mind, but choose to play smart.

Types of implants recommended

If you are wondering about the difference between  all-on-4 and all-on-8 implants, the only thing that makes the difference is the number of implants you receive. All-on-8 implants provide better distribution because it offers you higher stability. In case when your bone is too soft, choosing all-on-4 implants, for example, can lead to an unstable denture. This happens because all-on-8 implants are necessary to have good stability and support. If you have a poor bone, having an all-on-4 implant can create the possibility for risks. One of the implants may fail and the other three can lose the ability to support your arch. Your arch may not be able to function anymore. But if you choose to have all-on-8 dental implants, even if one implant fails, this does not risk your arch. It stays functional anyway.

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

All-on-all dental implants can last at least 20 years, but of course the implant quality depends on the manufacturer, selected protocols and price.

In general, a procedure for a full mouth dental implant requires 12 to 16 dental implants, six to eight implants in the lower jaws and six to eight implants in the upper one.

Stating that some implants can be better than others may be wrong. The difference between all on 8 and all on 6 is that the first one has better support and guarantees more stability. But it doesn’t mean that all on 6 doesn’t guarantee those too. It all depends on your mouth structure, bone, and consultant with the experts. Some people choose all on 8 instead of all on 6 because they choose to pay more for an improved stability. But the most used dental implants procedure for full mouth restoration remains all on 6. 


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