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Your lips are not those you are dreaming about? Do you feel like it makes you feel uncomfortable and has affected your self-confidence negatively? Well, Lip Lift in Albania guarantees you the desired results with the most competitive prices on the market. Let’s have a further look to understand why Albania is the most preferable place from international patients for Lift Lip procedures.

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Lip Lift in Tirana, Albania

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is an in-office surgical procedure which consists of the removal of a small strip of the skin which is placed in the area under the nose, in order to shorten the area between the nose and the top lip, called as philtrum. 

This procedure helps in increasing the amount of pink tissue that is visible making the lips look fuller and bigger. This kind of procedure is a really good option for everyone who wants to add height instead of volume to their lips.

Amazing before and after lip lift surgery in Tirana Albania

Which are the types of lip lift procedures?

There are many types of lip lift procedures and it is very important to know these types and the techniques. So you can have a clearer and an informed consultation with the surgeon about the alternative that is the best for you.

Direct lip lift

This type of lip lift procedure sometimes is also called gullwing lip lift and consists of creating a more defined lip border. It includes the removal of a thin strip of the skin which is placed just above the upper lip and then the skin is pulled upwards in order to create the illusion of a bigger and fuller pink part of the lips. This procedure usually is associated with a scar on the upper lip area after the surgery.

Subnasal bullhorn

This kind of lip lift procedure is the most common one. It consists of making an incision by the surgeon that is typically hidden along the base of the nose, placed in the area where can be less visible. The incision made from your surgeon is usually the shape of a bullhorn. The center, right and left of the lip are all pulled up toward the nose.

Central lip lift

The procedure of central lip lift is quite similar to the subnasal bullhorn lift procedure. It consists in shortening the area between the nose and the lips of the patient by making an incision at the lower nose.

Corner lip lift 

This type of the lip lift procedure is also called a grin lift. The name consists in the fact that this surgery gives the face a more smiley look. The process works by making two small incisions at both corners of the mouth and removing a small amount of skin. Sometimes, people undergo this surgery with other lip lifts to get fuller lips. This procedure is a very good solution for all people that think they have downturned lips and want to change their appearance.

Italian lip lift

This type of lip lift procedure consists of making two incisions under each nostril. It has a lot of similarities with the bullhorn and what makes it preferable is the fact that there is not a noticeable scar after the surgery.

Woman lip lift amazing before and after results

Who is a good candidate for having a lip lift procedure?

Over the years, the space between the lips and the nose tends to be bigger and this way your lips will look thinner. A lip lift can be very helpful and a great choice for older people who want to reduce this space. There are also younger people that could not achieve the lip’s appearance they wanted or they didn’t get the expected natural results by using fillers, so they choose to try lip lift for a more natural look of their lips.

Who is NOT a good candidate for a lip lift?

  • The patient smokes and he is not able to stop smoking for two to four weeks for the post surgery healing period.
  • The patient does not have a lot of space between the nose and the lips (usually approximately 1.5 cm). 

In case you suffer from diabetes, any other condition may affect the ability of the blood to clot or if you have oral herpes it would be better to discuss them with your surgeon before deciding to do the surgery.

Which are the benefits of undergoing a lip lift procedure?

  • Your lips will look fuller
  • You will have a younger appearance
  • Your smile will be more beautiful
  • The lip line will be more prominent
  • Permanent results 
  • Lifted mouth corners
  • Increases the self-confidence of the patient
  • Reduces fine lines above the lip

Best clinic for affordable lip lift surgery in Albania

Why choose Albania for Lip Lift ?

Economical prices

Albanian clinics offer you the best quality of services with the most competitive prices. First of all you do not have to pay extra charges. There are also other beneficial aspects such as the low cost of living. You can find incredibly cheap accommodation. In Albania you can travel and eat at affordable but delicious restaurants. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that in case your treatment lasts, some clinics can offer you free transportation with private drivers and cars or accommodation near their clinics.

Bilingual doctors

Since most Albanian doctors have studied and specialized abroad they had the opportunity to be in touch with many foreign languages. They can speak most of them. Your surgeon may speak Italian, Greek, French, German and so on. In case you can not communicate with him, clinics provide private translators that help in assisting more than 8 languages, in order to have a clear consultation.

They use the latest technologies

As it was mentioned, many Albanian surgeons have specialized abroad. They have been in touch with the latest technologies, so they built their clinics based on the most innovative systems. This has helped them yearly to build trust in their patients.

A perfect destination to visit

Albania is a small country, but there are a lot of things to see and do. Choosing to visit Albania will make you experience the best views in your life, the most incredible sunsets and build unforgettable moments. You can be part of a special new culture and explore the unique traditions. Albanian people are known for their generosity and hospitality. They will build you a new look and a new home in Albania.

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It is expected for your lips to swell for one to two weeks. But it is also normal if they need six to eight weeks to start to look good. It is common to feel tightness in the affected area for a two to four month period.

It depends how much skin the plastic surgeon takes from the area. If too much skin is taken, then you can not close your mouth completely.There will be a constant opening where others can see your upper teeth.

A lip lift procedure can change your smile for about two weeks until it heals completely, but after that your smile will return to a normal look.

It depends on the anatomy of the patient that undergoes the lip lift procedure, but generally many of them confirm that after the surgery they find their teeth to be more visible.

Usually, it does not require removing so much skin. Anyway it depends on each case in different patients. In general it is removed an average between 5mm to 7mm in order to reshape the lip area and to have a natural appearance.  


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