All on 6 implants in Albania

Are you a candidate for all on 6 dental implants? You want to find the best option for you, but you have not yet found the best place for your treatment? Well, all on 6 dental implants in Albania is the right choice for you and we also have the reasons why. Have a look and find out a great opportunity to have the perfect smile, to explore an amazing country and to save money.

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What is an all-on-6 implant?

All on 6 dental implant surgery is a dental process that helps in restoring the teeth of the patient when he has a significant number of teeth that are missing in the one jaw, the upper one or lower one, or in both of them at the same time. This is a dental procedure that usually does not require bone grafting. So if you have a low bone density or low bone volume in the jaw this is the right option for you. The implant helps in providing support for the false teeth. Osseointegration is a procedure where these dental implants are located into the bone of the jaw which are integrated with the bone eventually.

Which are the all on 6 dental implants benefits?

  • The procedure of the all on 6 implants is a procedure that does not require a lot of time to recover. 
  • This procedure offers you the opportunity to improve your eating and speaking. You can eat and speak correctly again.
  • You will have an attractive white smile which will remove all your insecurities with your smile appearance.
  • It does not require removable dentures.
  • all on 6 dental implants make you look younger because of your amazing smile.
  • It is a procedure that improves your oral health.
  • Your mouth will be totally restored.
  • You can maintain them and clean them easily.
  • Generally you do not have to do with bone grafting. It is very rare to be required.
  • It is a solution for a lifetime. Usually dental implants are permanent options for missing teeth.
  • You can eat normally, as they make you feel like your natural teeth, not the false ones.

Woman after doing all on 6 in Albania.

Who is a good candidate for all on 6 dental implants?

all on 6 dental implant procedure is suggested for those patients that miss their teeth in the whole arch. The procedure is also recommended for the patients that have partially missing teeth and want to restore a total arch dental implant by replacing the existing teeth. 

This dental implant process is a stable solution and alternative to traditional dentures. Firstly, the dentist has to examine the patient’s mouth and have a consultation about your medical history, in order to prevent different kinds of diseases that can affect the healing. Also, there may be some medications used that can affect the procedure of all on 6 implants.

The process of replacing the teeth of full mouth consists in the use of 6 implants which are placed in certain positions in your upper or lower arch. It is very important for them to be supported from the bone that surrounds them. In case if you had problems with your teeth losing some of them some years ago, probably you may have suffered from missing teeth tooth bone loss. There is also the case which consists in having an advanced periodontal disease which led to the destruction of the bone that is used around your natural teeth. 

Dentists are able to do a full set of dental implant treatment, where they can build the bone for implant levels with special bone grafting techniques, in case you have lost bone. Below are explained some factors that can lead a patient to be a good candidate for all on 6 dental implants procedure.

Doctor explaining dental implants in Albania.

The speaking

If you have serious problems in speaking, there is a possibility of some kind of treatments offered for you such as the replacement of the missing teeth with short span bridges or single dental implants. Usually this requires more implants, bone grafting, and prosthesis may be more expensive. This needs maybe more treatment time and may be more expensive.

Thick bridge

This case may be a serious problem for the patient. It may be a problem after the surgery where the bridge may be reduced. If this happens there is nothing else to be done to bring them the natural feeling.


Irregular chewing, clenching and bruxism. 

Very high bite force

Some patients can not control the force of biting during eating.

All on 6 Dental Implants cost in Albania

Thanks to some facilities that Albanian clinics provide, such as avoiding the extra payments etc, you can have the same treatment that is available everywhere in the world but paying less money. For example, if we compare the same treatment in Albania with that one in the USA, we can notice that the difference between the prices is very considerable.

Results of all on 4 implants.

Why chose Albania for all on 6 dental implants ?

Low cost

What is special about Albanian dental clinics? Well, first of all it should be mentioned that they offer a high quality service. Moreover, what makes it different from the other countries is the fact that they offer this service with the most competitive prices. You can have the same treatment in Albania as in other countries, but the price makes a big difference. 

In general, Albania dental clinics  offer at least half of the price that is found in other countries such as the USA or UK and so on. Another essential factor that makes Albania a preferable destination for dental services from a lot of international patients is that you do not need to pay extra charges. Dental clinics in TIrana, Albania for example provide you the facility to pay just for your treatment and only for what is related directly to it. 

It is also important that Albania provides a cheap lifestyle. You can find very cheap accommodation, even in the center of the capital, Tirana. You have very good and cheap places to eat. The transportation cost between cities in the case you decide to explore the city is quite low. What is very interesting is the fact that dental clinics offer you free transportation with private cars and drivers, when your treatment lasts long. 

Before after all on 6 implants in Albania.

As you see, it is not hard to have treatments in other countries. It may seem really expensive when it is talked about going to another country. Tickets, accommodation, food and so on, too many things, but when they are all at a low price there is nothing to worry about. Probably, in Albania you will save some extra money and have the opportunity to explore a new very interesting place.

Really great dentists

Amazing dentists? What is that special with Albanian dentists? Well, we can say we have the most talented dentists. Despite the fact they are very super skilled in their work, so familiar and polite, they have something else that makes them so special. Albanian dentists are bilingual. You may be a German patient, Italian, French, Greek, Spanish and so on, it does not matter. 

There is a big chance for your dentist to speak your language. It seems rare, right? For Albanian dentists who studied and specialized abroad it is not.  As you can see they can speak a lot of languages, probably they can speak your language too. It is surprising! They use their personal skills that are not directly related to their field to build trust and confidence between them and their patients. 

Woman smiling with her dental implants.

They create a great communication, trying to be as close to the patients as they can. You may be wondering, what if we can not find a common language that is spoken from both sides? There is nothing to worry about. Dental Clinics in Albania provide translators  that can communicate at least in 8 languages. Albanian dentists are so focused on having a clear communication, in order to find out correctly your problems and help you with the best solutions.

Innovative systems

Albanian dentists have mostly studied and specialized abroad. This means they have been in  touch with the international educational systems. They learnt about the latest technologies and built their dental clinics with them. This proves that the quality of the services is the same, despite the prices being low because of some factors such as avoiding extra charges etc.They operate with innovative systems which are built according to the medical standards.

Incredible place to visit

Indeed, Albania is a small place, but we guarantee that if you visit it once, you will be a regular tourist. This has been proven by tourists that visit Albania every year. We say it is common to be obsessed with Albania. If you decide to explore it, you do not need a lot of money, but you need a lot of energy because you have so many things to do in Albania. During your stay for your treatments, try to see your time in another perspective. 

Dental implants for old people.

Go and explore nature. Climb the green and white mountains to see the most beautiful sunsets in your life. Experience the most unbelievable views. Swim in the transparent blue seas and relax in the hot sand of the summer. Nowadays life is getting too busy. 

People can not find some time to heal themselves, but we all need brakes. We need to do some things differently. Well, Albania is different. You do not have to spend a lot of money, which is essential for vacations without stress. Do not let yourself be just a patient. Play smart! 

 Fully Specialized Dentists

Since Albanian dentists have studied and specialized abroad, it means that they have been part of the international educational system. It is not easy to become a dentist. You have to learn for many years as a student and then you have to practice with dentists that have a lot of experience in the field to be able to have your own cases and patients. They will decide when you are ready to open your own clinic or when you are independent and work on your own.

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

Of course, it is normal to not feel comfortable after having a full dental implant procedure done. Your dentist can suggest you use over-the-counter  painkillers. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to have a pain medication prescription. You may need to use antibiotics or maybe an antimicrobial mouth rinse is suggested after the surgery or for the first week. Dentists are there for you to give you the right information and advice on how to care for the all on 6 implants, such as cleaning, what kind of food to eat and so on.

  • You should brush your teeth two times per day at least
  • Use a soft-bristle toothbrush while brushing
  • You should use a brush coated with nylon, in order to clean even the places that are very hard to reach
  • The toothpaste should not be high-abrazive.

The all on 6 dental implant procedure can be done in a day. It depends on the case of the patient, but generally may last from 2 to 4 hours. The short time of the procedure is a great advantage for the patients that undergo it, to return to their work the next day. Moreover, they have a great smile now.

Since the all on 6 dental implants procedure consists in using 6 implants, it provides more strength and stability for the jawbone when compared with all-on-4 Dental implants that includes only 4 implants. Generally, all on 6 entail Implants can last more than 20 years. 

Immediately after the process is finished (after surgery), it is suggested to eat food such as yogurt, ice cream, pudding, creamy soups and other soft or liquid foods. After approximately one week you will be able to eat normally and return to your regular eating habits.


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