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Do you want to change the appearance of your face? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Facelift in Albania is the best opportunity and the most economical way to make your dreams come true. Let’s have a look at why Albania is the right place for you.

The best facelift procedure in Tirana Albania


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Facelift Surgery in Tirana, Albania

What is a Facelift?

Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is considered as a surgical procedure that helps in improving the signs of aging in the patient’s face or neck by repositioning or removing skin, fat or muscles. Which signs of aging can facelift improve?

  • Extra fat and loose skin in parts such as neck
  • Facial fat that may be lacking
  • The dropping skin in parts such as cheeks and jaw.
  • Sagging  skin on the patient’s face 
  • Crease lines in the area between nose and the mouth’s corners.

This procedure is a cosmetic restorative surgery that can not totally change the appearance or stop the process of aging. It can not also treat sun damage or irregular changes in the skin color. It is a different and unique surgery for each patient.

The best country for amazing facelift surgery

Which are the types of the facelift?

There are different types of facelift procedures which depend on which places of the face and neck it will be done. Here you have some types of the facelift procedure:

Traditional facelift

This type of facelift procedure includes making an incision in the area around the patient’s ears, hairline and the area under the chin. First of all the surgeon will separate the skin from underlying tissues . Then he will tighten the muscles and the other supporting structures of the patient’s neck and face. 

If it is needed he will also do a removement of the excess fat in the neck and jowls of the patient.  Then it is needed a re-positioning of the skin over the face of the patient in a very original way and also a removement of the excess skin. This procedure is mostly suggested for the patients that want to have an optimal improvement  of moderate to considerable facial aging. 

SMAS facelift

SMAS is a superficial musculoaponeurotic system also known as the muscular layer of the face, which targets the lower two-thirds of the face. The procedure of SMAS consists in the tightening of the muscles and to trim excess skin or fat in parts such as cheeks and lower face. This type is a variation of the traditional facelift procedure.

Deep plane facelift

In this type of procedure the surgeon lifts the muscular layer of the face, skin and fat as one unit. The procedure can address many areas of the face at the same time.


This type of facelift procedure consists in the treatment of the cheek area of the face. The surgeon will make a reposition of the fat in the cheek and will tighten the skin in that area.


These procedures consist of lifting the area of the lower face and neck. Mini-facelift is the quickest and less invasive surgery than the other types of facelift procedures.

Cutaneous facelift

The procedure of cutaneous facelift is focused in the skin of the patient, especially in the neck and the lower face.

Some patients that get a facelift procedure undergo other procedures at the same time:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Brow lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Facial implants
  • Jawline rejuvenation
  • Liquid facelift using dermal fillers 

Amazing before and after results facelift in Albania

Who is a good candidate for a facelift procedure?

A patient can be a good candidate for a facelift procedure if he:

  • Does not smoke
  • Has a good mental health
  • Has real expectations for the facelift procedure
  • Is physically healthy
  • Is not in a medical condition

Generally, the best candidates for facelift procedures are patients who have signs of facial aging but they also have some skin elasticity in their faces. Most of the patients of these kinds of surgeries are in their 40s to 60s, but sometimes there are also younger people that can be candidates for face lift procedures.

What about the facelift consultation?

You will have some discussions with the plastic surgeon before the surgery, in order for him to get the necessary information from your health condition. Here are some of the topics you will discuss with your surgeon in the consultation of the facelift procedure:

  • Your expectations after the surgery.
  • Your previous surgeries that you may have undergone before.
  • Medical conditions, medical treatments or allergies you may have.
  • The current medications you may be using, vitamins, alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc.
  • He will show you the facelift options.
  • He will evaluate your physical and mental health.
  • He will ask from you to do some examinations, measurements and also take photographs of the face and neck in order to add them in the surgical planning, always  with your permission.
  • He will suggest and recommend several facelift procedures.
  • He will discuss the type of anesthesia that will be taken by you before the surgery.
  • He will discuss the risks, potential complications and probable outcomes that can be caused from the surgery.

The best country for affordable facelift

Why choose Albania for your facelift surgery?

Affordable prices

When it comes to deciding which hands to believe in our health it gets very difficult to find the right place because there are also other factors that are related. You need a place with a high quality of treatments and of course it would be great if you choose one that offers also good prices. 

Well, Albanian clinics offer you the best service with extra low prices. This happens because of the exchange currency, since Albanian lek is less valued than euro for example. It means that if you come to Albania you can pay less. Also, what is very important to mention is the fact that you do not have to make extra payments, just for your treatments and things related to that. In Albania you can save money. 

During your stay you can find accommodation with unbelievable prices. You can eat really well and cheaply. If your treatments last some clinics offer you transportation and accommodation. If you choose Albania for your lip lift surgery you can save more money than you could save if you would choose to do it in your place or other places such as the USA, the UK and so on.

Amazing doctors

Doctors in Albania are very talented, not just in their field but also in speaking multiple languages. Since they studied abroad they were in contact with many different languages. There is a high probability for you to find a surgeon that speaks your language. They can speak Italian, Greek, German, French etc. If you can not communicate with them there is nothing to worry about. They offer translators that can assist in more than 8 languages.

Innovative technology

Since Albanian doctors have studied and specialized abroad, it means they have been in touch with the latest technologies. They built their clinics according to the medical standards. They operate with the most innovative systems in order to promise the best results. 

A great place to visit

Albania is known for its incredible nature. Thanks to its relief, everyone that chooses to be a tourist there can experience mountains, fields, hills, seas, rivers, lakes and so on. Do not choose to be just an international patient. Go and build the best memories with Albanian beautiful nature, fantastic culture and its very unique traditions.

Need something else?

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The purpose of the facelift procedure is to make your face and neck look youthful but these results can not be permanent. With the years passing, the skin of your face will begin to droop again. Facelift is worth it because the results may not be permanent but they are expected to last 10 years. 

According to some recent surveys, patients who have got a facelift surgery rate themselves as looking 12 years younger. 

  • There is not a specific age that you can do a facelift procedure
  • It is also beneficial for men 
  • The scars of the surgery are invisible
  • Manageable downtime
  • Recontouring the jaw and the neck
  • It improves your skin appearance by tightening it up
  • It can be associated also with other additional procedures
  • It addresses many signs of aging
  • The results will seem very natural
  • Your skin will look youthful for a very long time


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