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Neck Lift Albania – Platysmaplasty Surgery Tirana

You do not feel comfortable with your appearance? You think you need to change something in yourself and you understand that there is something wrong with your neck. Well, Neck Lift in Albania is the right choice for you. Albanian clinics offer you the best quality of treatments operating with the most innovative systems in order to have the best results for their patients. What makes it special is that Albania is one of the countries that offers the most competitive prices, especially for international patients.

Best affordable neck lift surgery in Tirana Albania


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Neck Lift in Tirana, Albania

What is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that consists in eliminating excess fat and sagging skin in the patient’s neck. This procedure  also helps to tighten the platysma muscle of the patient. It is also called platysmaplasty and can make your neck look more youthful and more contoured. 

Platysma muscle- What is it?

Platysma is a thin sheet of muscle which makes possible the movement in the lower face. It goes from the collarbones to the lower face. In case your platysma goes weak, it can change the appearance of your neck.

Who is a good candidate for neck lift surgery?

You are a good candidate for undergoing the neck lift procedure if:

  • You have excess fat in the neck 
  • You have horizontal bands of the skin
  • You have lost a lot of weight and now you have loose skin on the neck
  • Your neck skin looks saggy
  • You have wrinkles

Woman best before and after neck lift results in Albania

What are the benefits of a neck lift procedure?

Quick recovery time

If we compare these procedures with other cosmetic surgeries, neck lifts have a really fast recovery period and it can be healed also very quickly.

It contours your jaw

One of the most important benefits of the neck lift procedure is the ability of wrapping the skin back around the underside of the jawbone by doing away with droopy jowls.

The scars are minimal

The incision can be hidden under the jawline in a way that would be very difficult for other people to understand that you have had a surgery before.

Less wrinkles

After the neck lift surgery, the wrinkles that are created when the neck is turned get reduced, in order to reduce the overall appearance.

Less sagging

After the neck lift procedure the saggy skin is removed in order to give you a more youthful neck.

What are the risks of platysmaplasty?

The Neck Lift procedure may have complications such as:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Temporary hair loss
  • Infection
  • Affects the skin sensation
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising

Best neck lift surgery in Albania

Why choose Albania for undergoing the neck lift procedure?

Affordable prices

Albania has been one of the most preferable places from international patients to undergo neck lift procedures. In Albanian clinics you do not have to pay extra charges. You need to pay just for your treatment and the things related to that. There are also other facilities because of the exchange currency. For example, the euro is more valued than the Albanian lek. This means that when you come to Albania you have to pay less for the same kind of treatment. 

What is very important for you to know is that if your treatment lasts, there are  some clinics that can offer free accommodation. Anyway, it is quite easy to find a very cheap hotel in Albania. Sometimes some clinics offer free transportation with private drivers and cars. There is also a very low cost of living, that helps international patients not to spend too much.

If you compare the prices in Albania with those in other countries such as the USA, the UK and so on, you can find out that we offer them at half of their prices. It means that you can save more money having a neck lift procedure in Albania, rather than in your country. These are some of the factors that have made Albania a preferable place to visit. There are many international patients that choose Albanian clinics for their treatments yearly. They built trust offering the highest quality of treatments with the most competitive prices on the market.

A great place to visit

Albania is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Beginning from its nature which is spectacular thanks to its relief and ending to its very comfortable climate. You can choose to explore a forest, climb a mountain, swim in a river or a lake. There are too many things and activities you can be part of in Albania. 

If you come to Albania for your treatments, do not stop just in its clinics. Experience the most amazing views and build the most unforgettable moments in your life. Learn about a new culture and unique traditions that Albanian people have been taking care of for years.

Best clinic for neck lift plastic surgery in Albania

Innovative technology

Most Albanian surgeons have studied abroad. Some of them decided to do their specializations also in other countries. It means they have been in touch with the latest technologies. So they built their clinics according to their example. They operate with the most innovative systems, in order to offer the best results for their patients. 

By using the latest technologies they built trust between their service and patients. Especially the international ones that keep choosing them every year for their treatments. Choose Albania and we will choose to make your dreams come true.

Amazing doctors

As it was mentioned before, most doctors in Albania have studied and specialized abroad. They have been in touch with many different languages. They used to learn them and speak a lot of them. So, if you decide to have your treatments in Albania, do not be surprised if your doctor communicates with you in your mother tongue. There is a very high possibility of this happening because they speak a lot of languages such as Greek, Italian, French, German and so on. 

In case you both do not have a common language to communicate, there is nothing to worry about. It is very important for them to have a clear and understandable consultation with their patients. So, they provide translators that can assist in more than eight languages. 

Need something else?

We provide all modern hair loss & hair restoration treatments in Albania.

The results of this procedure can last for years. But that period of time depends on some factors and is different for each person. Some of these factors are shown below:

  • The skin can be damaged from the sun exposure.
  • The impact of genetics in the elasticity of the skin.
  • Smoking which can help in creating wrinkles and premature aging.

You must contact your surgeon in case you feel the below complications:

  • Fever and chills are two factors that can cause infections.
  • When you notice that the incision made is sore to touch.
  • If you experience bleeding
  • Abnormal swelling in parts such as arms or legs.
  • If you feel pain does not respond to medications given.

The facelift procedure consists in offering a  more youthful look to the upper part of the face. It sometimes includes components of the neck lift process.

On the other hand, the neck lift procedure is considered as a less invasive alternative. It includes the part below the chin and the part below the collarbone.


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