Breast Augmentation Albania – Breast Enlargement Tirana

Breast augmentation in Albania is a surgical procedure which is done in order to enlarge or reshape a woman's breasts with the aim of improving her overall bodily proportions. This surgery is done by inserting a breast implant or using a fat graft to change the size and shape of the breast.

Breast Augmentation in Albania.


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Breast Augmentation (enlargement) procedure in Tirana, Albania

Usually women who have naturally small breasts or breasts that are asymmetrical will choose to have this treatment, otherwise known as a boob job. It is also popular with women who have been through pregnancy or weight loss and that have experienced a decrease in their breast size.

For a breast augmentation surgery a doctor will use breast implants which can either be silicone or saline implants. Read on to find out everything you need to know about a breast augmentation procedure in Albania.

Breast enlargement surgery in Albania.

Why do people have breast surgery?

The appearance of a natural breast can change according to several factors. Sometimes a woman’s breasts will change due to pregnancy, fluctuations in her weight, breastfeeding or any changes in her hormonal system. Because of these reasons the breasts can sometimes become asymmetrical or they can change their normal size and shape. Even though some women feel comfortable with their changes, for some these can result in stress, worry and unhappiness. That’s why these women seek breast augmentation procedures in order to restore their body image and self-confidence.

Who is suitable for breast plastic surgery?

A suitable individual for a breast augmentation surgery must relate to the following:

  • They should be an adult and their breasts must have fully developed.
  • They must be emotionally, physically and psychologically healthy.
  • They are looking to improve the size, shape or appearance of their breasts as it causes them stress and unhappiness.
  • Their breasts have been subjected to changes as a result of pregnancy, aging, weight loss or weight gain.
  • They have set realistic goals and expectations regarding their breast plastic surgery results.

Big breasts after surgery in Albania.

The cost of Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure costs much less in Albania than it was in other countries. That’s why many people prefer to go to Albania to have their breast plastic surgery done. As a result of the country’s low tax regime and low labor costs, you can receive premium quality treatments at affordable prices. The precise cost of your breast augmentation surgery may depend on your specific case. However, you can talk to our medical staff during your free consultation and they will inform you in detail about every step of the procedure, giving you an estimated quote as well. 

What to expect during your breast surgery?

The consultation

Doing the consultation your doctor will discuss a few important elements before considering your breast surgery. They will first make measurements of your breasts and chest area while documenting the position of the nipples as well as the quality and laxity of your skin tissue.

Next, they will present you with a selection of different implant shapes such as a teardrop, round or conical implant as well as different sizes and textures so you can think about your desired outcome and what choices to make.

Afterwards your doctor will discuss your previous medical history as well as the post procedure and recovery phase, taking you through each step of the surgery and giving you any necessary tips to keep in mind. 

If your doctor decides that you’re a good candidate for this procedure and they will continue with the treatment.

Leading up to procedure

Leading up to the day of the surgery your doctor will recommend that you take the following steps:

  • You should quit smoking up to 6 weeks before your breast surgery. That’s because there is a higher risk of infection and wound breakdown for patients who regularly smoke.
  • Up to one week before the breast surgery you should stop taking any aspirin or medications that contain it.
  • 6 hours before the procedure you shouldn’t eat any foods or consume any drinks except from clear liquids such as water, black tea, etc., according to your doctor’s recommendation.

Breast implants augmentation procedure in Albania.

On the day of the procedure

On the day of the surgery your nurse will record your blood pressure and check all your vitals before taking you to the surgery room. Then your anesthetist will put you under local anesthesia and your surgeon will make the final markings on your breast area.

The whole surgery will take roughly an hour and the procedure is quite straightforward. Basically your surgeon will make an incision on your breast area and then they will insert your chosen implant. The implants are placed into a pocket either below or above your muscles. Your surgeon will have found the perfect spot according to your breasts structure, breast volume, etc.

After the anesthetic wears off you will find yourself in a recovery room where you will stay for 1 to 2 hours. After the surgeon is convinced that your initial recovery phase is complete you will be able to return home accompanied by a family member or friend.

Treatment recovery

After you return home you will have the continuous support of our medical team and nurses 24/7. Any pain that you may feel immediately after the surgery will go away in 1 to 4 days after the procedure. Usually most people feel no pain at all after 1-week. 

It is recommended that you avoid work for at least 1 week after your surgery and excessive physical activity for 6 weeks after the treatment. In addition, a post-surgical garment must be worn for 6 weeks after the procedure to guarantee optimal results and a reduced risk of your implants rotating.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

In order to achieve natural looking results you should select a proper implant size and shape for your body anatomy. Your surgeon can give his advice on what kind of implant looks best on you considering your breast structure. If you’re going for natural looking implants, breast augmentation in Albania is an ideal surgery which can enlarge your breasts up to your desired size. 

Enlarging and lifting your breasts at the same time can be possible. If you’re looking to lift or reshape your breasts through a surgical procedure you can ask your surgeon to combine a breast augmentation and breast lift surgery all in one. Keep in mind that a breast lift usually takes longer to recover than simply enlarging your breasts. However, our specialized surgeons can perform both treatments for you in order to achieve youthful-looking and voluminous breasts, guaranteeing optimal results.

Different doctors will give different advice regarding post surgery garments. However it is recommended that you wear post surgery garments in order to ensure optimal results. Typically your doctor will give you a compression garment that is meant to support the breasts while protecting the wounds and stitches. Other surgeons may recommend wearing a sports bra, however you should talk to your doctor about which option works best for you. 

Sometimes, they will recommend a lycra garment, which is basically a stretchy material that you can wear across your breasts to hold the implants in place. Generally speaking your surgeon will probably recommend that you wear these garments for 3-weeks, day and night, so that you reduce any risk of your implants rotating while you’re recovering.


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