Mommy Makeover in Albania

Mommy Makeover in Albania is the best choice for your body. If you do not feel comfortable with your body, have a further look to understand the reason why Albania is the right place for your Mommy Makeover treatment. We can say that Albanian clinics offer you the desired results with the most competitive prices on the market. Let’s discover more about this journey!

Mommy Makeover in Albania.


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Making your body beautiful again with mommy makeover procedure.

Because of pregnancy and breastfeeding a woman’s body experiences a lot of changes,for example her breasts can get bigger or the abdomen grows. This does not happen for all the women because in some cases the body can heal very well and the skin elasticity is really good. Anyways,some women choose to do it because they want to get rid of the stubborn fat that they have.  So, Mommy Makeover is a form of breast surgery and tummy tuck.

Mother body before making it beautiful.

Mommy Makeover in Albania

These last few years, the Mommy Makeover procedure has been really demanded by foreigners in Albania. So,in this way the surgeons in Albania have gained a lot of experience and they keep  creating a natural-looking mommy plastic surgery result.By doing this,the patients can feel safe and will be well looked by the albanian surgeons.

Doing the Mommy Makeover procedure in Albania takes about 3.5 to 6.5 hours and of course it is performed under general anesthesia to make it easier and safer for the patient.  After the patients get their Mommy Makeover plastic surgery in Albania, they have the opportunity to enjoy touring the city because shopping is quite competitive in Albania. This is why choosing the Mommy Makeover procedure in Albania is a very good choice.

Mommy makeover surgery procedure in Albania.

Mommy Makeover Albania Price

It is known that nowadays plastic surgery has become really fashionable and even more popular compared to how it used to be. People use this way to make themselves feel more confident and feel better physically and of course mentally.If you compare the prices in Albania with the prices that other countries  have you will notice that the Mommy Makeover procedure is so much more cheaper in Albania and very affordable for the people.

On the other hand we have other countries that the prices are very expensive,which means that people can not afford it and can not have their dream body because of the financial difficulties.Doing the Mommy Makeover plastic surgery in Albania offers you very experienced plastic surgeons,low cost for the surgery and natural-looking results for sure.

Body makeover mother Albania.

What makes Albania even more special than the other countries is that you have reasonable prices,experienced surgeons,government incentives for medical tourism and of course positive results.So,in Albania you can find all-inclusive packages for transform mini tummy tuck and transform breast enlargement cost at an really economical package price.

Mommy Makeover Results in Albania

After the Mommy Makeover procedure is done the patient needs to follow some certain rules.For example,patients have to devote themselves to a nourishing and active lifestyle.In this way your Mommy Makeover result will last for a very long time.The patients have to be very careful with the diet they choose and of course with the proportion of exercise they get.The diet a patient has do chase needs to include proteins,whole grains and fresh vegetables.After the surgery is done the patients have to be careful and to work on it if they want to avoid new fat forming.They need to have a healthy lifestyle in order to have the body they always wanted to have.

Mommy makeover recovery before after results.

Makeover Recovery in Albania

First week:The first week is always the hardest one where the patients can hardly move and they will be able only to sleep,eat and go to the bathroom.After the first week they will be able to walk more easily but still not as straight as they used to walk before the surgery.

Second week:The patients will start to feel better but still tired because they are not fully recovered.

Third week:The third week is usually the most difficult week for some patients because they feel tired but some of them may feel more energetic.They need to be very careful and they have to take care of themselves.It would really help the patients if they would have a friend or a family member to give them a hand.

Fourth week:The patient now feels better and even more energetic and the swelling has gone down.

Fifth and sixth week:The patient feels better and he can feel the changes.The swelling now is almost gone because it can take a year to entirely go and the incisions get closed.

Before and after mommy makeover.

Why choose Albania for the Mommy Makeover procedure?

Affordable prices 

If we compare Albanian clinic prices with those of the other countries such as the USA, the UK and so on, you can  find out that we offer them at half of their prices. What is very important for international patients is that you do not have to pay extra charges, but just for your treatment and things related to that, for example medication and so on.

There are also more facilities when we talk about the cost of living. You do not have to worry about your accommodation cost. You can easily find a very cheap hotel. Also you can eat very well and cheaply. The  transportation is also very economical. You can travel the country, pay for your treatments, have the best results and save more money than you can save if you do your treatment in your country.

Well-trained doctors

Albanian doctors have proven to be high-qualified. They are experts in their fields. Since some of them studied in the best universities in Albania and others specialized abroad, made them be in touch with the latest technologies. They operate with the most innovative systems that promise you effectiveness. They built their clinics according to the medical and professional standards, in order to be able to give the patient the best solution and the desired results.

An amazing place to visit

Albania is an incredible place that offers you a variety of activities. During your treatment you can choose to explore the country. Its relief made it possible for tourists to have different choices. Even if they prefer mountains, beaches, fields, rivers, hills, lakes and so on, they can find them all and experience what is more close to their preferences. You will get a chance to know more about a great culture and learn about the unique and old traditions of Albania.

Need something else?

Here are some other treatments you may be looking for:

Depending on the patients needs and wants Mommy Makeover may include:

  • Breast Reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Mastopexy
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty 

Healing time depends on the surgery the patient chooses to include.Anyways,healing time ranges one to four weeks to rest and recover.

Having the Mommy Makeover procedure is not very painful.The only part most patients may feel uncomfortable with is the tummy tuck procedure but using painkillers can relieve you from the pain.


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