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Dental Implants in Albania, Implantology Procedure

Are you planning to change your smile, to make it look better but to keep staying natural? Well, Dental Implants in Albania are ready to give you the smile you have been dreaming for so long. You will find very affordable prices and the best solutions as a tourist or not. Also, you have the opportunity to explore an amazing new place during your treatment. So, let’s have a look at what makes Albania a preferable place for international patients that come yearly for their treatments and why is the right option for every patient that wants to invest in his smile.

Elderly people smiling after dental implants in Abania.

Why Albania?

Albania offers the same quality as European countries for dental implants, uses Straumann, Hiossen and Megagen implants and guarantees maximal safety.  Besides this, the treatments in Albania can cost 70% less than in the UK, US, Italy, France, or Germany. Lots of tourists choose Albania every year for their dental implans. You can get a free quote from Medical Tourism in Albania for any dental treatment you may need. It is free to make an online consultation and will always be free!

Dental Implants in Albania.


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Dental Implants, Explained.

A dental implant is a titanium or titanium-alloy screw which is inserted inside the jawbone and serves to hold a dental crown in place. Zirconia implants are approved to be used also. Zirconia is a white ceramic material which has been popular the last five years. 

There are cases that the amount of bone a patient can have, can not support the implant. This happens for some reasons such as gum disease, aging, injury and other causes.Then he will need a bone grafting.In case the implant is going to be placed into the upper jaw, a bone which is around  the sinuses has to be built. In this way the patient has to undergo a sinus lift beforehand. Dental implants are not  recommended for children because their facial bone structure is still developing, but teens can undergo them. 

Dental Implants in Albania

Dental implants surgeries probability for success seems to be lower when it is about smokers and patients that use drugs, have uncontrolled diabetes and for them who have undergone head or neck radiation.  

Before after dental implants in Albania

Dental Implant  procedure- How does it work?

If you are going to undergo a dental implant, here are some steps that you have to follow:

Dental Examination in Albania

Dental exam 

Before beginning the process of the dental implant, the dentist has to do a total exam. 3D imaging employing  a CT scan is one of the best  things that was improved since in the earliest dental implants procedures. What really helps the dentist to have better access to the dental health of the patient, especially to monitor the condition of the bone that will support the implant is the fact that he does not need to rely only on 2D X-rays.

Removing tooth before implant.

The removement of tooth or teeth

This stage consists in removing the tooth or the teeth that have to be replaced, which generally has to be done by undergoing an oral surgeon. However, there are dentists who are specialized in implantology that help them to do the whole process from the beginning until the end.

Bone Grafting Albania for Tooth

Bone grafting

After the dentist does the first steps, which is the dental exam, he understands if you have or not the amount of bone required to support the implant. In case you do not have it, you have to undergo the bone grafting process. This process consists in taking the bone somewhere else in your body and adding it where it is needed to be, in order to support the implant. It is also the opportunity for synthetic and natural donor bone alternatives.

Inserting dental implant in mouth to replace missing teeth

Implant insertion

This process consists in drilling into the jawbone and placing the implant in its strategic position by the dentists. This is a procedure that also needs a period of time to heal. What is an implant in itself? It is nothing else but an artificial tooth root. It has to be put deep in the bone, in the same way a natural tooth is.After the process of healing, the bone starts to grow around the new implant. It will be given a removable and temporary denture, in order to cover the gap where the teeth were taken out.

Inserting abutment in dental implant.

Adding the abutment

This is a process that consists in adding the abutment ( the implant’s part that helps in holding the crown in its place), just when the bone has been growing enough to support stabilization, approximately after two or three months. The gum area is closed around its edges, which now has to be healed. It takes four to six weeks to be healed.

Dental implants in Albania tooth replacement.

Inserting the crown

This is the last step which consists in placing the crown in its place. The crown has been designed by using digital impressions of the existing teeth and jaw after the placement of the abutment or by making molds, to match the shape, size and the color of your other teeth.

Types of Dental Implants.

There are other options for patients with special issues, for example when he has a very limited amount of the bone that is used to support the implant.

Zygomatic Implants
All on 4
All on 6 
All on 8

Zygomatic implants in Albania. All on 4 dental implants Albania.

All on 8 implants in Albania.

Why choose Albania for dental Implants?

Affordable dental implants prices

It is normal, when it comes to having a treatment and paying for them, despite the fact that you want this treatment to be effective , you also would love to find it with a better price. Well, Albanian dental clinics for dental implants offer you the most competitive prices for the same treatments that can be done everywhere else in the world, guaranteeing you the best results. 

You have the right to ask yourself, “ Is it possible to have the same effectiveness but with a lower price?” Dental implants clinics in Tirana say yes. You can have successful treatments as can be in any other place with a lower price. Do you want to know why? Well, if you choose to do your treatments in dental clinics in Albania you have the opportunity to avoid extra charges that most of the places around the world have. But NOT in Albania. 

You are free to pay just for things related to your treatments. It seems quite expensive for an international patient to go to another country for dental treatments. A lot of money wasted for your tickets, accommodation etc. In case your treatment lasts for not a short time, Albanian dental clinics provide transportation with their private cars and drivers. 

Other facilities that have made Albania a preferable destination for international patients are the cheap prices for the accomodation. You can find very cheap hotels in the center of the capital in case you are having your treatments in the dental clinics in Tirana. You can eat cheap and well in the beautiful restaurants of Albania. 

Dental clinic in Albania that speaks foreign language

Albanian dentists are bilingual

When it comes to dentists, Albania is very proud of having the most unique ones. They are talented in their field and not only. If you are an international patient that has chosen Albanian dental clinics for dental implants, do not worry about the way you have to communicate with the dentist.

 Probably, if you are an Italian, Greek, German, French, Spanish etc, you are going to speak with him in your own language. Since they studied abroad, they learnt several languages. They choose to use their skills in building easier and better communication with their patients. In case you can not communicate in your language, there is nothing to worry about. 

Dental clinics in Albania have thought about that too. They offer translators which can help in the translation of over 8 languages. So, anyway, you will be able to have a clear consultation with the dentist. Is their priority to take the information of the situation of the patient, in order to have a clear idea of what they will suggest to you to reach the best results.

Well-trained staff

Albanian dentists have mostly studied and specialized abroad. The main factor is to be in touch with the latest technologies. They built their clinics according to the medical standards. Being a dentist requires a great focus and a lot of practice during many years of studies and specialization. Before being a dentist they have been practicing in other clinics and have been tested for their performance, until they have succeeded in the cases they had been faced to. 

Thanks to this, Albanian dentists have had great success and they are being chosen more and more every year, not only by national patients but also from the international ones too. It is normal to be hard for you to decide in which hands to trust your health, but Albanian dental clinics offer you the best staff ever that will give you the best solutions and the best prices ever.

Professional dental systems.

Operating with innovative systems

Since Albanian dentists have studied and specialized abroad, it means they have been in touch with the latest technologies. As it was mentioned, all dental clinics in Albania are built according to medical standards. This reason makes dentists operate with the most innovative systems, in order to offer the patients the best results. 

If you decide to have your dental treatments in Albania you will be welcomed with a high quality of your treatments and a staff that is ready to help you every time to make the situation easier for you. The low prices may be a reason for doubts but they do not affect the quality of the services offered in our clinics. They are related to the exchange currency between the countries, the low living cost and so on.

Beautiful destination in Tirana, Albania

A perfect destination to visit

Albania is a small country. It is really amazing when you think how is it possible for such a small place to have so many things. It is not just about the prices. Albania has a pure nature for which Albanian people have been so focused on keeping it untouched. You can search and see the most beautiful views from Albanian mountains. Imagine visiting and climbing it to experience the most satisfying sunsets in your life. 

You can see the green hills with sheep eating the grass on their own. You can explore the fields covered by thousands of flowers that make it seem like a painting. Choose to swim in the transparent blue seas to experience the feeling of flying in the sky.  If you want to enjoy the nightlife, frequent the unique bars that Tirana provides for everyone that needs to have some dynamic energy. The most special part is that you can do them so easily. 

Since the accommodation and transportation are cheap you can travel and stay in the places you go without having to spend a lot of money. Some tourists say that in Albania you can save money during your holidays. So, do not let yourself be just a patient that has come to do his dental treatments. Play smart and choose to be a tourist and have the most beautiful opportunity of your life. Guide yourself to positivity and we will guide you to the unforgettable. 

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

  • The procedure is safe and can be done quickly without taking months. 
  • You can brush and clean as they are your natural teeth
  • You won’t feel any pain
  • You do not need to avoid  certain kind of food
  • High quality results
  • The results are also comfortable

They give you the feeling of natural teeth. They are comfortable and their appearance seems more like natural teeth rather than permanent dentures.


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