Double Chin Liposuction Albania – Double Chin Surgery

Chin liposuction in Albania, also commonly known as double chin surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure which focuses on removing stubborn and excess fat on your chin. Chin lipo is designed to correct a double chin, any wrinkling or an undefined jawline as a result of extra skin tissues around this area.

Chin liposuction in Albania.


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What is Chin Liposuction?

During a double chin liposuction in Albania one of our surgeons will insert a cannula, which is a small surgical tube, in several places around the chin in order to break down and loosen the fat cells that will be removed from the body. The surgeon uses a specifically made, extremely fine cannula so minimal incisions are required. After a double chin liposuction the patient can enjoy their defined, smooth and thinner profile.

Why do people have double chin liposuction?

People can choose to undergo a liposuction procedure for a variety of reasons including:

  • The appearance of their double chin due to excess fat bothers them.
  • They can’t seem to get rid of the extra fat with exercise or dieting.
  • They are looking to restore their youthful appearance.
  • They wish to have a more chiseled and defined jawline.
  • They are looking for a treatment which delivers quick results.
  • Their double chin is becoming a cause for insecurities.
  • They want to improve their psychological well-being. 

Chin Liposuction before and after pictures for woman

Who is suitable for double chin liposuction?

We consider patients to be suitable for a double chin liposuction procedure if they agree with the following: 

  • They are in good physical and mental health.
  • The look of their double chin has become a cause of stress or annoyance.
  • They don’t have any excess sagging skin on the chin and neck area.
  • They have set realistic goals and expectations regarding their double chin liposuction results.
  • They are over 18 years old.

Double chin liposuction cost in Albania

Albania offers some of the most cost-effective double chin liposuction treatments in Europe and beyond. Thanks to the country’s low taxes we are able to provide elite quality cosmetic treatments at affordable prices. If you choose to undergo your double chin liposuction in Albania, our clinic provides comprehensive consultation with expert doctors and surgeons who are leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery. 

24/7 assistance is always available by our trained staff of qualified nurses. You will get ongoing support from our medical team during your whole recovery process. Your double chin liposuction procedure will include a pre-treatment medical assessment by our experienced and certified doctors and post-treatment aftercare is always provided for optimal results. 

Woman chin liposuction in Albania

Our doctors will be there to answer all your questions and address any concerns at any time. They will carefully discuss all the steps of your double chin liposuction and prepare an estimated cost for your  treatment . If you wish to get a specific quote for your double chin liposuction contact our clinic and we will answer you in more detail.

What to expect?

Before deciding to proceed with your double chin liposuction surgery you will have an initial consultation with our expert surgeons and doctors. The initial consultation can take from 30 minutes to one hour.

During this session you will discuss what you hope to achieve from your double chin liposuction procedure. Your doctor will also thoroughly inform you on the steps involved, the possible risks and how the liposuction treatment will affect you. Your surgeon will then examine your anatomy to conclude what can be done for optimal results. 

After your pre-surgery medical assessment is done your surgeon will decide whether you’re a suitable candidate for a chin liposuction. He will allow you to think about your decision on having a double chin liposuction treatment for another two weeks, which is commonly referred to as the cooling off period.

If you decide to proceed with your chin liposuction you should visit your clinic so that your surgeon can give you the instructions you should follow leading up to the procedure. 

Usually, your surgeon will recommend the following:

  • Stop smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to your surgery.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or any other medications that contain it for at least one week.
  • Stop consuming food and drinks for 6 hours prior to the surgery. You can consume small amounts of water, black coffee or tea until 2 hours before the procedure.

Chin liposuction results and recovery photo

What are the risks of chin liposuction?

Double chin liposuction is a fairly simple and straightforward cosmetic procedure. However, just like with any other surgical procedure, there are some risks involved.

Some of the most common chin liposuction side effects include:

  • Bruising and swelling on the treated area;
  • Temporary numbness which is no cause for concern;
  • Some minimal scarring;
  • Inflammation after your surgery;
  • Some fluids may come out of your cuts.

Our surgeons will discuss any other potential risks and complications during your consultation. You will be thoroughly informed on every step of the procedure before even proceeding with your treatment. 

A comprehensive pre-surgery medical assessment is always carried out in our clinic. Your doctor will carefully examine your medical history, the medications you use, the condition of your skin, any existing allergies, etc., in order to conclude whether you are a good fit for a double chin liposuction treatment. Only then will he decide to allow you to continue forward with your treatment. This is done to ensure that you have the lowest risk for complications during your treatment.

Moreover, your surgeon will give you a list of instructions and advice that you should follow leading up to the procedure, in order to optimize your healing process and properly prepare for the treatment. Everything will be thoroughly discussed during your initial consultation and our medical team will be available to answer any additional questions you may have at any time. 

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The recovery time for a double chin liposuction surgery is usually one to three days. For many patients, the procedure is fairly simple to handle and they can go back to their normal routine on the day of the surgery. However, your doctor may recommend that you take one week off work so you can properly rest. Usually, any swelling or bruising will subside in three days up to one week. 

During the procedure there is no pain involved as your doctor will perform everything under anesthesia. After the surgery is done, some patients may experience a minimal amount of pain. Some discomfort is also normal and it should subside within a few days. For some patients, numbness in the neck area can also happen. However, that is no cause for concern and your usual sensitivity should be back in 4 to 6 weeks.

A double chin liposuction is used to remove fat cells from the chin and neck area. After such a procedure, your face will look much thinner and many people will assume you’ve lost weight. The removal of excess fat tissue from your chin will guarantee a slimmer and more defined profile.

You will notice some initial results immediately after your double chin liposuction. However, the results will improve with time as your swelling subsides. You should be able to enjoy your final results in approximately three months after your healing process is completely done.


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