Otoplasty in Albania – Ear Reshaping in Albania

Otoplasty or otherwise ear surgery is a plastic surgery that makes possible to correct aesthetic or functional problems in the ear. In this way, the surgeons can reposition and reshape the ear and of course they can correct any kind of structural problems or deformities related with the injury.

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Otoplasty in Tirana, Albania

What is Otoplasty?

There are two reasons why people choose to do the otoplasty procedure. The first reason is to correct the aesthetic problems for example too large ears, deformed ears or protruding. On the other side we have the reconstructive surgery that means it is to correct structural problems that may have been present at birth or caused by injury. In case you want to do the otoplasty surgery you need to be a nonsmoker and healthy. Otoplasties is a surgery that can be performed on children as early as five of age.

Who are good candidates for Otoplasty?

In case you are planning to have the otoplasty surgery, here are the characteristics of a good candidate:

  • A five year old child that is in good health
  • People without undetected or ongoing health problems
  • Healthy children, adolescents and of course people without life-threatening conditions
  • People with a good attitude and reasonable expectations regarding the results of the procedure.

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Otoplasty Procedure

The Otoplasty procedure usually takes about two to three hours and of course it is performed under local, general, or intravenous sedation.

Usually, the incision is made behind the ear or in front, within the natural contour of the ear. By doing this it makes the incision less visible during the healing process. Because of the cartilage that it is formed it is needed to use sutures to close the incision.

Types of Otoplasty

One ear Otoplasty

The One ear Otoplasty technique should get operated only on one patient’s ear. Of course that doing the otoplasty techniques the main goal is to correct imperfections or to improve their appearance. To get this, the surgeon only has to change the shape of the pinna or outer ear. In case you are considering to do an Otoplasty procedure, Albania is the best chance you have if you want to have a ear correction.

Incisionless Otoplasty

This type of otoplasty consists of treating protruding ears. Otoplasty without incisors is almost a noninvasive surgery. It has a short recovery time if we compare it with others and less chances for complications. 

Lop-ear Otoplasty procedure

This type of otoplasty procedure is a surgical treatment which consists of treating ear deformities. It is also known as ear deformities. When the top of the ear is folded, natural details of the ear can be hidden. This makes the ear look so small. The ear pop gets more than usual.

There are some criteria that you as a patient should follow:

  • You must not use nicotine
  • Adjusting current medication
  • You should receive a test to know more about the medical evaluation

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What are the benefits of an otoplasty procedure?

You can have a natural appearance

Otoplasty procedure consists of altering the shape of abnormally large or small ears in order to create a balanced appearance to look better. This surgery also helps in reshaping the ears in a new natural shape even if the ears may appear folded. 

The results of the procedure are permanent

In general, the otoplasty procedure only lasts about 2 hours to be completed. You remove the bandages and your results are permanent. 

The ear correction is prominent

In general, people have their outer ear positioned at an angle of around 15 degrees. In cases where the angle is 25 degrees, your ear may seem to stick out from the head, making you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

The risks are minimal

The  complications or risks of undergoing an otoplasty surgery are the minimal ones. The patient that has undergone an otoplasty procedure, does not need a lot of time but just around 2 weeks.

It helps you build your self-confidence 

Having ear correction surgery can increase self confidence. Children who have undergone this surgery before seem to be more confident with their appearance, they feel more comfortable and there are less chances for them to be bullied.

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An otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia and the whole procedure can last one hour or even less depending on the complexity of the case. Your surgeon will choose the most appropriate technique based on what needs to be achieved, whether this includes reshaping, repositioning or resizing your ear.

In cases when your doctor aims to bring your ears closer to your head, he will first make an incision behind your ear to get rid of any excess cartilage which stops the ears from remaining closer to the head. He will then pin the ears back to their new position.

After the otoplasty surgery the treated area will be stitched up. Your surgeon will place a dressing around your head to provide the necessary support for your repositioned cartilage.

Every step of an ear reshaping surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. This means that the patient won’t experience any kind of pain during the whole surgery. After the procedure is done, some minimal discomfort or pain is completely normal and can easily be managed using painkillers prescribed by your surgeon. 

After two weeks any pain or discomfort should have subsided. In approximately four weeks after your otoplasty you will be completely healed and recovered. Make sure that you follow your surgeon’s advice and instructions to speed up and facilitate your healing process.

The results of your ear shaping surgery are completely permanent. However, make sure to carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions so that you can properly  recover from the procedure. For example, you should wear your head  bandage as per your doctor’s instructions so that your ears can properly heal and recover in the new position.

Your otoplasty results will be visible right after your surgery, however, keep in mind that it will take up to two weeks for any swelling or bruising to subside. Only then will you be able to enjoy the final results of your ear reshaping treatment.

Your ears will need some additional support so that they can properly heal in their new position. A head bandage can help the cartilage properly recover after the ear surgery. That’s why your doctor will most likely recommend that you wear your head bandage for at least five to seven days after your procedure. If your ear surgery doesn’t involve any adjustments to the cartilage, head bandages may not be required. Instead, tape can be used to cover the stitches.

After an otoplasty or an ear reshaping surgery the patient usually requires little time to recover. However, it is recommended that you take at least one week off work so that you can wear a head bandage. This will help support your wound properly.

Keep in mind that your ears may be swollen or bruised. This is completely normal and it will only last for a few weeks. Your doctor will probably advise you to keep wearing your head bandage for a minimum of three weeks.

You can experience some discomfort or minimal pain which can easily be handled using medication or painkillers prescribed by your surgeon. In four to six weeks you are expected to have fully recovered after your ear reshaping surgery.


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