Bone Grafting in Albania

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Bone Grafting in Albania.


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What is dental bone grafting in Tirana, Albania?

Dental bone grafting is a procedure that consists in increasing the amount of bone in a part of a jaw because of a lost bone or when it is necessary for an additional support. Dentists can take the bone in different parts of the body and to surgically fuse it to the existing bone in that part of the jaw. They use synthetic bone material, usually. You need a dental bone grafting in some other procedures such as dental implants, also in the case of a missing bone when it is affecting the health of the gum and teeth that are around.

Dental Bone implanting and bone transplant in Albania.

 Which are the types of dental bone grafts?

There are several types of dental bones:

Autografts which consist of bones part of our body. For example, from your jaw or hip.

Allografts are about when the bone used is taken from a different person.

Xenografts deal with bones taken from another species such as coral, cows or pigs.

Alloplasts consist of using synthetic material. It can be calcium phosphate or calcium sodium phosphosilicate.

When do I need a dental bone graft?

The patient needs to receive implants for missing teeth

Patients that need to undergo implants in place of missing teeth are common patients for having dental bone grafts. What are dental implants? They are artificial roots placed in the jawbone that are shaped as screws. Based on recent surveys, of almost 800 people that undergo implants, more than 50% of implants needed firstly to do bone grafting procedure.

Bone grafting procedure before implants in Albania.

The patient is faced with tooth loss or even gum disease

Sometimes, tooth loss and gum diseases create the necessity of dental bone grafting, in order to support a part of the jaw that has lost bone, even if the patient does not need an implant. The lost bone starts to affect teeth and gum around.  Adding an extra bone can stabilize the jaw and can help to avoid more bone loss or also other complications that can be created.

In case of a lost bone

Lost bones can affect the appearance of the patient. Losing a mass of bone in the jaw can make your face seem shorter than usually is used. This makes these kinds of patients need a dental bone graft. Lips and muscles can change the appearance if they do not have a strong and healthy structure under them. The probability of having bone loss is higher in adults. But also a person of any age may need a dental bone graft. They may have suffered from an injury to the jaw or may have problems created from bad dental hygiene, infections and so on.

Is a dental bone graft painful?

When it is about a dental bone grafting procedure that involves taking the bone from another body, we can easily say that it is not a complicated procedure. During the procedure you will not feel pain because you are under anesthesia. In general, after that pain is affordable with some sort of pain reliever. When it is about taking the bone material from the patient’s body, it may be a little more painful recovery, because the surgery was done in two places. Generally, the amount of bone is small. In this way the period of having pain and discomfortability should not be long.

In the middle of bone grafting procedure.

Which are the main types of dental bone graft procedure?

Block bone graft procedure

This procedure consists in taking the bone from the back of the jawbone which is placed near to wisdom teeth and it is usually used for cases when there has been a considerable amount of bone loss around the front of the jaw.

Sinus lift procedure

It is a procedure that is used in cases when  the bone is lost near the upper molars. Since the sinuses move down because of this loss, it is necessary to recreate the stability for the sinuses to return to their correct position by having a bone graft.

Socket graft procedure

This procedure consists in rebuilding the bone in the socket of the tooth.

Implant being placed in Bone Graft.

Dental bone graft cost in Albania

Dental services in Albania are offered at very affordable prices. You can do a dental bone grafting at up to 70% less than prices in European countries. 

Why should I choose bone graft surgery in Albania? 

Low prices

Have you been searching “bone graft dental in Tirana” ? Well, you are welcome with the most competitive prices. We can easily say that we offer the most affordable prices for international patients. You can book an appointment really quickly without needing to stay long just to have a consultation with the dentist. A very good news is that some clinics offer free consulting if your treatment will take place in that clinic. In dental clinics in Albania you can avoid paying extra charges. What needs to be mentioned is that we also have a low cost of living. You can book a hotel with an incredible price beginning at less than 9€. You can eat really cheap. In cases when your treatment lasts long, clinics offer you transportation with private cars and drivers. Also, you can travel inside Albania with amazing prices.

Latest technology systems used by well-trained staff

Since Albanian dentists studied and specialized abroad, they built their clinics to be competitive for their quality, not just inside the Albanian dental industry but also for the international one. It means that Albanian clinics can offer you the same services with lower prices.

Albanian dentists are bilingual

It is really rare to visit a place where you can go and speak your mother tongue. Just imagine! You are German, Italian or Greek and you are worried that your English skills are not the best and it will be very difficult to communicate with your Albanian dentist. Well, in Albania you do not have to worry about this part. Most Albanian dentists are bilingual. Your dentist probably can speak your mother tongue. If not, they include translators for more than 9 languages. In every kind of situation dental clinics in Albania are a home for you.

An amazing destination to visit

This is what Albania’s nature offers to you! During your stay for your treatments our place gives you the chance to have one of the best experiences in your life. You have a lot of alternatives. You can explore the beautiful pure nature that Albania hides and provides fanatically. You can get in touch with a new, different culture and learn about our traditions. Albanian people are known for their generosity. They will welcome you with open hearts. 

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

Dental bone grafting is a procedure that can help in increasing your eligibility for implants and other treatments with restorative funcion. It gives life to your original shape of jaw.

Bone graft is done when a patient has lost one or more adult teeth and in cases of gum diseases.

There are some symptoms that you should call your dentist:

  • When you have very bad pain.
  • When  you are having bigger swelling.
  • When you are dealing with a fever of 101° or maybe more.


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