Teeth Whitening in Albania

You have the chance to shine with a white smile now! If you think about investing in your teeth, it would be of great use if you consider teeth whitening in Albania. You can join us for a teeth whitening treatment or maybe any other dental treatment.

Teeth whitening in Albania.


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Teeth Whitening Procedure in Tirana, Albania

In case you are tired of thinking twice to smile in your daily life, because of the yellow color or different prominent marks, dental clinics in Albania work great on offering you a new chapter of your smile. According to the dental problem you can have, here you can find the dental solution you have been looking for. You are welcome to experience teeth whitening in Albania with the best dentist and methods. 

Why is Albania a preferable place for teeth whitening treatments?

What makes Albania a preferable destination for these kinds of services? One of the most important factors that plays a key role in  attracting patients, not only residents but also from different countries all over the world is the price structure comparing it with other countries.  Also, take a tour to Albanian travel websites to get to know more about what you can do and you will be satisfied with a lot of different places and activities that you can be involved in during your stay in Albania. You do not have to be just a patient, but also a visitor learning about history, culture and why not? You can join the beauty of nature.

Even though Albania is a small country, you can easily choose the kind of activities you prefer. Maybe the white mountains of the north or the transparent seas of the south. And what if you are a night-life person? Prepare some energy because you have a lot of work to do until morning

If you are wondering about the payment, trip organization and other details, just have a look below.

Comparisson before and after laser teeth whitening treatment in Albania

Why choose Albania for teeth whitening

Low cost

What is teeth whitening? It is a process of lightening the color of human teeth. It is a procedure that helps all people that are looking to improve the appearance of their smile, to make it whiter and attractive. You have all the rights to ask why you should choose Albania, while this service is offered everywhere in the world. We have some good reasons in fact.

The biggest advantage is the economical prices. You are wondering about the professional teeth whitening cost in Albania? For example, a professional teeth whitening can cost from 15000 to 20000 albanian leke. If you are interested in teeth bleaching you can find it for 5000 albanian leke. In addition to this, if the procedures required to stay for a long time, such as surgical ones, dental clinics offer transportation with private cars and drivers.

Modern Technology and new innovative development

Do you want to have white teeth? Albania clinic’s are all equipped with modern equipment. They also use innovative technologies, the best way to whiten teeth. They grant you the best teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. All dental clinics in Albania must be built according to medical and professional standards in order to be opened. These kinds of technologies need deep information in the dentistry field, that means our dentists are sophisticated and are capable of dealing with them bravely. They have a wide experience in different kinds of problems that a patient can be faced with. It takes more than 5 years to finish their studies and specialize in the dental field. These years make  them professional and specialized to take as well the most competitive cases, difficult procedures or cosmetic treatments. All this gives a good opportunity to international patients to have a perfect smile with the perfect price.

Albanian Dentists are bilingual

It is common for international patients to struggle with Albanian, but there is nothing to worry about. Commonly, dentists in Albania are bilingual. You can find dentists that speak fluent English, Italian, Greek, German, French- and so on. The relationship built is unique, because an Italian patient for example does not expect to find a friendly atmosphere where he can feel like home speaking his mother language. This is a key factor that helps Albanian dentists build trust with their patients using other skills out of their field. Anyway, when the patient can not communicate with the dentists the clinic can for sure find a translator  in order to be able to have clear information about the patient’s problem.

Woman smiling before and after teeth whitening procedure in Tirana.

How is it possible to have white teeth with that low price?

Doubts? They are justifiable. It is not common to get a professional teeth whitening with an economical price. You may be wondering: Cheap product, low quality. Well, we are here to prove you otherwise. It happens all because of the high currency exchange privilege. The patient can get the same high quality dental service that is available everywhere in the world but with lower costs, sometimes at half of their price. If we compare it with dental treatments in the Europe, the average cost is 650 Euro and sometimes can climb over 1,000 Euro, always depending on the type of product used or the charges of the dentist. In Albania those prices can be up to 70% less. 

The other factor is related to cheap living costs and  facilities. You do not have to worry to save all the salary for 5 days spent in Albania for the dental treatments. You only need to check in booking and find out that the prices of the hotels are really affordable. You can book a room in the capital of Albania near to the center beginning with 933 albanian leke that are less than 9€.

You can easily find cheap places to eat. If dental treatments in Albania are of any interest to you, you should definitely try the Albanian traditional food. It is highly recommended to experience Albanian traditions and culture. How can it be better, if you can get your dental treatments and explore a new place at a very good price?

Another significant factor is the opportunity to avoid paying for extra charges. This is also an important reason why international patients choose Albania. Not a lot of countries have it. It is a phenomenon that concerns most patients, and it is clearly acceptable from them to think they can invest that amount of money in other things, such as for fun, their homes and so on. The possibility to be faced with extra charges exists only if the patient needs other additional treatment to complete his treatment in order to be successful. Even though he does not need to be worried about other costs such as clinic charges, etc.

Woman smiling at a dental clinic in Albania.

Need something else?

If you are looking for other dental treatments, we got everything you need!

Innovative Dental Structure

You want to have the best teeth whitening? You can join the Albanian dental industry. It is modernized and widespread. They include all the latest technologies for every dental treatment such as whitening procedures, implants, veneers and so on. Teeth whitening dentists work with globally recognized whitening systems to give the patient the desired result in order to improve your oral health. What are you waiting for? You just need to book an appointment and your dreamed smile is on the way.

A holiday destination

Albania is an excellent destination to spend your holidays. Its uniqueness stays in the fact that you can visit it with your family, friends, kids etc. There are multiple choices of activities. If you prefer the sea, you can explore two kinds of them. If you want to spend time in nature you have mountains, forests and much more.The best part is that nature is still existing freely with animals everywhere. Albanian people are well known for their hospitality. The way that they welcome you will make your holiday feel like a new home. Most visitors that visited Albania once, made it a regular destination for their vocations. So many things to see and do!

Albania’s nature is by far one of the most unique ones. There are certain places that you can visit. Since Albania is a small country, you have a chance to do a tour and visit it from the north to the south easily. We can not promise to you the tour will be short, because you will stare for hours at the magical views that Albania’s nature offers. You can find dental  clinics at least in every city of Albania. But if you want to choose one in the capital, here you have some things that  you can do there.

  1. Visit the National Museum and learn about Albania’s history
  2. Stroll through Toptani Street
  3. Visit BunkArt and BunkArt 2 coveted museum
  4. See the Artificial Lake
  5. Enjoy a very beautiful view from the Mount Dajti
  6. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables at Pazari i Ri
  7. Climb the Enver Hoxha Pyramid
  8. Have fun in Ish Blloku District

Albanian’s dentists have proven that they are capable of offering the best dental services. In addition to this they surprise their patients with the most competitive prices. Book your appointment, whiten your teeth and discover an amazing destination to visit. 

We can easily say that Albania is one of the places that offers the most economical prices. For example teeth whitening in Albania is considered to be up to 70% cheaper than in other European countries. 


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