August 24, 2023

The Benefits of Using E-Max Crowns

E-Max crowns are a revolutionary advancement in the field of dentistry, offering numerous benefits that have transformed the way dental restorations are approached. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, E-Max crowns are crafted from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic, renowned for its exceptional strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. These crowns provide superior natural-looking results, blending seamlessly with existing teeth. Moreover, their biocompatibility ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. E-Max crowns boast enhanced longevity, allowing patients to enjoy their restored smile for an extended period. With these advantages, E-Max crowns have become the preferred choice for dentists and patients seeking optimal dental restoration solutions.

Affordable E-max crowns in Albania

What Is An E-Max Crown?

E-Max crowns are constructed from a single block of the ceramic substance lithium disilicate, making them more durable, attractive, and solid. There are many different crown alternatives available; typical dental bridge materials involve the following:

  • Metal crowns: One of the most common types of dental crowns are metal ones. They are formed by gold, platinum, or base metal. People prefer them because they provide durability and are a perfect fit in your mouth, providing comfort and safety.
  • Stainless steel crowns: The best choice for preventing tooth decay on permanent teeth is stainless steel crowns. They are already made and provide a solid barrier for the tooth or filling. This option offers strength and longevity to your teeth. 
  • All-resin crowns: This is considered the least expensive option of all of them. As they are the cheapest they are also the least durable. They can easily be cracked and injured over time. Depending on your budget you have to make the right choice that will provide the longest results. 
  • All-ceramic crowns: You have to be aware that all-ceramic or zirconia crowns will provide a fit in color and size if you are looking to get dental crowns. This can be a great option for people who suffer from metal allergies. 
  • Porcelain-fused metal crowns: It’s crucial to assess the benefits and drawbacks of each choice before selecting a dental crown. This option offers a pleasing cosmetic appearance because it fits your teeth perfectly which is an advantage, but the bad thing is that this material is more prone to chipping and doesn’t offer a lot of durability. The greatest option will ultimately rely on your particular dental requirements and preferences.

With the newest technologies that have emerged in the dental field, E-Max crowns are considered the best option for teeth restoration. As we mentioned before there are several options that you could choose from and their composition changes. They are made from an all-ceramic composition based on lithium disilicate glass, which is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. E-Max crowns are also made up of additional trace elements such as quartz, phosphorus oxide, and alumina. They offer a blend of strength and aesthetics and are often preferred over other traditional materials used for dental caps.

How Are E-Max Crowns Prepared?

If you are looking to replace your current teeth with dental crowns, we recommend you use E-Max ones. They provide the best natural-looking results and the same feeling as normal teeth. They are prepared either at a dental lab or at the dentist’s office, depending on the clinic you have chosen. One of the benefits is that they can be made on the same day if you are in a hurry. 

The first step of getting E-Max crowns is preparing your teeth by grafting your natural teeth structure. Then, they’ll use an intraoral camera to make a digital impression of your teeth, so there’s no need for messy impression paste. Next, the impression is sent to a computer that controls the milling process. Your dentist will select a shade that matches your natural teeth, and the milling machine will shape the lithium disilicate block to create the crown. Finally, your dentist will fit the crown onto your tooth, make any necessary adjustments, and glue it in place. You can get your new crown in just 1-2 hours, without needing to wait for a permanent crown or have multiple appointments. Plus, you won’t need to worry about impressions or wearing a temporary crown.

Tooth replacement with E-max crowns in Albania

Who Can Benefit The Most From E-Max Crowns?

E-Max crowns offer strength and improve the look of your teeth. Some people choose to get them to improve stained or fractured teeth, while others may not be pleased with the look of their teeth. E-Max crowns can be shaped in different ways to fit your facial structure. Anyone who is looking for a change can benefit from them. Further, we will explain some cases that benefit most from E-Max crowns:

  • Enamel flaws: These crowns may be helpful for patients who have minor stains or enamel flaws. The staining may be apparent beneath the crown if you have a metal post from a root canal or more severe discoloration, such as teeth discolored by tetracycline.
  • Crooked teeth: Because E-Max crowns may repair the structure and shape of crooked teeth, dentists can treat anterior teeth that are frequently crooked. While it is possible to cure the look or concealment of crooked or unbalanced teeth, orthodontic demands for otherwise healthy teeth shouldn’t often be treated with crowns.
  • After a root canal: Teeth are frequently highly brittle and delicate after the root canal procedure. E-Max enables the repair of these compromised teeth. Zirconia could be a better choice for crowns if you have a metal post from your root canal.
  • Broken teeth: E-Max crowns can be used to heal a fractured or chipped tooth that has been damaged by trauma or an accident by giving the tooth strength and stability. E-Max may assist in stopping the tooth from breaking any further.

Why Are E-Max Crowns The Better Choice?

We want you to understand that crowns are not only used for appearance but even to help with the functions of your teeth. They are a great solution if your teeth are chipped or damaged. The crown is a cap that will cover the entire surface of the tooth and restore its functions. Ask your dentist whether an E-Max dental crown is an option if they think you might need one. Examining the advantages of E-Max crowns demonstrates why they are such a common option nowadays. 

E-max crowns for tooth replacement

Advantages of E-Max Crowns

Providing Strength

One of the main purposes of a crown is to restore a normal chewing action. Crowns that have been used in the past would break or fracture from simple chewing. The durability of the material used to make a crown is very important for durability. A lithium disilicate ceramic used to make E-max crowns is resistant to breaking. In actuality, it is three times stronger than conventional ceramic crowns due to its higher flexural strength. In the end, you will be left with an attractive and long-lasting all-ceramic crown.

Matching Your Smile

Although metal crowns are strong, you can see right away that they aren’t real teeth. Although ceramic dental crowns that combine metal and ceramic materials blend in better, they still feature a metal band close to the gum that makes them visible. There is no metal band on E-Max crowns because they are completely ceramic. These crowns appear like natural enamel and have a charming transparent quality. Additionally, they may be properly colored to match your actual teeth. That implies that an E-Max crown will seem completely natural in your smile.

Conserving Natural Teeth

Even though a crown can be used to fix a tooth that has been injured, you should still try to save as much of your original tooth as you can. E-Max can be milled into thin, exact layers since it doesn’t break easily. Your dentist doesn’t have to remove a lot of your natural tooth to create a way for the E-Max crown because it may be thin. Consequently, they can preserve as much of your original tooth as possible.

Preventing Allergic Reactions

It can be awful to have dental allergies and sensitivities. Certain dental materials might cause these reactions in some people. The patient doesn’t realize they have an allergy until after the dental surgery, which is the problem. Fortunately, with E-Max, allergic reactions are not a worry. This material is considered biocompatible. According to professional testing, there shouldn’t be any danger of the substance causing negative allergic reactions.

How Strong Are E-Max Crowns, And How Long Do They Last?

E-Max crowns are known for their exceptional strength and durability, making them a popular choice in dental restorations. The strength of E-Max crowns is attributed to their composition, which is primarily made of lithium disilicate ceramic. This material exhibits high flexural strength, which refers to its ability to resist bending and breaking under pressure. It is important to know that even if they offer strong durability they can still be damaged and chipped. If trauma and excessive force are applied even your natural teeth can be damaged. However, with routine dental check-ups and good oral hygiene habits, E-Max crowns can provide patients with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing dental restoration option for an extended period. If any issues arise with E-Max crowns, it is essential to seek prompt dental attention to address the problem and potentially extend their lifespan.

E-max crown consultation with a dentist in Albania

What Is The Difference Between E-Max And Zirconia Crowns?

All-ceramic crowns are available with E-Max. They sit on top of teeth to make them look transparent but they are not porcelain crowns. Using this method, teeth are given a fully natural appearance that matches your own. Additionally, the substance is chip-resistant and adds strength so that weak teeth can resist breaking or splitting.

Despite being the most often employed material by dentists, zirconia crowns aren’t as attractive or durable as E-Max. Compared to zirconia crowns, these crowns are more pressure-resistant. In conclusion, zirconia crowns are adequate, while E-Max dental crowns are more aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. However, the cost will be a little more expensive than with zirconia crowns. Ask your dentist what is the right option for you and what will provide the most durability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are E-max crowns good?

Yes! E-max crowns are strong, appear highly natural, and need little tooth structure to be removed. E-max is frequently a fantastic option if you want dental crowns. However, make sure to talk to your dentist because E-max might not always be the best treatment for your specific tooth issue and he will recommend other treatment options. 

How long do E-max crowns last?

If you take good care of them E-Max crowns can last longer than the typical lifespan of dental crowns which is 5-15 years. You need to be careful with strong foods and wash them properly. 

Can E-max crowns stain?

No, if you maintain good care and avoid damage no stain will be left on the tooth surface. The surface of the crown may get stained if you consume certain foods or beverages regularly, such as coffee or red wine. The surface stains can be easily removed by your dentist if the crown is not damaged, though.

Can you whiten E-max crowns?

The right shade will be chosen by the dentist and whitening sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results and this means that the dental crowns cannot be whitened after they are on your mouth. 

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