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December 19, 2023

Which country is the best for plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery has become very popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for cosmetic procedures abroad to enhance their appearance. Thanks to the latest advancements in these medical fields, you can now look as attractive and youthful as you feel, no matter your age! Nevertheless, sometimes prices for these interventions may be too expensive for some people. That’s why medical tourism has become such a popular choice among foreign patients. People can now travel to different countries and combine an effective plastic procedure with a lovely vacation. State-of-the-art facilities and the expertise of renowned surgeons are no longer exclusive to only celebrities. If you’re considering getting a cosmetic procedure done abroad, read on to find out the best countries for plastic surgery.

Image illustrating a plastic surgery clinic in Albania

Why should you choose to get plastic surgery done abroad?

In recent years, many procedures such as tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelifts, butt lifts and more have become more and more popular. Most people don’t hesitate to undergo such procedures to correct aspects of their appearance that they don’t feel comfortable with. Around the world many clinics are dedicated to addressing people’s aesthetic concerns and providing top-notch medical services. Nevertheless, the affordability of these procedures varies from country to country. Competitive prices, cheap travel expenses, benefits from exchange rate differences, affordable accommodation, amazing holiday opportunities and access to high-quality medical care are a few of the factors which push people into choosing countries abroad for their plastic surgeries.

This field, also known as “medical tourism” or “cosmetic tourism” has gained popularity in recent years. Countries such as Albania, Turkey, Hungary and South Korea are just a few of the most popular destinations preferred by international patients for plastic surgery procedures abroad. At the end of the day, the decision to undergo plastic surgery is personal. We try so hard to maintain a healthy body by consuming the right foods or trying to exercise despite our busy lives and demanding routines. So, why not restore, improve or enhance our physical appearance with the help of a highly-efficient procedure? If you are thinking of undergoing such an intervention, here are some of the most popular countries for plastic surgeries that combine quality with affordability!

Image illustrating safe and affordable cosmetic surgery in Albania


Albania is considered a growing destination for plastic surgery. International patients from all parts of the globe have been traveling to this country more and more in recent years. Albania is known for its medical expertise, international education programs and the competitive and rigorous training for surgeons specializing in plastic surgery. So many plastic surgeons in Albania have additional training and certifications in the US or Europe. They’ve obtained international accreditation and experience to hone their skills and gain a broader understanding of the latest techniques and advancements in this field. They’ve returned to Albania where they can provide medical services of international quality at competitive prices that make these services accessible to all.

Unlike some other countries, Albania offers a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures that cater to different needs and conditions. From hair transplants to liposuction, you can pretty much find a specialist for any kind of intervention. Medical clinics in Albania offer a wide range of treatments, including facelifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentation procedures, rhinoplasty, as well as the latest face chemical peels. If you’re looking for a full body transformation or an amazing age-reversing treatment, you can combine multiple plastic surgery procedures in one single trip. Medical tourism in Albania offers the latest techniques and technology to ensure that foreign patients get treatments of the highest quality, at the lowest prices!

Moreover, located in one of the most strategic areas in Europe, Albania is easily accessible by plane, car or bus. Most patients choose to book flight tickets, as the prices are always much cheaper and there are direct flights available from pretty much all key cities in Europe and abroad. Ease of travel combined with affordable four and five star accommodation options make for a comfortable and stress-free trip. There is something for everyone in Albania. From historic cities, famous monuments, green landscapes and amazing beaches, this country boasts an array of tourism opportunities for people of all tastes. Restaurants offer delicious traditional and international cuisine while pubs and bars make for a thriving, lively nightlife scene for those who prefer something more energetic. 

South Korea

With over a million procedures performed every year, South Korea has become one of the most famous plastic surgery destinations in the world. Clinics and hospitals are equipped with modern facilities, while the industry itself is closely monitored by official public entities in Korea such as the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons. Korean surgeons have developed a unique approach to plastic surgery, which has made them well-known worldwide. “Korean-style plastic surgery” puts a strong emphasis on enhancing the patient’s natural features through common procedures such as blepharoplasty or double eye-lid surgery. Alternatively, many patients prefer interventions such as rhinoplasty and jawline contouring. However, this type of approach makes South Korea an option best suited to patients who are looking to make slight modifications to their appearance rather than any drastic changes. Moreover, flight tickets tend to be a bit more pricey depending on where you live, so consider all these factors before deciding which medical tourism destination to go for.

Image illustrating results of plastic surgery on the face


Most people have heard of a Brazilian butt lift before. This country became widely famous for its surgeons, specifically qualified in performing procedures such as butt lifts and breast augmentations. Social media surely played a crucial role in regards to the popularity of the BBL, however, the intervention remains an exquisite choice for patients who are looking to make a full transformation of their lower body. Moreover, the country’s beautiful tropical beaches as well as its warm climate make for an amazing medical tourism destination. Ticket prices and accommodations remain some of the cheapest in the area, so medical expenses are the only thing you have to worry about.


Thailand holds the record for the most gender confirmation surgeries performed every year. Thailand has always been a favorite location for foreign patients, offering an exotic vacation combined with high-quality plastic surgery procedures of all kinds. With decades of experience, Thailand has paved a way to medical tourism in a country that offers exceptional medical care and an unforgettable holiday experience. Bangkok, the country’s capital, has some of the most modern and well-equipped hospitals in Southeast Asia. Competitive costs make for an attractive option for people who want to spend some money on their cosmetic procedures. However, if you’re located in Europe, the traveling costs may be a bit more expensive compared to other countries such as Albania, Poland or Turkey. Nevertheless, Thailand caters to a large number of international patients each year. 


Turkey has become a popular country for plastic surgery and hair transplant procedures alike. This country has a long experience in dealing with foreign patients who look for high-quality medical care at affordable prices. People who choose to undergo their cosmetic interventions in Turkey benefit from competitive prices and a wonderful tourism atmosphere. The country has a long-standing policy of nurturing its medical tourism industry, that’s why you can find many qualified plastic surgeons working in Istanbul.

The country’s vast choice of specialists make it easy to find a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in performing the procedure you are interested in. Turkey often comes out as a top choice for many treatments. There you can find modern facilities, multidisciplinary clinics and experienced surgeons who can assure your personal needs will be met. That being said, Turkey is particularly famous for its hair transplant clinics. A lot of Turkish doctors are fully dedicated to the procedure and set very high standards in performing advanced methods of FUE and DHI transplants.


Poland’s medical care industry and healthcare system has benefited largely from effective investment and administration, giving way to an accomplished cosmetic sector that is sustained by reputable and experienced surgeons. Some of the most famous procedures are lip augmentation, face lifts and neck lifts. Poland is a country that offers amazing value for its cosmetic procedure prices. International patients who want to enhance their looks can benefit from Poland’s competitive costs, modern facilities and quiet and friendly atmosphere. Locals are known for being easy-going and welcoming, while the country itself is an amazing historic and gastronomic tourism destination. You can find many multidisciplinary clinics that offer a wide range of treatments. Moreover, flight tickets are pretty affordable.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a fabulous choice for people who want to combine plastic surgery and a luxurious vacation. Cosmetic enhancement has always been popular in the UAE, with Dubai becoming a hub of plastic surgery procedures. Patients from the Middle East and North Africa flock to Dubai, attracted by its high-end plastic surgery clinics and experienced surgeons. From facelifts to liposuction, the United Arab Emirates offer medical facilities that guarantee superb services and a glamorous atmosphere. However, prices may be higher compared to other popular medical tourism destinations. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative that will allow you to save money while receiving high-quality care, you might want to consider other countries. If you’re looking for a self-care vacation filled with luxury and glamor, the UAE may be an excellent choice for you.


One of the most popular destinations for people who are looking for affordable plastic surgery procedures is Lithuania. This country is rapidly developing its healthcare system, attracting patients from all parts of the globe to visit their medical facilities. Modern equipment, affordable prices and lovely tourism destinations have made this country a favorable option for many European patients. From facelifts and rhinoplasty to liposuctions and mommy makeovers, this destination guarantees a wide array of services performed by qualified surgeons specialized abroad.

Image illustrating plastic surgery destinations abroad

What you should consider before undergoing plastic surgery abroad

There are a few things to think about before you blindly search for the greatest location for cosmetic surgery overseas. In many nations, plastic surgery treatments are routine, and medical professionals have refined their techniques to offer their patients excellent care and stunning outcomes. Nevertheless, you should keep a few things in mind before choosing your ideal country for your plastic surgery procedure:

Consider both price and quality

It’s true that you can get a fantastic deal abroad on a plastic surgery operation that would otherwise cost a lot of money, but pricing shouldn’t be your only consideration. After all, you should budget extra for a medical specialist with years of experience rather than a recently graduated practitioner—even if you source your medical specialist elsewhere. Cost should not be the only consideration in your decision-making process, even though you should consider it carefully and take it into account.

Research your clinic before booking

Not all plastic surgery clinics are made equal. You might not get a true sense of the clinic from online images because they might be outdated. It is very advised that you make a clinic visit before actually scheduling your surgery, if at all possible. Make an early appointment to speak with the doctor (online or in-person), ask to visit the facility, and chat with the staff. To be sure the hospital or clinic is completely accredited, don’t forget to ask to check certification paperwork. This will confirm that it has undergone a thorough review and that it runs its operations with a patient safety focus.

Ensure that the surgeon is fully qualified

Make sure to ask about the surgeon’s educational background in addition to the facility’s conditions. Many highly skilled surgeons working overseas will be accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC) or the American Medical Association (AMA) if they can demonstrate that, among other countries, they had their training in the UK or the US.  You can also feel more at ease about the qualifications of the medical facility and its staff by checking whether they have accreditation from European accreditation bodies like the European Association of Plastic Surgeons and international bodies like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) or the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS).

Image illustrating medical tourism in Albania

Where to get the safest and cheapest plastic surgery in the world

Based on current research and data, Albania ranks in the top five nations in terms of the total number of effective plastic surgery procedures carried out. There will undoubtedly be many other patients receiving the exact same surgery as you because Albania is becoming a more popular destination for foreign patients seeking cosmetic procedures each year. Medical tourism in Albania has become very popular with foreign patients, and for good reason. Expert physicians, cutting-edge hospitals, hospitable staff, and fantastic tourist destinations!

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