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Butt Lift Procedure: Enhancing Buttock Shape And Addressing Sagging

Nowadays, the request for treatment to enhance the shape of the buttocks in terms of size, shape, contour, and firmness has increased a lot. This procedure is also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. The technique will be customized according to the patient’s needs and goals and our surgeons here at Medical Tourism in Albania will do their best to make it look as natural as possible.

Buttock enhancement consists of two distinct parts: enlargement and lift. Patients frequently use the word “lift” when, in reality, they are referring to volume augmentation, and the majority of patients looking for a “Brazilian Butt Lift” are considering buttock fat grafting. Depending on the circumstances, one or both of these processes can be required to reach the goals of the patient.

To achieve a perfectly round butt, buttock implants or fat transfer are two of the options you have. A procedure called fat transfer, which is becoming more and more popular, uses the patient’s own fat to give the buttocks a more natural-looking volume. 

On the other hand, Synthetic devices called “butt implants” are placed in the buttock region to significantly enhance volume. Fat transfer is by far the most popular method of buttock augmentation in the world since plants are not  FDA-approved in many states. As a result, buttock implants are quite uncommon. Our main priority is our patient’s safety so we only use the best treatments. 

A buttock lift procedure is more invasive as it involves removing the love handles. Once the excessive skin and fat are eliminated from the area the surgeon will tighten it giving it an improved body contour. For bigger volume gains in individuals who have had significant weight reduction, a buttock lift coupled with a buttock flap (moving the flank tissues into the deflated buttock) may be performed.

Butt Lift Consultation

Making an appointment with one of our skilled plastic surgeons at Medical Tourism in Albania to discuss buttock lifts is the first step towards getting the gorgeous results you want. Initially, you are going to describe your objectives for the surgery. We will then work with you to achieve those objectives and create a customized treatment plan, which may involve a lift, butt augmentation, or a mix of the two procedures. 

In addition, our surgeons will assist you in determining if you are a good candidate for the surgery, address any concerns you may have, and offer helpful information regarding any procedure you are thinking of having.

Butt Lift Candidates

Candidates undergoing buttock lifts and augmentations should be in generally excellent health and have reasonable expectations for the treatment. The only person who can decide whether or whether you are a good candidate is a plastic surgeon, like our specialists at Medical Tourism in Albania.

Among younger patients, buttock augmentation is a highly common operation. Those who have sufficient fat to be extracted for use in the augmentation procedure and who wish to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks will be considered suitable candidates for buttock augmentation. 

The most popular buttock augmentation technique, fat transfer, is extremely mild and safe, but patients should be at a stable weight before undergoing the procedure because weight increases or decreases in the future may impact the outcome. Since skin elasticity might impact the results of liposuction, which is utilized to harvest fat for transfer, candidates for buttock augmentation should also ideally have good skin elasticity.

Patients considering buttock lifts should not have loose, sagging skin in the area, as this changes the area’s overall results. In these cases, they should be informed that in order to get the best augmentation and contouring outcomes, this operation must be combined with fat transfer or excess skin extraction.

Butt Lift Procedure

A multi-step fat transfer procedure called buttock augmentation starts with mild liposuction of the fat donor regions. An additional advantage for individuals undergoing buttock augmentation is the removal of fat and contouring of the donor sites. Often used donor locations are the thighs, stomachs, or “love handles.”

The fat is carefully prepped for injection once it has been extracted. The process is finally finished when the prepared fat is injected using small cannulas, or tubes. In the future, the procedure may be repeated for increased volume and additional improvements.

The majority of buttock lift surgery involves excision, with the physician creating bigger incisions near the “love handles.” The buttocks will appear raised and more contoured after the extra skin that causes them to appear sagging and dimpled is removed and the remaining skin is pulled upward. Despite the fact that they are frequently combined to meet the demands of patients, buttock augmentation and buttock lift are two quite distinct operations.

Butt Lift Recovery

Fat transfer for buttock augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that heals pretty quickly. The most invasive part of the operation is liposuction which gathers the fat for transfer. Following the procedure, there may be some swelling and bruising, but these will usually go away in one to two weeks. 

Following the surgery, patients can go with their regular activities after some short time, and the remaining swelling will eventually go down. Although patients will see improvements right away, they should anticipate that after six months, when the injected fat has developed a blood supply, the ultimate effects will become apparent. 

Compared to buttock augmentation, buttock lift surgery requires bigger incisions and recuperation time may be somewhat longer. In the treated areas, patients may experience some buttock soreness, bruising, and swelling, but these adverse effects will eventually go away as time passes. The full results will take some time and once they heal they will look amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Choose Butt Implants Or Fat Transfer?

At Medical Tourism in Albania, our main priority is our patient’s safety. Due to this, we do not use butt implants since they are not FDA-approved. For each patient who shows up at our clinic, we will recommend a Brazilian butt lift without adding anything besides their fat. As long as they are healthy and have enough fat to transfer everything will go just fine and the results will be amazing. 

Is Butt Augmentation Permanent?

As the injected fat will create a blood supply and continue to survive once it is moved to the buttocks, fat transfer results are thought to be a permanent option for buttock enhancement. Not all of the transplanted fat will be able to survive, though. A portion of it will die within the first six months and be eliminated by the body. If other improvements are needed the surgeon will wait until you heal completely. 

Will A Buttock Lift Reduce The Volume Of My Buttocks?

Although a buttock lift does not directly address buttock volume, the operation can make the area tighter and smaller by removing extra skin and fat above the buttocks. Potential patients may choose to think about a combined operation with fat transfer to directly add volume to the buttocks if they are concerned about the look of reduced volume in the buttocks after a lift procedure. 

Does Buttock Enhancement Improve The “Love Handles” As Well?

During the buttock augmentation, the surgeon should extract fat from the donor site to put it in the butt area to make it look bigger and rounder. The most commonly used area that they decide to take the fat from is the love handles. Not only will this make the buttock area look better but it will also improve the overall contour. 

The love handles can be immediately addressed with a buttock lift, which also improves the buttocks and love handle area by removing skin and fat from the area. A gorgeous, internally curled buttock will result from either procedure, enhancing your natural contours.

Are There Exercises That Can Give Me Similar Results To Surgery?

With dedication and practice, ‘Brazilian butt lift’ workouts are said to be able to match the outcomes of surgery. Although workouts for buttock lifts can enhance the butt’s look by toning and strengthening the muscles, a “non-surgical” buttock lift does not exist. While exercise can help some people achieve satisfying results, others may need to consider surgery in order to see significant improvements. 

How Much Scarring Will Be Involved With Buttock Augmentation?

Scarring from buttock augmentation is almost entirely absent since the treatment employs current fat transfer procedures that result in very minimal scars.  

Can A Buttock Lift/Augmentation Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Firstly you should know that plastic surgery is personalized to the patient’s needs. A thigh lift or stomach tuck are two common operations that clients opt to combine with buttock enlargement. A qualified plastic surgeon will try to customize a treatment plan to meet the specific needs of each patient and offer the best results.

Will Buttock Augmentation Look Natural?

The majority of buttock augmentation operations employ the patient’s own fat, so the outcome feels and looks quite natural. In reality, the transplanted fat will live long after the treatment is completed, and it is regarded as permanent after roughly 6 months. In contrast to implants, there is no chance of moving or an odd feeling and appearance after surgery.

What Are The Risks Of Buttock Augmentation?

Because fat transfer is such a safe treatment, there are very few risks associated with buttock augmentation. But there is always some danger associated with surgery, and fat transfer is no exception. Among the potential issues are: 

  • Bruising and swelling that will not go away for a very long time.
  • Complications during and after anesthesia. 
  • Possible infection. 
  • Not enough volume.
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