May 7, 2024

Combining Cosmetic Procedures: What You Need To Know About Safety And Timing

Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery has gained a lot of popularity these last few years due to the amazing results that they provide. Sometimes people might consider having several procedures done not only one because this combination can be very beneficial. The decision to combine 2 or more procedures together should be carefully planned and patient safety should be a priority.

During the initial appointment with your plastic surgeon, you should discuss what you want to achieve and what worries you. To determine if you are suitable for the procedures you want to combine they will do a thorough check-up of your physical condition and evaluate your medical history. Also, the surgeon will describe the pros and cons of combining these procedures at once and if it is worth it to go under the knife or not. 

While having two procedures done at one time can be very beneficial and cost-effective you should always consider your safety. Some factors that you should consider are the anesthesia usage, the length of the surgery time, and the recovery process. However, don’t worry because all these aspects will be discussed with your surgeon and he will decide if it is safe or not to combine cosmetic procedures together, so you don’t risk your safety. 

Plastic Surgery Safety: Is It Safe To Combine Procedures?

The purpose of most surgical cosmetic procedures is to make alterations to different areas of the face and body. Let’s take this as an example some people might want to change the shape of their nose with rhinoplasty and combine it with drooping eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty. If you combine these procedures together you can reduce the recovery time and treat both areas all together. The effect of both these treatments will help you achieve a full rejuvenating effect. However, keep in mind that some procedures don’t go together or you may not be a suitable candidate due to several reasons. 

By choosing an experienced plastic surgeon for your surgeries you will be safer and the results will be much better. The right surgeon will never recommend or allow you to go for multiple treatments at the same time if your well-being and health are in danger. Furthermore, we will explain in detail which cosmetic procedures are mostly combined together and what their benefits are. 

Which Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Regularly Combined At Medical Tourism In Albania?

When combining operations, our surgeons at Medical Tourism in Albania give great consideration to the particular circumstances of each patient. Combining procedures that target the same or nearby body parts is usually more practical since it saves time and shortens the total surgical time. At Medical Tourism in Albania, frequently combined operations include: 

Breast Augmentation And Breast Lift

Breast augmentation and breast lift are two procedures that are usually combined together. This combination will help you achieve the desired breast size and shape and also provide a lift. This way you will have a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

What Are The Benefits Of Combining Breast Augmentation And A Breast Lift?

As we said breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are often combined together to provide better aesthetically pleasing results. The decision will be made with the help of a professional plastic surgeon and depending on the patient the surgeon will advise whether a lift will be necessary or not. 

A breast lift includes lifting drooping breasts into a more youthful posture and reshaping them, whereas breast augmentation involves implanting breasts to enhance breast size and improve breast form. Patients who combine both treatments benefit greatly from increased confidence, improved breast volume, and improved breast form. For some people, this is really good strategy to maximize the benefits of surgery. 

If you are considering any of these surgeries, you may be wondering if you should get a breast lift in addition to your breast augmentation, or vice versa. Let us examine a few of the main benefits of combining these two types of breast surgery. 

Improved Breast Volume

Increased breast volume is one of the biggest advantages of combining augmentation with a breast lift. Women’s breasts might lose volume and form as they age because of things including aging, weight loss, nursing, and pregnancy.

A breast lift repositions and reshapes the natural breast tissue, whereas breast augmentation uses the insertion of breast implants to increase breast volume. Breasts that appear more natural and are fuller and younger-looking can be achieved by combining the two treatments.

Enhanced Breast Shape

Breast augmentation on its own can increase breast size, but it doesn’t deal with problems like sagging unequal breast position, or nipples that are stretched out. In contrast, a breast lift can correct these problems by realigning the areola and nipple, tightening the breast tissue, and eliminating extra skin.

While augmentation alone is not enough to correct drooping breasts, a lift alone will not dramatically change the size of the breasts. Patients can have the best of both worlds with a combined breast augmentation and breast lift procedure: a better-shaped breast with more fullness and perkiness. 

Combining both procedures has the benefit of reducing the amount of volume that patients need to have added to their implants because the breast lift will reposition the breasts and improve their contour. Because the breasts are raised and expanded at the same time, the overall appearance of the breasts will be considerably better than with only one procedure. 

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

If you’re thinking about having a tummy tuck to address loose or extra skin and muscle in the abdomen as a consequence of a recent pregnancy or weight reduction, you could get the best results by using liposuction in your treatment.

Liposuction and tummy tucks, generally referred to as abdominoplasty, are frequently done in combination. A stomach tuck treats loose skin and muscle, while liposuction eliminates extra subcutaneous fat from various body parts. This is the primary distinction between the two operations. The two body sculpting techniques when used together can improve overall outcomes and offer a host of additional lifestyle advantages. Furthermore, we will mention some of the main benefits that the combination of tummy tuck and liposuction offers.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining These Procedures?

Achieve A More Contoured Look

The tummy tuck procedure is mostly requested by patients who have just had a baby or those who have lost a significant amount of weight and have excess skin. The tissue that connects the lateral parts of the abdominal muscles can occasionally rip or stretch significantly due to the strain that fat deposits or a baby places on the abdominal wall. After this occurs the muscles won’t go back to their place and they will not function together anymore to achieve a smooth, flat stomach no matter how much you exercise or diet. 

Because tummy tuck only aims to tighten loose skin and treat issues with the muscles after pregnancy and doesn’t treat fat deposits, liposuction will do so. The aim of liposuction is to remove stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be treated by diet and exercise. Combining these two procedures together will remove belly fat and will also get rid of excess skin, resulting in a toner and firmer-looking stomach.

Address Multiple Areas

Patients frequently mistake liposuction for tummy tuck surgery, despite the fact that these two operations are very unlike. By tightening muscles and eliminating loose skin, abdominoplasty can make the abdomen appear tighter and more toned. But, in addition to your abdominoplasty, liposuction can also be used to target hard-to-reach regions like your back, hips, and thighs, depending on the goals you have and your body type. When both procedures are used together, the results are more precise and aesthetically pleasing.

Rhinoplasty And Chin Augmentation

When rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are combined together your whole face will change. The chin will be altered with a small silicone implant while the nose will be resculpted making it look more attractive. 

About thirty percent of rhinoplasty patients have been recommended for this combination procedure by a lot of doctors. Both procedures will leave a tiny incision and they will heal very quickly, however, they make a huge difference in your whole face and you will get the look that you desire. 

What Are The Benefits Of Combining These Procedures?

As we mentioned before combining two procedures together has its own benefits. Sometimes people request these combinations because they are not sure if one surgery will offer them the look they want and another factor is that they are not sure of what can the procedures do for them. The results will be more consistent once the procedures are combined because the surgeon will have more control over the results and what they want to change. 

In this situation, combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation is more convenient for the patient. A patient will need only one operation and no longer have to endure two procedures and recuperation times. This shortens the healing process and lessens the discomfort that patients may feel.

In the end, patients can save money by having combined operations. The standard surgical prices are still needed, however, there are discounts on anesthesia, facility charges, and prescriptions that would typically be associated with both procedures. 

Facelift And Neck Lift

You may appear older and more exhausted than you actually are due to a combination of variables such as sun exposure, genetics, aging, and loosening and wrinkling of the skin on your face and neck. When this happens, a facelift and neck lift are popular combined procedures that many choose to address these problems.

Because of its combined effectiveness, the majority of plastic surgeons now highly advise having both a facelift and a neck lift done at the same time for the most complete, seamless, and youthful-looking results. Combine the two treatments, and you save money and time because you only need to go through one operation and recuperation period. Continue reading to find out whether having a neck lift and facelift combined may be the right choice to address your issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining These Procedures?

The face and neck have the same anatomy. Many people who have wrinkles or sagging in the lower face have additional obvious symptoms of aging in the neck. Your face will appear completely refreshed and your results will be more beautiful and natural-looking if you combine neck lift with facelift surgery.

Individuals who choose to get a facelift without a neck lift (or vice versa) may find that they still seem older than they would want, and imperfections in the area that was left unaltered could draw attention to those flaws and put attention to the signs of aging. If a particular area is treated without the other, the result may be an unpleasing, imbalanced appearance, such as a younger-looking face with loose skin around the neck. Some of the areas that can be treated by the combination of facelift and neck lift will help you address a lot of issues including:

  • Will treat wrinkles formed at the corners of your mouth which are called marionette lines.
  • Will treat nasolabial fold that looks like creases in your skin formed on both sides of your nose in the corners of your mouth. 
  • It will define the jawline.
  • Will reduce the appearance of sagging cheeks and jowls.
  • Will remove double chin also known as “turkey neck”.
  • Will remove any types of wrinkles on your neck.

Benefits Of Combining Different Procedures

Setting A Time Limit

One of the main advantages that we also mentioned before that combining different procedures provides is the time limit. The body will handle the process much easier and there is no need to take a lot of days off work. Also, the patient doesnt need to arrange multiple follow-up visits with a surgeon. The combination of the procedures also means that you will recover from the procedures simultaneously.  

The Less Anesthesia, The Better

When combining numerous treatments, a plastic surgeon’s primary concern is the overall amount of time the patient is under the effect of anesthesia. A skilled surgeon will be aware of which procedures may be combined and which cannot be completed in a specific period of time.

During your consultation, he will let you know if the operations you are interested in may be done together or if they need to be done separately. He will never provide more anesthesia than is necessary. The surgeon will carefully decide how much anesthesia is necessary and appropriate for your age, weight, and overall health, depending on whether your treatment needs general or localized anesthesia. 

One Recovery Process

It can be difficult to fully recover from invasive plastic surgery in terms of both physical and emotional health. Your recuperation period may be shortened if you have many operations done at the same time.

You won’t have to go through the full procedure again for your next surgery, and you may use pain medicine to control your pain and suffering even if the duration may be a little longer or more intense depending on the procedures you’ve had done. Not only is it safer, but it also fits better with your lifestyle because you won’t need to take more time off work, miss out on family time, or give up your hobbies in order to undergo the operation.

Lower Costs

Moving forward from safety concerns, finances play an important role in the decision-making when it comes to combining different surgeries together. You should understand that every surgery has its costs and usually anesthesia, the operating space is not included. When surgeries are combined these costs will be reduced because you will only need to pay for them once. It is important to fins a skilled surgeon and staff who will work closely with you and explain all the advantages that both procedures will offer for you. 

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