August 24, 2023

How to Grow Eyebrows Back? – Eyebrow Transplant Pros

If you are looking to regain the natural beauty and the fullness of your eyebrows, an eyebrow transplant is the right choice for you. Whether your eyebrows look thinner because of over-plucking, you have suffered from a hair loss condition or you just want to have full eyebrows we recommend this procedure for you. The procedure is the same as hair transplants. Modern advancements in the cosmetic field make it possible for you to achieve the desired results in no time. We will describe every important factor that relates to eyebrow transplantation, so you can make the right decision if this is the best course to follow for your case. So, let’s take the first step towards restoring your eyebrows and achieving the desired look. 

Eyebrow transplant in Albania

What is an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is the right solution for you if you want to have thicker and fuller eyebrows. Just like in a hair transplant procedure, the professional will use the hair follicles taken from your head to move them to your eyebrow area. A little piece of your scalp, often from above your ears, is used for the hair graft because it contains two to fifteen hair follicles that are necessary for hair development. These follicles are then transplanted to the eyebrows, and after going through recovery you will have a set of full-looking eyebrows. After they grow you won’t need to put on makeup anymore and you will feel more confident with your new full-looking eyebrows.

Who gets an eyebrow transplant?

People may choose to undergo an eyebrow transplant for several different reasons. If you want full-looking eyebrows, want a solution to permanent hair loss that may have affected the eyebrows or you want to remove the look of faded tattoos, this is exactly the procedure that will help you achieve that. Especially it will be helpful for individuals who may have suffered burns or from hair loss medical conditions. One of the benefits that this procedure offers is that it will give you a permanent solution and there is no more need to fill your eyebrows with makeup. Eyebrow transplantation can be done to both men and women, but women are more prone to request it. 

What happens before an eyebrow transplant procedure?

If you have done your research and you have decided to do an eyebrow transplantation, the first step is to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon or provider, to discuss your expectations and goals you are looking to achieve. The surgeon will need to examine your hair and the donor area, to make sure you are suitable for this procedure. You will need to provide him with information about your medical history, lifestyle, and if you are taking any medication. During the consultation, you will get enough information about every step of the procedure and you may ask every question that comes to your mind. If the doctor finds you suitable and you set a date for the procedure to take place, you will need to have someone by your side to drive you home and take care of you after the procedure. 

Affordable eyebrow transplant in Albania

What happens during an eyebrow transplant procedure?

In order to not feel any pain, the doctor will provide an anesthetic during the eyebrow transplant procedure. This makes sure you are asleep and comfortable. The donor’s hair will be trimmed for the doctor to have a better look at the area. The hair follicles will be taken from there and implemented onto your eyebrow area where a slit is made to make space for the grafts. The transplanted area will be stitched together after the grafts are implemented in the right place. 

What happens after an eyebrow transplant procedure?

It is very uncommon for you to be asked to spend the night at the clinic or hospital after an eyebrow transplant procedure. Usually, you will be able to return home on the same day. You will be provided with detailed information on how the recovery process will go and advice on how to properly take care of the wounded area after the procedure. Keeping bandages in place until the doctors say so, avoiding activities, and taking medication as advised are some of the crucial precautions you should take to avoid any possible infection and damage. Some stitches may need to be removed and some can dissolve on their own, depending on what the doctor has used. 

When it comes to washing the treated area you should be very careful and gentle. The doctor will set a date for a follow-up appointment, to monitor how the recovery process is going so far. He will explain to you that it is normal to see the transplanted hair falling after a few weeks, as they will make place for the new hair to start to grow. Six weeks to several months are needed for the results to be fully shown and for the new hair to start to grow normally. 

Patient who has done an eyebrow transplant in Albania

Where should you have this procedure done?

One of the most important choices you have to make is to choose the right clinic for your eyebrow transplantation. You need to do proper research before deciding where to go. You need to look carefully at the doctor’s expertise and if he is the right one to conduct this surgery. You can ask to see the doctor’s previous work, qualifications, and experience before making this commitment. You need to be careful and look for the quality not only for the cost as this can lead to serious side effects. 

Do eyebrows grow long after an eyebrow transplant?

As we mentioned before, the donor hair follicles are taken from the scalp, so this means that the hair will continue to grow at the same rate as if they would be in your head. This means that the eyebrows may need a trim from time to time, to maintain the desired look and length. However, this is not a big issue compared to the natural-looking result that you will get after the procedure. 

What are the advantages of an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplant procedure comes with several advantages. The new look and the new changes in your appearance will improve your self-confidence. Another benefit will be the time and money you will save by not needing to put makeup on your eyebrows. However, as we said before, just like normal eyebrows they will need to be trimmed as they tend to grow in the same way the scalp hair does. To make sure the procedure goes smoothly and without any complications, you need to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon. 

What are the risks or complications of an eyebrow transplant?

Just like with any other cosmetic procedure, eyebrow transplantation also comes with potential risks. Scarring, infection, bruising, and swelling are all possible side effects. Even though they are rare, you should discuss these concerns with your doctor and he will explain everything in detail. During the consultation, the doctor will talk with you about every potential risk before you make your decision. 

Eyebrow transplant in Albania results

What is the recovery time for an eyebrow transplant?

During the healing process, it is important to not pick the scabs even if they are itchy, because it will slow down the recovery. The good thing is that this kind of transplant has a short recovery time and you will be able to return to everyday life activities in no time. For some people, it can take a bit longer and if you are experiencing excessive swelling, bleeding, and puss-like fluid, you need to take it easy, rest and talk with the doctor if you are worried. The new hair growth will take around six to twelve weeks and some hair will be lost during this process. This is considered normal as it makes room for the new hair to grow. 

How long does an eyebrow transplant last?

One benefit of the hair transplant procedure is that the results will be permanent and you won’t need to fill in your eyebrows anymore. You will start to see that the shape and the fullness have improved. Before the final appearance settles in you will notice several changes during the recovery period. As we mentioned before the hair will first fall out to make room for the new hair to grow again after 10-12 weeks. This procedure provides permanent results and lasts as long as the previous factors that caused this problem don’t start to show up again. 

Do you still need to shape your brows after getting an eyebrow transplant?

As said before, even transplanted eyebrows need a trim once or twice per week even more than normal ones do. You should leave this to a professional as they can do a better job than you can do by yourself. They can be more careful and shape the eyebrows better, leaving you with natural-looking eyebrows. Other treatments like waxing and microblading are possible later in the future if you are looking to enhance the look furthermore. Estheticians and doctors recommend you use eyebrow gels or other similar products to keep them in the desired position. 

Eyebrow transplant maintenance

Key takeaways

If you are considering going through with an eyebrow transplantation procedure, you must do the proper research and discuss with your doctor everything that may be concerning you. Benefits and risks are both needed to be taken into consideration, just like with any other surgery. You will need to take a close look and consider carefully any possible options that can be implied in your case. Guidance from a professional is crucial as he will professionally explain everything. You will need to find a specialist who is trustworthy and will make sure you get the best outcomes. He will give you the best advice and recommendations on how to take care of yourself at home and you need to follow them carefully. 


What’s the difference between an eyebrow transplant and microblading?

Several procedures may help you achieve the desired eyebrow look. Microblading is one of the most popular ones. Both of these procedures are capable of providing you with full and natural-looking eyebrows. However, their techniques are different, while eyebrow transplant involves incisions and hair follicles being implemented, microblading is a temporary cosmetic tattoo that can fade over the years. 

When can I go back to my normal activities after an eyebrow transplant?

The recovery process is different for everyone, however, you may need to consult with your surgeon when it’s the best time to return to everyday life activities. Playing sports and other similar activities should be avoided for at least 6 weeks after the procedure to avoid any damage. 

How successful are eyebrow transplants? 

The success rate of FUT/FUE hair transplant has shown to be 95% so this makes the eyebrow transplantation method very safe. If you follow the surgeon’s instructions and stick to their recommendations, you will have nothing to worry about. 

Do eyebrow transplants keep growing?

The transplanted hair will keep on growing just like it would continue growing if they were still on the scalp. That is the reason why they would need more care and trimming to maintain the desired shape. 

How long do eyebrow transplants last? 

Because the FUE method is used during the eyebrow transplantation procedure, this will ensure permanent results that last a lifetime. Between four to six months the growth will start to show and for about 10 months the results will be fully visible. 

What are the advantages of eyebrow transplants?

You may express yourself more clearly by having eyebrows that are more defined and have the proper shape and angle. You may improve your appearance by getting natural-looking eyebrows with the aid of an eyebrow hair transplant and regain your self-confidence. 

Is an eyebrow transplant painful?

Eyebrow transplant is not considered a painful procedure as it will be conducted under general anesthesia, making you unable to feel anything. During the recovery period, you may feel some level of discomfort, pain, and swelling but they will ease quickly. If you feel like the pain is unbearable you may take over-the-counter pain killer medications to relieve the discomfort. 

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