October 3, 2023

Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline: What to Expect 

The hair transplant procedure has been requested a lot over the last few years due to celebrities openly sharing their experiences with their audiences and fans. After seeing what this procedure has done for them, a lot of interest has sparked. If you have been suffering from hair loss, the hair transplant procedure would be the right step for you. We are here to guide you through the hair transplant recovery process, which is just as important as the process itself. 

Image illustrating hair transplant aftercare.

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Even though a hair transplant is very simple and often takes place in a single day, the aftercare and recovery period are essential components of the treatment and must be addressed as such.

Numerous things need to be taken into account, from potential side effects to dos and don’ts throughout the recuperation phase. The whole aftercare and recovery process will be covered in this book, along with any potential side effects and questions you might have about things like going back to work or washing your freshly transplanted hair.

The post-treatment for a hair transplant is always customized for the patient, just as with all of the treatments offered by Medical Tourism In Albania. We want to answer all of your questions before the treatment, but if you need any further guidance or information, feel free to ask during the initial appointment.

Image illustrating a hair transplant consultation in Albania.

The Consultation

Before the operation even starts, the aftercare procedure begins. We will invite you in for an initial consultation after we have established a point of contact. One of our skilled surgeons will walk you through the surgery and evaluate your hair throughout the appointment to create a completely customized hair transplant plan.

We want to help you better understand what a hair transplant includes and the aftercare and recovery advice required for a successful patient journey during our hair transplant consultation service.

After the consultation and agreement on a plan, a day and time for your hair transplant operation will be scheduled. The recuperation period must be taken into account, and the patient must make sure their job schedule won’t be impacted by the procedure or the postoperative care.

What Happens After Hair Transplant Surgery?

A patient will be able to see the contour of their new hairline right away following surgery since the follicles will be apparent. We will get the patient ready for their hair transplant aftercare and recovery process once the procedure is complete and they are pleased with the results. We provide an unmatched service that guarantees the patient gets the greatest support, direction, and safety. This includes:

  • To protect the tiny wounds from dangerous germs and debris, bandage the extraction site. Additionally, we advise leaving the bandage on at least until the next morning. 
  • For the first days, you should wear a cap that will protect the treated area from the sun rays and the rain.
  • You will be provided with a recommendation of the needed medicine and creams that you may need to use after the transplant. 
  • Detailed guidelines for maintaining your new hair
  • Access to our surgeons during your recuperation with any queries.
  • Follow-up appointments as needed
  • Review and follow-up after a year

A patient may go home and begin the healing process after we have given them all the appropriate aftercare instructions. We check all of our patients to see how their hair growth journey is progressing, and we actively encourage them to give us before and after photos of their recovery so we can assess it. 

Image illustrating a FUE hair transplant procedure in Albania.

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery

The FUE hair transplant surgical technique used determines how long the recuperation will take. The initial recovery period of a hair transplant procedure is between 10-14 days and you won’t experience any pain. The new technologies that have developed in this field make the procedure less invasive so the recovery process will go smoother.

We exclusively provide efficient non-surgical procedures and hair transplants at Medical Tourism in Albania. To learn more about our selection of effective hair loss treatments, schedule a free consultation right away.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Hair Transplant Surgery?

The results of the hair transplant procedure will be visible straight after the operation, but the look of it won’t be what you expect. The area will look raw and have scabbing and some swelling may be present but you will start to see improvements soon. 

Before returning to their normal daily activities, doctors advise their patients to rest as much as they need, after a hair transplant procedure. The new technologies that have emerged in this field, make it possible for patients to recover in a short amount of time. Whilst you can return to work straight after the procedure, we recommend taking 4-5 days off to recover effectively and reduce the impact that several factors can have on your hair.

Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

The first two weeks after your hair transplant procedure can be crucial as the hair grafts are not completely secured so you have to be extra careful. The results can be impacted by any trauma or damage done to the head during the recovery period. The first two weeks of recovery are crucial and we recommend you avoid exercising to reduce the risk of sweat and dirt infecting the exposed area.

The doctor will remove the bandages in 1 to 5 days from the recipient area, but you should avoid touching the grafts and wear a cap to protect it. The forehead and the area around the eyes may get swollen, but this will go down on its own. The healing journey will be easier if you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. 

Patients will be advised to wash their hair very lightly starting on day 5. The aftercare package will come with a thorough set of instructions. The grafts would have adjusted to the transplanted location by this point but you should still be careful since scabs can be present, so avoid scratching or irritating your scalp. The transplanted hair is likely to fall out within two weeks. But don’t worry, it will begin to grow back and this will give the patient a fuller appearance. 

Finally, the complete results should be seen after 12 to 18 months. The final results will finally be visible, allowing you to confidently show off your new hair and take advantage of the many benefits of having a full head of hair again. However, make sure you stick to the required instructions set out by our skilled surgeons, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns concerning the recovery period.

Image illustrating hair transplant results.

How Long Do Hair Transplant Results Last?

The fact that the outcomes of hair transplant surgery will be permanent is a major benefit. In the first two to three weeks following surgery, you may notice some hair loss. This is normal, and your hair will regrow thicker and healthier in the next three to fifteen months. Since the hair on the back of the head is less likely to fall out, they are used as the donor area. You should be aware that while the transplanted hair will not fall out like regular hair, the hair around the transplant may continue to do so.

At Medical Tourism in Albania, we also offer some patients a range of alternative non-surgical hair loss treatments that can help prevent hair loss and sometimes, we recommend you continue to use these treatments after the hair transplant to slow down the hair loss process of the surrounding areas. Sometimes a second hair transplant can be required due to factors like:

  • Reduction in their hair shaft diameter
  • Continued hair loss outside of the original hair transplant site location
  • Genetic factors
  • Environmental factors

Hair Transplant Side Effects

If you are suffering from hair loss, a hair transplant is an effective long-term solution for your case. Due to research and development in this field, these techniques have become safer and less invasive. However, this is still a surgical procedure that involves incisions and anesthesia, so some side effects should be taken into account. Swelling, bleeding, itching, possible infections, short-term hair loss in the operated areas, and scraping are the most common ones. 

Things To Take Into Consideration

Hair transplant procedures have a high satisfaction rate and are considered safe, however as we mentioned before, just like with any other procedure, there are several things to take into consideration, before choosing to go through with a hair transplant. There are several instructions to follow and some activities to be avoided for a certain period during the recovery period.

You should be careful after a hair transplant procedure because, for the first week, the area will be sensitive and damage can be caused easily.  Some precautions you should consider are avoiding sleeping in your stomach and applying pressure to the treated area. You should try and keep your head elevated with a soft pillow underneath. Physical activity is not recommended for at least two weeks to a month and you should try to avoid exposing the treated area to sun rays. The doctor will recommend you not wash your head for at least 5 days and avoid using shampoos that contain harsh chemicals.  Also, keep in mind that alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided for at least seven days before surgery and after surgery, to not cause any complications.

Even though there are several things to consider during the aftercare and recovery process of a hair transplant, the process is relatively easy and painless if you follow your doctor’s instructions thoroughly. If you have any questions about the recovery process, feel free to ask our surgeons about anything and they will gladly help you.

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