April 26, 2023

Why Should You Choose an Arm Lift Surgery in Albania for Sagging Skin?

Brachioplasty otherwise known as arm lifting surgery in Albania involves cosmetic surgery that can improve your overall, but mainly your upper arm appearance. It revolves around tightening the sagging skin and the supportive tissue. Moreover, surgeons also perform the removal of pockets of fat. This will aid in making your arms appear more sculpted in a way that diet and exercise alone cannot. 

In this article, we will go into more detail about what brachioplasty is and why it is the ultimate solution to sagging skin, not only in Albania but worldwide.

Image illustrating arm lift surgery in Albania.

What does the term “Brachioplasty” refer to?

As aforementioned, brachioplasty is known in simpler terms as arm lifting surgery, and it is part of cosmetic surgery. It helps on improving the tone and definition in the upper arms by:

  • Minimizing fat deposits.
  • Eliminating surplus skin.
  • Tightening supportive tissues.
  • Achieving a smoother appearance of the remaining skin.

Who is considered a suitable candidate for this surgical procedure in Albania?

You have automatically named a suitable candidate for arm lifting surgery if your upper arms are drooping or sagging. This region might take on a wing-shaped appearance with a flap of the skin hanging down whenever the arms are raised.

Such might happen because of:

  • Skin elasticity changes occur with age.
  • Significant weight loss, whether through bariatric surgery or without, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Genetic predisposition that leads to skin sagging.
  • Lymphedema, a condition characterized by swelling and fluid retention in the lymphatic system.
Image illustrating the before and after results of an arm lift surgery in Albania.

Improving your aesthetic appearance

Your upper arms might have a drooping and sagging appearance due to many factors such as fluctuations in weight, growing older, or even genetics.

Yes, physical activity might strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone of the upper arm. However, it cannot in any way address excess skin that has lost its underlying weakened tissues, elasticity, or localized fat deposits.

An arm lift surgery in Albania may be the right solution for you if the underside of your upper arms is sagging or appears loose because of excess skin.

An arm lift:

  • Minimizes surplus skin and fat from the underarm to the elbow.
  • Refines the shape of the arm, resulting in smoother skin and improved contours.
  • Enhances the appearance of the arm by creating a more toned and proportionate look.

Could brachioplasty in Albania be a suitable option for my individual needs?

Brachioplasty might be a viable option for your individual needs if you:

  • Experience loose skin in your upper arms.
  • Are willing to accept the presence of a visible arm lift scar, which usually extends along the length of the upper arm and may not be aesthetically appealing.
  • Have a stable weight and do not anticipate significant weight fluctuations in the long term.
  • Do not have medical conditions that increase the risks of surgical complications, such as anemia.
  • Are a non-smoker.
Image illustrating a plastic surgeon in Albania preparing a patient for an arm lift

What additional information should be taken into consideration?

As above-named, an arm lift surgery in Albania is the best alternative for tightening loose and sagging skin. If your wish is to achieve a more toned appearance, you might want the health provider to perform liposuction on your arms. Liposuction is capable of removing deposits of fat that are not responsive to diet and exercise. It is worth noting that liposuction can be performed during brachioplasty.

It is also worth mentioning that if you think brachioplasty is going to stop your upper arms from sagging in case you gain or lose a lot of weight, it won’t happen. That is why it is of utmost importance to keep a healthy weight before and following the procedure.

If brachioplasty surgery is the solution for you, here’s what to expect:

  1. Prior to the surgery, you may receive medication to keep you comfortable, such as general anesthesia to induce sleep and numbness or local anesthesia to numb the surgical area and help you relax.
  2. The surgeon makes an incision on the inner or posterior part of your arm, with the size of the incision depending on the extent of the procedure.
  3. Excess skin is removed by cutting it away, and excess fat may also be addressed using liposuction.
  4. Supportive tissue is tightened using sutures (stitches).
  5. Once the procedure is completed, the incision is closed with sutures, and your arm is covered with sterile gauze bandages to minimize the risk of infection.

What advantages can one expect from undergoing a brachioplasty procedure in Albania?

From undergoing a brachioplasty procedure one can expect many things, such as a trimmer look in the upper arms or even a boost in confidence. Moreover, you are going to feel more comfortable in sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, and form-fitting tops. 

Image illustrating a patient considering medical tourism in Albania for their arm lift.

What are the risks of brachioplasty surgery in Albania?

Arm lift risks include:

  • Abnormal or exaggerated scarring.
  • Unusual or excessive bleeding.
  • Accumulation of fluid (seroma) in the surgical area.
  • Damage to nerves, blood vessels, or muscles.
  • Numbness or loss of sensation.
  • Risk of surgical site infection.
  • Wound separation or opening (dehiscence)

What can be expected during the recovery period?

Following your procedure, there are used bandages or sterile gauze to protect the incision from getting infected while it heals. It is advisable to wear a snug-fitting sleeve or compression garment to reduce the swelling. Furthermore, there might be tiny tubes under your skin to help with draining excess fluid.

Arm lift recovery also includes:

  • Adjusting the bandages and elevating pillows as needed.
  • Ensuring ample rest and consuming a nourishing diet to support the healing process.
  • Refraining from vigorous physical activity and lifting heavy objects during the recovery period.
  • Wearing a compression garment for a few weeks.

What is the expected timeline for noticing the outcomes?

Immediately after the surgery, there will be noticeable changes in the shape and tone of the upper arms. Longer-term changes include:

  • Swelling and bruising may diminish within a few weeks.
  • Scars may fade to some extent, but complete disappearance is unlikely.
  • There may be some recurring looseness.
  • Sagging can be a natural occurrence as one continues to age.
Image illustrating a patient who has chosen an affordable arm lift surgery in Albania.

Different variations or types of surgical procedures in Albania

Plastic surgery in Albania provides patients with a customized treatment. There are two primary approaches to customizing an arm lift surgery to suit individual needs, which are determined by the size and shape of the incision used to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue. The specific type of procedure chosen may vary depending on factors such as body type and the desired outcomes individuals wish to achieve.

The Mini Arm Lift

The Mini Arm Lift, also known as “Partial” or “Minimal Incision Arm Lift,” is a procedure that utilizes a shorter incision made in the armpit and involves minimal removal of excess skin and fat from the arms. The goal of this procedure is to create a more toned appearance for the arms.

This technique is generally suitable for patients who have developed some excess skin due to aging or after moderate weight loss achieved through diet and exercise.

Upper Arm Lift

The Upper Arm Lift, also referred to as “Traditional Brachioplasty,” is a standard procedure that entails an incision made from the armpit extending to the elbow. It is typically recommended for patients who have significant amounts of excess skin and fat due to rapid weight loss or decreased skin elasticity as a result of aging.

This procedure can result in a remarkable transformation of the arm’s shape and is commonly performed on patients who have undergone bariatric surgery and experienced sagging skin due to rapid weight loss.

Image illustrating the results of an arm lift surgery in Albania

What is the typical duration or length of time required for an arm lift procedure?

The typical duration (length of time) required for an arm lift procedure takes from two to four hours, fluctuating depending on the extent of the surgery. If combined with another procedure, it might take longer.

Is the arm lift procedure in Albania exclusively intended for females?

No, even though 98% of the patients are females, the procedure is not exclusively intended for females only, it can also be performed on men. Statistics show, however, that arm lifting surgery is immensely popular among older women, more specifically in women aged 55+.

Is the arm lift procedure in Albania associated with significant discomfort?

Given that the whole procedure is performed under anesthesia, it is not associated with significant discomfort or pain. Though some might feel postoperative pain, the average patients oftentimes only face minimal pain following the procedure which is easily manageable and overcome by using prescribed pain medication or over-the-counter medication, with the purpose of reducing any possible discomfort. Customarily, patients are required to take pain relievers between five to seven days.

Is it common to have visible scars as a result of undergoing an arm lift procedure?

All surgical procedures, including arm lifts, result in some degree of scarring, as it is not possible to perform a complete arm lift without leaving a scar. However, if you choose Medical Tourism in Albania, you will see that our surgeons prioritize minimizing the appearance of scars by placing incisions in discrete locations that can be hidden by clothing.

For instance, in the case of a mini arm lift, the scar can usually be covered when the arm is held against the body. On the other hand, covering the scar from an upper arm lift may be more challenging, as the incision may extend from the elbow towards the body, depending on the amount of skin to be removed.

Nevertheless, modern cosmetic techniques utilize state-of-the-art sutures to minimize scarring as much as possible. Patients who feel uncomfortable about the scars can also use makeup to cover them up temporarily.

Initially, the scars may appear red, but they tend to fade over time, usually disappearing almost completely after 6 months following the surgery. However, it may take between 1-2 years for the scars to fully mature. Once the incisions are fully healed, silicone-based products combined with compression therapy are recommended.

It’s important to note that while there may be a healing period for scarring, many patients find that the benefits of an arm lift far outweigh the appearance of scars left behind by the procedure.

Image illustrating plastic surgery in Albania for an arm lift.

What is the typical duration of the recovery period?

In line with numerous patients, the arm lifting recovery period is less uncomfortable than expected. The reason is that the muscles of the upper arm are not disturbed at all, the only ones being touched are the fat and the skin. In view of this, arm lift surgery is considered less painful than any other procedure that affects the muscles.

Among the most common signs are swelling and bruising but they can be reduced using prescribed pain relievers and the placement of compression garments to minimize any possible discomfort or pain. Another thing quite important is to walk keeping the hands at the side straight after the surgery for effective blood circulation. Moreover, the arms should not be moved above the shoulders for a couple of days.

Is it typically necessary to stay in the hospital overnight or for a longer period? 

Seeing as the arm lift surgery is ordinarily an outpatient procedure, there is no necessity to stay in the hospital overnight, let alone for a longer time. But, it is recommended for someone to stay close to you for at least a night or two.

Thus, we will ensure that someone is nearby to pick you up, or in other cases, we will send you home or to your hotel with a driver.

What is the typical timeframe for returning to work?

The timeframe for returning to work depends entirely on the type of job you do- in most cases, it is recommended to stay off work for seven to ten days. Nevertheless, if the job requires hard work, it is suggested to put it off for fourteen to eighteen days.

When is it generally safe to resume exercise?

It is generally advisable to resume exercise and physical activities within four to five weeks following the procedure.

Is it safe to operate a motor vehicle or drive after undergoing an arm lift procedure?

Operating a motor vehicle or driving should be avoided for seven to ten days after undergoing an arm lift procedure. That is because these days the arm is unable to turn over the steering wheel without feeling any discomfort or pain.

When can one typically expect to have the stitches or sutures removed? 

As a rule, the stitches will be removed within the seventh to the tenth day after the procedure, dependent on the type of arm lift performed. Prior to placing a compression garment over the arm to reduce the risks of bruising and swelling, there will be applied sterilized dressing.

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