June 29, 2023

How to Get an Hourglass Figure? 

While most women strive for a perfect figure, some of them are not blessed with it, but this doesn’t mean it is not possible. If you are looking for the perfect body, our clinic can help you with that, by looking at some of the safest options. 

Firstly you need to understand what an hourglass figure is in order to make the best choice if you are trying to get one. Hourglass figure consists of a small waistline, and the hips, and midsection should be the same size, the muscle-to-fat ratio is perfect and should be equally spread throughout the upper and the lower body. 

The achievement of the hourglass figure is considered a combination of art and science, so a crucial step of this process is choosing the right clinic and surgeon. Our experienced surgeons have an unmatched eye for beauty. Our experts are well-known for their skills and attention to detail. Their cosmetic procedures have a reputation for producing stunning and long-lasting results. 

Treatments to achieve an hourglass body.

How To Achieve An Hourglass Figure

Our clinic will provide you with the best methods to assist you in achieving the perfect hourglass figure. Some of the procedures are:

  1. Liposuction
  2. Tummy tuck
  3. Breast augmentation
  4. Breast lift
  5. Fat transfer
  6. Buttock lift
  7. Brazilian butt lift 


Among the most usual plastic surgery interventions on the market right now is liposuction. This specific procedure is utilized to get rid of extra and stubborn fat from several body parts, including the waist, stomach, hips, and thighs. The ideal plastic surgery procedure for achieving the desired hourglass form in ladies is liposuction. One of the key elements of hourglass surgery, liposuction reduces and removes extra fat from the aforementioned parts of the body, resulting in a smaller and exquisitely formed waist. If you maintain a healthy weight, the results are usually long-lasting and the goal is to change your body shape.

You can expect outstanding quality and professionalism thanks to the most recent technology and a clean, modern setting. Do not hesitate to contact our clinic for a detailed price for your liposuction procedure, and we will respond to any queries you may have.

Liposuction treatment for an hourglass body.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, as it is termed medically, is a cosmetic operation that compresses the abdominal muscles and reduces additional skin, fat, and stretch marks from the belly region. A tummy tuck treatment results in a flat, smooth stomach and the much-desired form of the waist, creating the ideal hourglass figure. It is recommended for both genders. The aim is to alter body shape, and the results are generally long-lasting, providing you maintain a healthy weight. 

You can decide if stomach tuck surgery in Albania is correct for you after discussing it with a skilled specialist. In some circumstances, the patient might have to wait or refuse this procedure. For example, patients with health conditions that prevent surgery or wound healing are not excellent candidates for tummy tuck surgery.

Patients who have undergone obesity surgery or have given birth should keep a stabilized weight at a minimum 6 months and 1 year following the procedure. The results of a stomach tuck will be harmed if weight loss continues after the procedure. 

Tummy tuck plastic surgery for a flat stomach.

Breast augmentation

Also known  as a “boob job” or a “breast enlargement”, breast augmentation is the most common aesthetic surgical operation worldwide. During this treatment, breast implants are inserted to give the breasts a complete, more rounded look. Patients who desire to acquire an hourglass form might consider this treatment since breast augmentation helps the waist appear smaller, creating the ideal hourglass figure. 

You might benefit from breast augmentation if you perceive your breasts to be little or that one is smaller than the other, and this influences how you dress or the sort of bra required to address the asymmetry, improving your look.

Make arrangements for a reduction in breast size after a huge weight loss or pregnancy.

Breast implants for an hourglass body shape.

Breast Lift

This surgery, which is referred to as mastopexy in medicine, involves reshaping the breasts to alter their appearance. The breasts also appear stronger and more solid as a result. In comparison to breast augmentation, this is a preferable option because it also results in enhanced breasts without the use of implants. The surgery involves the excision of extra skin and raising the nipple and areola higher on the chest rather than enlarging the breasts with implants. This surgery is ideal for women who want a delicate hourglass appearance since it perfectly enhances the breasts. 

With a more youthful and elevated breast profile, a breast lift can revitalize your body. During time, a woman’s breasts often experience alteration, losing their youthful firmness and contour. These modifications and decreases in skin elasticity may be brought on by Pregnancy, breastfeeding, variations in weight, aging gravity, and heredity.

The breast will naturally decrease when the swelling goes down, so our surgeons will make sure to conduct a small “over-correction” to account for this shift. The finished product will be a youthful, perky breast that is proportioned to the rest of the body naturally.

For the best results, the surgeon may advise mixing your breast lift surgery with a breast reduction or breast augmentation operation after evaluating your anatomy. But during your consultation, everything will be properly explained.

Fat Transfer

This relatively quick surgical treatment, often referred to as lip modeling or fat transfer, involves moving fat from one area of the body to another in order to create the ideal hourglass figure. This technique seeks to transfer fat from a location with excess fat, such as the stomach, to an area with less fat, such as the breasts. Your face, butt, breasts, and other body parts can all be given more volume.

Buttock augmentation for an hourglass body shape.

Buttock Augmentation

This specific technique, known medically as gluteal augmentation, is conducted to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. There are two ways to perform the procedure: fat grafting or buttock implants. It is occasionally possible to combine two techniques to get the desired outcomes. The primary component of an hourglass body is the buttocks because they make the waist appear smaller and create a beautiful hourglass form. 

The largest obstacle to getting the hourglass figure may be a flat or small back, thus butt augmentation is the ideal technique to achieve a larger back and add the correct shape to the back. Buried deep within the buttock tissues, buttock implants are silicone-filled devices that are surgically inserted. 

Brazilian Butt Lift

This cosmetic treatment, also known as BBL, includes fat transfer and can help to create a fuller back. Brazilian Butt Lift offers patients who need an hourglass body two main advantages. In order to give the waist and abdomen a smoother appearance, extra body fat is first removed during this treatment. In contrast to butt implants, it offers the buttocks a more natural look. It offers a win-win solution to problems with body contour. Women who want better proportions frequently use this as part of a Mommy Makeover and find it popular.

Tummy tuck and liposuction for an hourglass body shape.

Combining Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

All of the variety of procedures we offer will help you reach your body goal and the desired appearance. There are several procedures that can be performed at the same time. For example: a tummy tuck can help you get rid of the fat around your belly but it will not give you the hourglass figure. To completely achieve this you will also need liposuction. These don’t necessarily go together but if they are combined they will achieve the perfect hourglass figure.

The surgery known as an hourglass stomach tuck combines a tummy tuck with targeted liposuction and offers the advantages of both procedures.

To firm the patient’s abdomen the excess skin is removed and this will make the waist smaller, which is one of the most important components of the hourglass figure. The technique gives a more defined waist by removing fat from certain body parts like the stomach, sides, and the back. 

The purified fat is then transplanted into the patient’s hips, giving them a curvier and rounder shape. The traditional hourglass form is the resultant hip-to-waist ratio. 

A tiny waist, flat stomach, sculpted hips, and an hourglass form are all made possible through a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction.

The procedure of hourglass surgery

The following treatments are a part of the plastic surgery process for an hourglass figure:

  • Prior to beginning the procedure, the treatment region is marked, cleaned with an antiseptic, and either general or local anesthetic is given.
  • Advanced Vaser technology is used during surgery to fuse fat and aid in skin contraction.Vaser technology changes the contour of your body utilizing sound energy without harming your skin.
  • An intense understanding of the human body is needed to get the best outcome from hourglass figure procedure. Prior to moving on with the liposuction the surgeon marks the area.
  • The very last phase is infiltration, after liposuction and Vaser technology.  The extra fats are gathered and injected into your face, bottom, and breast to create an hourglass shape.
Plastic surgery after-care.

Post Procedure Care

Additionally, you will be required to wear garments with compression for a few weeks following the procedure, particularly the first week. Along with reducing swelling, bruising, and discomfort, these garments help speed up healing by maintaining your enhanced contour.

No smoking: you should avoid smoking during the recovery stage as it is damaging for people who have undergone hourglass surgery or any surgery. The nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar will make the healing procedure slower and therefore more painful. The damaged area will receive less blood flow and oxygen as a result. This may cause tissue to take longer to recover, which may result in skin necrosis (early cell death) at the surgical site. A person who has skin necrosis develops black, leathery skin. The danger of infection during surgery is always present, but it can be significantly increased if the blood quality and total blood flow are poor. Generally speaking, it is advised that you abstain from smoking for 4 weeks prior to and 4 weeks following surgery. 

Physical activity following cosmetic surgery can result in scarring, implant displacement, bleeding, infections, and poor wound healing. Following an hourglass surgery, total rest is advised, and any vigorous activity should be avoided. You must refrain from sitting down or engaging in physically demanding activities like running, stretching, workouts, weight lifting, jumping, and bending during the first week of rehabilitation. 

Exercise in the first week following the treatment will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the results obtained and may even result in health issues. Rest and sleep should only be obtained on the parts of the body that have not undergone surgery. After the hourglass operation, you run the danger of blood clotting in your body. During the first week of recovery, your plastic surgeon might advise you to get up and take quick, slow walks every few hours to reduce the chance of blood clotting. 

Moving your hands and legs will help the blood flow through your body. Additionally, doing so will fasten up the recovery process. You should plan for someone to do your everyday tasks because you won’t be able to run them during your first week of recovery. Additionally, arrange to have a companion with you at home for at least a couple of days after the treatment, as you will require assistance at every turn. It can be difficult to use the restroom. 

You should take extra precautions and squat when using the toilet to keep any excess pressure off of your behind. Remember that the healing process will go more smoothly and quickly, and the outcomes will be better if you are more cautious during the first week of recovery.

Plastic surgery recovery.

The recovery period

The recovery procedure plays a huge role in achieving the perfect result. As we mentioned before it can be painful but if you take good care of yourself during this period it will give you better results. The recovery period starts straight after the surgery and the first healing stage occurs 2-3 weeks following surgery. The complete recovery will be after about 6 weeks.

  1. As soon as you can after the procedure, it is advised to get up from the bed and start moving to prevent the development of blood clots.
  2. To ensure a quick and painless recovery and prevent issues like skin and fat tissue necrosis, stop smoking for at least three weeks after the treatment. 
  3.  Comply with the doctor’s instructions and wear compression clothing. Patients are frequently instructed to wear them continuously for at least two to three weeks and then only throughout the day for a further few weeks. 
  4. Take the antibiotics that the plastic surgeon has advised. Since an hourglass procedure is a serious surgery, the plastic surgeon would advise taking antibiotics for five days after the procedure to prevent the development of an infection that could delay healing. Follow the doctor’s guidelines and take the antibiotics as instructed.
  5. Even if you believe you can avoid taking the pain medicine, do so. Depending on the treatment and the patient’s pain tolerance, the discomfort following an hourglass tummy tuck may be more or less severe. Some patients believe it would be preferable to wait for the pain to go away rather than using painkillers. This is a bad decision because it might make the recuperation process take longer. The ability to manage your pain will help you move more and gradually resume your everyday routines. Without pain medication, patients may experience a slower healing process, which is something we want to prevent.
  6. Eat modest, frequent meals that are balanced. Your eating habits after the hourglass tummy tuck are crucial for a quick recovery, as well as to prevent issues and maintain the aesthetic effects for a longer period of time. Small, frequent meals are encouraged, and patients are urged to stay as far away from fried foods, carbonated and caffeinated beverages, and refined sweets as they can during the healing process. Additionally, remember to stay hydrated. 
Woman considering plastic surgery in Albania.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the hourglass surgery entail?

The majority of the time, hourglass surgery entails a combination of liposuction and hip fat transfer. However, in addition to the conventional treatments used to improve a part of the body, liposuction and fat transfer to the hips will be conducted to enhance the outcomes and assist the patient attain the hourglass silhouette. The procedures can be stomach tucks or butt augmentation procedures. The treatments can last anywhere from two to five hours or longer and are frequently carried out while the patient is under general anesthesia.

Are hourglass processes difficult to execute?

Hourglass surgery combines numerous treatments, so the plastic surgeon must be skilled and board-certified to produce positive outcomes and assist the patient in avoiding unneeded side effects. The hourglass treatments are more difficult because, in addition to having excellent medical knowledge, they call for a thorough awareness of feminine aesthetics and the human body.

What outcomes should be expected?

An enhanced cosmetic and general body shape is to be anticipated after the hourglass surgery. The outcomes of an hourglass tummy tuck are a tight and flat stomach, a smaller waist, and larger hips that provide lovely curves. The patient can benefit from having curvy hips and a smaller waist in addition to having larger buttocks after having the hourglass butt implant procedure.

Are the outcomes of the hourglass operations long-lasting?

Many individuals enquire as to if the effects of hourglass operations are long-lasting. As long as the patient is dedicated to keeping them up, we can conclude that the outcomes are long-lasting or permanent. The patient should make every effort to maintain their weight in order to maintain the effects of the hourglass operations. The results of the surgeries may change as the patient gains or loses weight, and more treatments may be needed to address any potential cosmetic problems.

How is it feasible to keep an hourglass figure?

The best practices for maintaining an hourglass figure are:

  • Select the activity that will help you maintain your physique the best.
  • Make a commitment to your exercise regimen and stick to it strictly.
  • Strengthen your muscles. Concentrate on building up your body.
  • Do cardio training.
  • Diet properly.
  • Consider waist training.

Schedule An Appointment 

The greatest method to better understand the procedure when considering plastic surgery is to speak with a plastic surgeon. A specialist can walk you through every step of your procedure and offer you naturalistic expectations for what can be achieved and how your body might seem. And if you’re searching for the best plastic surgeon, you can contact us.

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