April 26, 2023

Why Choose A Tummy Tuck in Albania for A Flat Stomach?

There exist diverse motifs as to why people are deciding to undergo plastic surgery in Albania, amongst which the most popular being that they would like to feel great about their appearance. A tummy tuck, otherwise known as abdominoplasty, particularly, can have an impact on your self-confidence by making the outside of your body reflect how you feel inside.

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Image illustrating a tummy tuck surgery in Albania.

Regarding abdominoplasty

As aforementioned, the medical term for a tummy tuck is abdominoplasty, and specialists say that there is more to it than just cosmetic benefits- medical benefits. Yes, they flatter the abs you want, but a tummy tuck can, for instance, correct a ventral hernia, which is the condition during which the intestine breaks through the abdominal wall.

Moreover, a tummy tuck can enhance urinary continence. If you are having trouble with leaking urine when sneezing or coughing, a tummy tuck might come in handy. In some other cases, a tummy tuck can simply ease back pain and improve posture. 

Is this the optimal moment for undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure in Albania?

As the saying goes, timing is everything. This is even more true when talking about cosmetic procedures. To know whether you are suitable for a tummy tuck and when is the optimal moment to undergo the procedure, you must first educate yourself about the surgery. Over and above the capability to create high-end desired and sculpted outcomes, it is feasible to strengthen the abdominal muscles that are damaged.

Strengthening Abdominal Muscles

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), may be taken into account whenever the underlying abdominal muscles have been stretched out or damaged. This is commonly an after-effect of a pregnancy. The abdominal muscles are incapable of correcting themselves. In numerous cases, women experience diastasis, which is a condition during which the muscles spread apart. In case you notice a vertical bulge appearing when you raise the legs while lying flat, you most likely have a diastasis. During the tummy tuck procedure, the underlying muscles are pulled back together, making them much tighter and creating a solid, flatter midsection that patients request.

Image illustrating tummy tuck surgery in Albania.

Excess Skin Removal

Ups and downs in weight, as well as throughout pregnancy, can cause the abdomen skin to lose its elasticity. It is mission impossible to get the skin back to its original place with exercise alone, once it is stretched. This is amongst the main reasons why people choose to come to Albania for a tummy tuck surgery because they want to get rid of that hiding roll of loose skin beneath the waistband of their pants. Our surgeons are capable of eliminating the appearance of mild to severe loose skin and creating a more toned and contoured abdomen.

Adipose Tissue Reduction

Throughout the tummy tuck surgery, not only can the surplus skin be removed, but also the body fat found around the stomach region can be withdrawn using liposuction. A long while back, to remove the underlying fat, surgeons would use a scalpel. But nowadays, liposuction is the benchmark due to the fact that it leaves lymph and blood vessels untouched. This reduces the risk of possible excessive drainage, a loss of blood flow to the skin, and the risk of bleeding in general. Commonly, liposuction permits an increased amount of fat and skin to be removed, more than during a traditional tummy tuck surgery. 

Scar Removal

Yet another benefit of tummy tuck surgery is its capability to reduce the look of existing scars around the midsection. Women in Albania who have attempted before to hide their c-section or hysterectomy scars beneath their underwear and swimsuits may now be happy to learn that these can all disappear with abdominoplasty. Correspondingly, scars caused by hernia surgeries, accidents, or appendectomies can also be diminished to aid the fresh smooth skin on the abdomen to look perfect.

Hernia Repair

You have most likely heard of hernias as a term but never knew its meaning. Hernias happen when an organ pushes through an opening in a tissue or muscle. Generally, they appear in the abdomen and no, they aren’t life-threatening, it’s a one-in-a-million probability. Nevertheless, hernias do not repair themselves, which means a surgical procedure is a must. Surgeons at our clinic are capable of determining whether your hernia can be repaired as a part of an abdominoplasty or not. Differently from diastasis, which causes the spreading of the underlying muscles apart, hernias include a hole in the muscles through which the internal tissues are pushed. A tummy tuck consultation can come in handy because it might help discover a hernia. They are normally found by the belly button or in the areas where there have been previous surgical incisions.

Image illustrating a patient preparing for tummy fat surgery in Albania.

Enhance Urinary Continence

It might be slightly surprising to hear but it has been proved that the condition known as stress urinary incontinence (SUI) can be improved by undergoing a tummy tuck. SUI happens when an excessive amount of pressure is placed on the urethra and bladder. The side effects of this bladder control condition can involve bladder leakage that is uncontrollable, particularly during actions such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, and exercising. Though stress urinary incontinence is treated without the need for a surgical procedure, a tummy tuck has proved to be advantageous for several patients, usually females.

Alleviate Back Pain and Enhance Posture

In Albania, both men and women may experience improvement in back pain symptoms as a result of abdominoplasty. After significant weight loss or childbirth, the abdominal muscles can become weak, leading to back pain, particularly in women. However, a tummy tuck can address this issue by removing excess fat, flattening the stomach area, and tightening the underlying muscles. This can result in improved abdominal support and reduced back pain. 

Enhance Self-Confidence

Excess skin and fat around the midsection, as well as scarring from previous surgeries, can often lead to feelings of embarrassment and a decrease in self-esteem. This may result in a reluctance to wear certain clothing styles or participate in social or professional situations. However, a tummy tuck may go a long way by helping restore a more youthful and energetic appearance, while also boosting self-confidence. 

Optimal Treatment Approach

A tummy tuck is an outpatient surgical procedure for removing unwanted belly fat. Unlike other methods that require multiple treatments or use heat or cold to shrink or destroy fat cells, a tummy tuck provides immediate results. It eliminates the need to deal with loose or saggy abdominal skin after fat removal.

During the procedure, our skilled surgeons lift up the skin through an incision, repair and tighten the abdominal muscles, and use liposuction to remove any remaining fat if needed. Excess skin is trimmed away before closing the incision and applying a dressing and compression garment. 

Instantaneous Results

One of the benefits of a tummy tuck is that it provides immediate results. Unlike other procedures that require waiting for the body to flush out damaged fat cells or stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin, a tummy tuck is a one-time procedure that can allow individuals to achieve the desired flat abs they have been working towards.

Image illustrating the results of a tummy tuck surgery in Albania.

Restoration of Abdominal Muscles

Frequently, a saggy belly can be attributed to damage or weakness in the abdominal wall. One of the advantages of a tummy tuck is that it allows for the repair of diastasis rectus, a condition where the abdominal muscles become separated, which is commonly seen after pregnancy. Additionally, during a tummy tuck, a surgeon can address hernias and other weakened or detached tissues.

Improved Posture

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, a tummy tuck can also have a positive impact on posture, resulting in a slimmer look. The abdominal muscles play a crucial role in maintaining good posture, and the repair and tightening of these muscles during a tummy tuck procedure can lead to improved posture. By smoothing the belly and helping individuals stand tall and strong, a tummy tuck can reduce the risk of neck and back pain, as well as the development of a stooped or curved spine. 

Sustained Results

A tummy tuck procedure typically involves the removal of up to 4.5 kgs of excess fat and skin tissue from the abdomen, resulting in a change in body shape and tightening of the muscles that contribute to a saggy belly. While making healthy choices is important for maintaining the results, addressing the underlying issue that causes a belly pouch through a tummy tuck can eliminate one of the factors that may lead to a loose belly.

A More Sculpted Physique

The primary reason for the popularity of abdominoplasty surgery is to address concerns related to the size and/or shape of the belly. Many individuals opt for a tummy tuck to address issues such as bloating after eating, stubborn pockets of abdominal fat, or wish to reduce the bulging appearance of their abdomen under clothing. Abdominoplasty effectively addresses these concerns by removing excess fat and tissue, as well as tightening the abdominal muscles, resulting in a more streamlined and slimmer midsection.

Elimination of Stretch Marks

Many patients find that a tummy tuck is worth it for stretch mark removal. Stretch marks can occur on the belly due to various factors such as pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss. An abdominoplasty procedure not only tightens and slims the tummy but can also effectively remove stretch marks from the treated area. 

Firmer Skin

After experiencing pregnancy or significant weight loss, some individuals may struggle with excess or sagging skin that seems difficult to tighten despite diet and exercise. In such cases, a popular and effective solution is a tummy tuck, which directly addresses the removal of loose skin from the abdominal area.

Image illustrating a patient who is considering a tummy tuck in Albania.

Is Abdominoplasty in Albania a Worthwhile Option for Everyone?

While a tummy tuck can be a life-changing experience, it’s important to consult with a doctor to determine if it’s the right surgical option for you. There are several body contouring procedures with different levels of invasiveness. For instance, if you’re primarily concerned with improving the appearance of your lower belly, a mini tummy tuck may be a more suitable option than a full abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty Outcomes

Expect a more streamlined and toned abdomen as a result of undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. Any excess skin folds or stretch marks on your stomach are also likely to be visibly improved. Moreover, you can expect your clothes to fit better, with reduced pinching in pants and skirts.

Naturally, a tummy tuck procedure involves an incision, resulting in a scar. However, this scar is typically low on the abdomen, spanning from hip bone to hip bone, and can be concealed by a bikini bottom.

You can expect to notice a more refined silhouette, with clothes fitting more comfortably and flatteringly. The appearance of stretch marks and your abdomen will appear smoother and flatter. These outcomes are likely to boost your confidence. If you’re interested in learning more about Medical Tourism in Albania contact us for a free consultation!

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