December 19, 2023

7 reasons why you should get plastic surgery in Albania

Thanks to technological developments and a thriving medical tourism industry worldwide, many people have now gained access to cosmetic procedures that were once too expensive. By providing top-notch plastic surgery at competitive prices, clinics in Albania have become loved by international patients from all parts of the globe. Apart from offering you an ideal cosmetic solution, plastic surgery in Albania provides patients with the opportunity to enjoy an amazing vacation in a gorgeous country located in the heart of Europe. If you’re interested in undergoing a plastic surgery procedure in Albania but don’t know whether you should really go for it, this blog will definitely help you make up your mind!

Image illustrating affordable and safe cosmetic surgery in Albania

What is plastic surgery tourism?

Plastic surgery tourism has become a fast-developing phenomenon. People choose to travel overseas for their cosmetic treatments due to the competitive prices. More and more international patients have been choosing countries like Albania for their plastic surgery interventions. The truth is that many medical clinics in Albania are superior when compared to clinics in the US or other countries in Europe. In most cases, purchasing certain medical technology and equipment in Albania is much cheaper than in the United States. Therefore, these facilities end up being way more advanced than their counterparts abroad. As such, they’ve become a real hit with foreign patients who seek the best results at the most affordable prices. Below, we will list seven of the main reasons why people should get plastic surgery in Albania.

Competitive prices

One of the key reasons why people choose to travel to Albania for their cosmetic procedures is the fact that plastic surgery prices in Albania are much cheaper. Surgical prices in countries like Italy, Germany, the UK or the US tend to reflect the higher costs of living there. Since people in these countries earn more, they are willing to spend more on their medical procedures. Therefore, clinics are able to raise their prices and charge more. On the contrary, the cost of living in Albania is much lower, which allows for lower prices overall. 

Moreover, almost all medical professionals in Albania have completed their training and education abroad. Which means they are able to guarantee an international standard of medical care in their home country. As we mentioned before, the costs for acquiring medical equipment is much cheaper in Albania and Europe in general. Add this to the lower taxes and you’ll get a full understanding as to why plastic surgery prices in Albania are much more affordable for foreign patients.

Image illustrating advanced plastic surgery clinics in Albania

Advanced technology

As we mentioned before, the costs for acquiring certain medical equipment in Albania are much cheaper than in other countries. Take for example the equipment used for hair transplants. You’ll find that in the US many clinics still utilize the FUE strip method, which is rather outdated. That’s because the costs for purchasing the necessary technology for performing robot assisted FUE hair transplants are too expensive. And since this technology is so expensive, even if you were able to find a clinic in the US that provides this type of procedure, the prices would naturally be way higher. Instead, many people choose to travel to Europe, where medical expenses are much more affordable. With modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology and the latest equipment, plastic surgery clinics in Albania have become a strong competitor in the industry.

Wider range of procedures available

It is often the case that many people can’t find the procedure they’d like to get done in their home country. Or in some cases, even when they do find a clinic that offers that procedure, the prices are way over the top. This is especially true for complex or newly invented treatments. On the other hand, medical clinics in Europe, and especially Albania, are always up-to-date with the latest discoveries and advancements. You will surely find a specialist who can perform the procedure you’re interested in getting, whether it be liposuction, a butt lift, face lifts or full mommy makeovers. Most importantly, surgeons in Albania have a long experience in performing these procedures, boasting high success rates and countless satisfied patients.

Image illustrating a qualified plastic surgeon in Albania

Qualified specialists 

If you’re traveling for your cosmetic surgery, it’s important that you find a surgeon who is specifically qualified in performing the surgery you’re looking for. Since medical tourism in Albania has become one of the most thriving sectors in the country, medical clinics make sure to hire the best specialists in the region. They want to attract patients with the guarantee that their procedure will be carried out by the hands of a qualified and well-known surgeon. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best specialist in the field, chances are you’ll find him working at a medical clinic in Albania. Many Albanian surgeons have many years of experience working as fully qualified surgeons in clinics abroad, before giving up their position and returning to Albania. They take with them a profound expertise and international certifications, in order to ensure a superb level of healthcare in their home countries.

Reduced waiting times

In countries like the UK or the US, there are typically very long waiting lines for patients who demand certain surgical procedures. Due to a lower number of plastic surgery clinics and a more complicated healthcare organization system, patients end up waiting for months before being able to undergo their preferred procedure. On the other hand, most medical clinics in Albania are privately owned, boasting large facilities and expansive medical staff. As such, they are able to cater to a large number of patients every month. Moreover, they have dedicated customer service staff for foreign patients who are looking to schedule consultations and surgeries with their doctors. Therefore, if you choose to contact a plastic surgery clinic in Albania their staff will make sure to assist you in no time.

Guaranteed privacy

For some individuals, the decision to change something about their appearance is a personal one. As such, they prefer to maintain their privacy when undergoing such interventions. After all, the decision to undergo plastic surgery is supposed to help you regain your confidence and boost your self-esteem. You don’t need to give any explanations to anyone. Therefore, medical tourism in Albania is a wonderful option that can guarantee you complete your treatment without anyone sticking their nose in your business. You can simply tell people you are going on a vacation (Albania is a very popular vacation spot after all), and meanwhile you can successfully undergo your plastic surgery at peace.

Image illustrating two patients who have chosen medical tourism in Albania for their plastic surgery procedures

The opportunity to enjoy a wonderful vacation

One of the most crucial factors that can determine the successful outcome of your medical procedure is a proper recovery stage. By opting for medical tourism in Albania, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation while undergoing your plastic surgery procedure. Our staff will make all the necessary arrangements for you. All you’ll need to do is take that flight to Albania. You get full assistance in arranging your accommodation and transportation. After receiving your treatment, you are free to explore the wonders of this beautiful country. Museums, natural parks, lively restaurants and amazing theater shows are all available in Tirana, Albania’s capital city. What better way to end your medical trip than by letting your hair down and relaxing in a city well-known for its warm atmosphere and welcoming people.


Why do people go on medical tourism trips abroad?

There are three primary reasons why people usually travel overseas for medical tourism in Albania:

  • Their native nation does not offer the treatment.
  • Although the treatment is available, it is not provided as regularly or expertly as it is provided elsewhere. Therefore, there’s a better likelihood of success if you do it somewhere with more subject matter specialists.
  • In the home country, the cost of the treatment is higher.

Patients travel for medical care frequently for both financial and quality reasons. For instance, a lot of people who are self-conscious about the shape of their nose and are considering getting a nose job would rather travel to Albania, where rhinoplasty is one of the most popular practices and has the highest rate of nose surgery with skilled surgeons.

Why should I have my treatment in Albania?

The answer is simple. Our solution is affordable and of high-quality. Plastic operations are the most common procedure performed by Albanian surgeons, who are renowned for their exceptional performance and wide range of procedures. Our doctors have the opportunity to go beyond academic knowledge, get a significant deal of practical experience, and even develop novel techniques in cosmetic surgery because of the large number of cosmetic procedures conducted in Albania.

Is medical tourism in Albania safe?

Prior to delving into medical tourism safety, remember that risk is a part of every medical operation, whether it takes place in a hospital thousands of kilometers away from your homeland or in a clinic right outside your door. All parties involved in the medical tourism business, including treatment providers, hospitals, and facilitators, make every effort to ensure that their customers receive the safest care possible and take all necessary precautions to avoid endangering the health of their patients. Preoperative checks and consultations are crucial for reducing risks and having a successful operation. As a licensed medical tourism organization in Albania, we exclusively work with reputable hospitals, knowledgeable board-certified physicians, and courteous personnel to ensure high-quality medical care.

Why is Albanian medical tourism so inexpensive?

Albania is a highly educated nation that provides cutting edge medical care and education. As a result, low price does not equate to poor quality. It results from Albania’s inexpensive cost of living, labor, and insurance. Albania is generally thought to be a very affordable place to visit, so you can have both excellent medical care and a very economical holiday!

How can I be certain that the medical facilities and physicians are of the best caliber?

Choosing a trustworthy medical tourism provider is essential. In order to guarantee the best possible care, we at Medical Tourism in Albania have invested a great deal of time in developing our business. This entails getting to know each of our partners on a personal level, investing in a facility that satisfies our high standards, and even utilizing our care providers for private medical needs. Also, most of the physicians we collaborate with received their training in the United States and maintain their board certification. Furthermore, the majority of the hospitals in our country have received international accreditation or are in the process of obtaining it. 

Will I be allowed to consult with my doctor and make a decision beforehand?

Sure, we will give you all the details you need to know before choosing. Our doctors are all on email and instant messaging, and prior to leaving, phone conversations and video conferences will be scheduled. 

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