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November 7, 2023

Can A Thigh Lift Get Rid Of Cellulite?

If you notice dimpling skin in your thighs and don’t like the look of it, you should consider having a thigh lift procedure. Many people are skeptical when it comes to thigh lift procedures and what they can do for this area of your body. Through the removal of extra skin and fat, thigh lift surgery reshapes the thighs, leaving the lower torso and thighs with more proportionate outlines and smoother skin.

A surgical lift might be the best option for you if weight loss and exercise have not helped you reach your desired firmer, younger-looking, and more proportional body image. In this blog post, we will set this record straight and explain every thigh lift procedure and what they can address. 

Image illustrating a thigh lift procedure for cellulite removal

Cellulite And Thigh Lifts

During the thigh lift procedure, the surgeon tightens the remaining skin while exercising extra skin from the thighs. This cosmetic surgery operation reduces the appearance of cellulite and results in legs that appear smoother and in better shape. It can even make cellulite go away in some situations, reducing the look of dimples that might bother you. 

Determining if cellulite will be eliminated during the operation is relatively easy and you can try it by yourself. You may attempt to elevate the drooping skin on your thighs. If doing this makes the cellulite disappear, a thigh lift will make it disappear as well. Nevertheless, this lifting procedure won’t eliminate cellulite if it’s still there. Nevertheless, the appearance of it can be diminished and the thighs will appear more tightened.

What To Expect When Lifting And Sculpting The Thigh Area

The main objective of a thigh lift is different from standard liposuction in that it aims to remove extra skin. A patient may be dissatisfied with the sagging skin left behind after losing a lot of weight. That being said, in order to get the most cosmetically acceptable outcome, the operation may also involve some fat removal.

The thigh lift procedure can assist patients in achieving an upper leg shape that is smoother, more balanced, and smaller. Although elevating the skin and eliminating some fat deposits doesn’t exactly treat cellulite, it usually smooths out some of the dimplings that many thighs experience.

The Effect On Cellulite

After a thigh lift, your skin will undoubtedly be tighter and smoother overall, but individuals who are only concerned with cellulite and have no extra skin to worry about should not have this procedure done. However, this is a therapy that may very successfully address all of your thigh concerns if you have extra skin, excess fat, and cellulite.

During your session, you might talk about a number of other cellulite treatments if cellulite is your major issue and you do not want post-weight-loss body recontouring. Here, at Medical Tourism in Albania, our surgeons will explore your particular issues in-depth and develop a plan of care that will enable you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Image illustrating a thigh lift in Albania for women who want to get rid of cellulite

What Exactly Is Involved With A Thigh Lift?

A combined technique called lifting and tightening of the thigh area is intended to address the extra skin, fat, and cellulite that may be causing self-consciousness when you wear bathing suits or shorter clothing. The outcomes are really natural and can give the thigh contour a smoother, younger appearance.

In actuality, large areas of loose skin cannot be addressed without surgery, and certain fat pockets are extremely difficult to reduce with diet and exercise alone. Because thighplasty may target numerous problem areas in the thighs in a single treatment and provide highly dramatic results, it has become very popular over the last few years. 

How A Thigh Lift Works

A general anesthetic is used during a surgical procedure called a thighplasty. In crease locations where a scar will be less noticeable, the surgeon will perform several tiny incisions and he will make sure that any possible scarring should eventually completely vanish. The first area to be treated with mild liposuction will be any obstinate fat pockets that you would like to get rid of.

In order to achieve a smooth shape, the doctor will remove any loose skin from the thighs and draw the skin that remains upward around the muscle. The sutures used to hold this tighter skin in place will ultimately fall out when the thighs recover. Although some patients want two or more treatments done at the same time, which will obviously extend the surgery, the complete procedure typically takes three hours.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Thighplasty?

Generally speaking, this kind of operation should be appropriate for everyone who is in excellent health and wants to enhance the appearance and form of their upper leg. To sustain long-term outcomes, we prefer that patients stay at a healthy, stable weight. Individuals with significant weight fluctuations might not be good candidates for this kind of surgery. Sustaining favorable, long-term outcomes requires a dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

As previously said, there are more alternatives available that may be more suitable if cellulite is your primary issue. These can be done alone or in combination with a thigh lift. Individuals who have loose skin, pockets of extra fat, and cellulite are often good candidates for this operation. Some patients simply need the lifting and tightening portion of the treatment since they have already dropped all the weight they need to.

Image illustrating an affordable thigh lift surgery in Albania

Types Of Thigh Lifts

Cellulite can be developed in every area of your thighs and by looking at it your doctor will examine what type of thigh lift procedure is right for you, to achieve the desired look. Furthermore, we will explain some of these procedures and what areas are targeted. 

Inner Thigh Lift

One of the most common places where cellulite is developed is in the inner thighs, so in these cases, the doctor will recommend an inner thigh lift. If the doctor decides that this is the right procedure for you, during the operation he will make a small incision between the thigh and groin to the crease by the buttocks. After that, the excess fat and skin will be removed giving you the desired look. 

Medial Thigh Lift

The doctor will advise a medial thigh lift if you have cellulite in the inside region of your upper thigh. The thigh will be the site of the incision, which ends at the crease next to the buttock. 

Vertical Thigh Lift

One unfavorable effect of losing a lot of weight might be cellulite. The doctor will recommend opting for a vertical thigh lift after seeing that cellulite is considerably more noticeable following drastic weight reduction. Beginning at the crease by the groin, the incision extends to the inside of the knee. This makes it possible for the surgeon to remove a significant amount of fat and skin, giving you the desired look. 

Spiral Thigh Lift

Individuals with extensive thigh cellulite may want to think about having a spiral thigh lift. The surgeon may sculpt the entire thigh with this thigh lift, which addresses the inner, outside, front, and rear of the thighs. The incision begins directly below the buttock and extends to the line that separates the pubic and thigh regions.

Image illustrating recovery from a thigh lift in Albania

How Long Does Recovery From Thigh Lift Surgery Take?

The recovery period after a thigh lift will depend on the patient. Some will usually heal in two weeks or less while others may need some more time. The plastic surgeon will advise not exercising or doing any hard lifting for six weeks, to avoid any discomfort that may lead to a more serious issue.

The patient must relax and move around throughout this period. Maintaining blood flow is the aim in order to prevent blood clots from forming. Additionally, the patient must follow the doctor’s advice and use support bandages. Painkillers could be necessary for a brief period of time. To help with the healing process, the plastic surgeon gives the patient a list of precise instructions to follow at home.

Maintaining Your Results

After a thigh lift, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are crucial aspects. You should keep in mind to stay hydrated, do muscle toning exercises regularly, avoid smoking, and try to eliminate high-fat carbohydrate foods from your diet. These healthy practices will help you maintain your thigh lift results and you will make you feel more confident.  

Beating Cellulite

You now know the best treatment for cellulite if you’re self-conscious about the way your thighs seem. Put simply, cellulite is fat that has lost its connective structure, giving it a lumpier texture. There are surgical procedures that can be combined to give you the results you want if dieting and exercise have failed to give you the desired results. Although completely eliminating cellulite may be challenging, you now know that there are several ways to reduce its visibility.

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