December 19, 2023

How do you lose a saggy bum? | Butt Lift in Albania

There are many people who struggle with the appearance of a sagging butt. Oftentimes, sagging buttocks are the result of considerable weight loss or lack of firmness in the muscles due to a sedentary lifestyle. The glutes are one of the largest and most important muscles in our body, responsible for walking, good posture and support. If you’re concerned about the look and feel of your sagging buttocks, there are many procedures available that can help you get a more lifted butt. In this blog post, we are going to present you with the best exercises and treatments for correcting a saggy butt.

Image illustrating a sagging butt

Common causes of a sagging butt

As with any other condition, a variety of different factors can contribute to the development of a saggy butt. In order to treat and prevent this issue, we must first understand its cause and risk factors. Once we identify the root of the problem, we can find a suitable treatment plan for your specific case. It’s important to remember that the appearance of a sagging butt is often caused by underdeveloped glutes. The shape and size of this muscle affects the overall look of the buttocks. If the glutes are strong and toned, it can help create a more taut and firm look. Here are some of the most common causes why people get a saggy butt:


As people get older, they naturally lose some amount of muscle tone. Even if you take care of your body and exercise regularly, your muscles may still gradually decrease in mass and strength. As the glutes begin to lose tone, the butt may gain a saggy appearance. Moreover, aging affects the skin’s elasticity, which often results in sagging in different areas of the body.

Image illustrating a sedentary lifestyle, a  cause for developing a sagging butt

Sedentary lifestyle

If you wish to keep your body looking toned and firm, you should try to exercise regularly. People who have a sedentary lifestyle start to see the effects of lack of exercise in many ways, one of which being the look of a sagging butt. Not only does regular exercise help with boosting your metabolism, but it also promotes the growth of muscle mass. In this way, you can effectively counter the effects of aging and maintain a firm-looking butt.

Dietary regime

Your dietary choices have a strong impact on the look of your body. If you consume an unhealthy diet that leads to fat gain, your buttocks will also suffer the consequences. Excess fat can result in the skin stretching and sagging. Moreover, if you don’t make sure to keep the underlying muscles strong and firm, this excess fat will weigh down making your bottom appear saggy and heavy. And even in the event of you losing this excess weight, you may risk being left with a saggy excess skin.

Sitting too much

If you work long office hours, you’ll quickly notice the effects that sitting all day has on your body. Remaining in a sitting position for too many hours everyday can contribute to the development of a sagging butt. Not only does sitting make your glutes gradually weaker, but it can also result in weight gain.  

Image illustrating sitting down for long periods of time, a possible cause for developing a saggy butt

Dramatic weight loss

Although losing your extra weight can be very healthy, if you are losing a considerable amount of fat you risk getting left with sagging skin. The skin that has been stretched due to the weight gain, will now drop and remain saggy. This can result in your buttocks looking saggy and droopy. This issue can then be only fixed through a butt lift procedure that is designed to remove the excess skin.

Hormonal changes

Any considerable hormonal fluctuations can impact the appearance of your body. Women who are going through a pregnancy or menopause often notice the results of these hormonal changes in the way they body feels and looks. For some people, this results in their buttocks becoming saggy.


Some individuals have a genetic predisposition of developing a saggy butt. They may naturally have looser skin around their buttocks due to their genetic composition. Alternatively, their buttocks may be shaped in such a way that it creates a saggy and droopy look. Fat distribution also plays a major role in the way your bottom looks. 

Image illustrating exercising for preventing a sagging butt

How can you prevent a saggy butt?

In order to prevent a sagging butt, one must first make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the main factors that can prevent the development of a sagging butt include: regular exercise, proper diet, good posture and hydration.

Working out

As we mentioned before, lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are two of the most common factors that lead to a saggy butt. If you make sure to regularly exercise (especially focusing on exercises that target the lower body) you will be able to tone your buttocks. Keeping your glutes firm and strong will significantly prevent them from becoming saggy in the future. Moreover, exercise improves blood circulation which can prevent the formation of cellulite. We recommend that you focus on exercises such as squats, lunges, leg presses and hip thrusts, as these will help you increase muscle strength in your glutes.

Proper diet

Consuming a balanced diet filled with nutritional foods is a crucial factor in preventing the development of a sagging butt. Lean protein, complex carbohydrates and vital fats are essential for keeping your body nourished and toned. Moreover, without a proper dietary regime you won’t be able to enjoy the results of your training and exercise. Additionally, making sure to watch what you eat will help you prevent fat gain which is another common cause of a sagging butt.

Image illustrating proper posture for preventing a saggy butt

Good posture

Good posture helps you maintain an appropriate spine alignment, which can help avoid pressure in certain areas of the body. This can promote blood circulation, while alleviating any pain caused by hunching or leaning forward in awkward ways. Make sure to sit straight while you’re working at your desk and keep proper posture when walking around throughout your day. Always remember to engage your core, keep your head looking forward and your pelvis naturally tucked in without forcing yourself. 

Prevention goes a long way, so make sure to follow these tips even if you plan on receiving an alternative treatment for your sagging butt! 

How to treat a sagging butt?

There are a couple of procedures that are quite efficient at addressing a saggy butt. The most popular treatment is a butt lift surgery. This surgical intervention is perfect at helping you achieve an ideal, toned butt. During a butt lift, your surgeon will remove both excess fat and skin from the buttocks area. Meanwhile, the tissue underneath is lifted and tightened to create a toned and firm look. Since a butt lift targets the issue with both excess skin and saggy muscles, it is a perfect treatment for most people. As with all surgical interventions, a butt lift requires incisions on specific parts of your lower back or buttocks. However, a skilled surgeon will be able to strategically make these incisions so that they are as subtle as possible. This ensures a natural outcome.

Another non-invasive option would be the use of ultrasound therapy. This treatment is designed to boost skin elasticity and stimulate the production of collagen in the targeted area. Although effective, this procedure is not suitable for people who are looking for a considerable change in the appearance of their buttocks. If you have underdeveloped glutes or a lot of excess saggy skin, a butt lift is a better option.

Image illustrating a butt lift treatment for correcting a sagging butt

What are the benefits of a butt lift surgery?

Some people find it hard to correct the appearance of their buttocks, even after implementing a rigorous exercise and dietary regime. If you’ve tried to work out but you notice that your saggy butt remains the same, you might want to consider an alternative option. Butt lift surgery is an ideal procedure guaranteed to help you achieve the body you’ve always dreamt of having. Since sometimes lifestyle adjustments aren’t enough, a surgical intervention may be the only way to achieve the curves you’ve always desired. 

Moreover, people who are struggling with a sagging butt which is the result of their genetic makeup may find it extremely hard to benefit from any type of exercise or diet. In such cases, a butt lift offers a quick and efficient solution. Here are some of the main benefits of a butt lift procedure:

  • A butt lift dramatically improves the overall shape and appearance of your butt;
  • It is an ideal treatment for sagging skin on the buttocks area;
  • Improved body contour;
  • A lifted, firm butt;
  • Increased buttock volume,
  • Long-lasting results,
  • Natural-looking outcome,
  • Improved posture through weight redistribution.
Image illustrating a butt lift surgery in Albania

Best Butt Lift Surgery Procedures | Butt Lift in Albania

A sagging butt can be a source of frustration for many people, negatively affecting their self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully, numerous treatments are available to help you achieve a firm and toned butt. From working out and dietary changes to butt lift procedure, many ways exist to prevent or correct a sagging butt. If you want to enjoy the amazing results of a butt lift surgery but you find the costs to be a bit daunting, medical tourism in Albania may be an excellent solution for you. 

If you opt for a medical trip to Albania, you will be able to receive top-quality care by the hands of qualified and experienced surgeons trained abroad. Internationally renowned experts work in some of the most modern medical facilities in Albania, guaranteeing effective and safe plastic surgery treatments. Thanks to the competitive costs, these cosmetic interventions are now accessible to everyone. Combine a life-changing procedure with a lovely vacation and save money while doing so! If you’re interested in getting a butt lift in Albania, contact us for a free consultation with our surgeons. We’ll help make your medical tourism experience a breeze!

A but lift ensures quick results

To become more attractive, many people wind up spending most of their life in the gym. Exercise on its own won’t completely change the structure of your back, even though it will strengthen your glutes when performing squats. There is more to your butt’s shape than just muscle mass.

It mostly has to do with how your fat is distributed. Everybody has different distribution patterns for body fat. For instance, some people are more likely to have fat in their buttocks or hips than in their stomachs.

Squats won’t solve your fat problem if you are inherently prone to carrying fat in areas other than your butt. Not much more than a more muscular butt might be obtained. However, if you have a large amount of body fat stored in your rear, you can have asymmetrical or lumpy derriere.

‍Once more, even while exercise can assist your butt become slightly more rounder, it won’t eliminate any lumps and bumps that your body tends to retain. A butt lift in Albania might help you achieve results far faster than wasting all of your time at the gym. 

Although there is a healing phase, keep in mind that the benefits are still quicker than those you would receive from working out. You will need to wear compression garments for a few weeks to months following the treatment until the swelling goes down and you heal. Lymphatic massage is beneficial to many patients as well. 

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